Womens Doubles - 2017 Post Xmas (Hutt Valley)
Womens doubles Draw
After the first round venues and courts will be finalised when the other Hutt Valley draws have been made on 11 February
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat04 Feb 201701:00 pmMaungaraki Upper Hutt 2Upper Hutt
Sat04 Feb 201701:00 pmWainuiomata Stokes Valley Stokes Valley
Sat04 Feb 201701:00 pmAvalon Upper Hutt 1Avalon
2Sat18 Feb 201701:00 pmWainuiomata Maungaraki Mitchell Park  (10,11)
Sat18 Feb 201701:00 pmUpper Hutt 2Avalon Mitchell Park  (12,13)
Sat18 Feb 201701:00 pmStokes Valley Upper Hutt 1Upper Hutt  (3,4)
3Sat04 Mar 201701:00 pmUpper Hutt 1Upper Hutt 2Upper Hutt  (3,4)
Sat04 Mar 201701:00 pmMaungaraki Stokes Valley Mitchell Park  (7,8)
Mon20 Mar 201701:00 pmAvalon Wainuiomata Mitchell Park  (1,2,12,13)
4Sat18 Mar 201701:00 pmWainuiomata Upper Hutt 1Upper Hutt  (3,4)
Sat18 Mar 201701:00 pmStokes Valley Upper Hutt 2Mitchell Park  (7,8)
Sat18 Mar 201701:00 pmMaungaraki Avalon Avalon  (3,4)
5Sat25 Mar 201701:00 pmAvalon Stokes Valley Avalon  (3,4)
Sat25 Mar 201701:00 pmUpper Hutt 1Maungaraki Upper Hutt  (3,4)
Sat25 Mar 201701:00 pmUpper Hutt 2Wainuiomata Mitchell Park  (3,4)
6Sat01 Apr 201701:00 pm
Sat01 Apr 201701:00 pm
Sat01 Apr 201701:00 pm
Avalon Chris Michael0277112561
Maungaraki Irene Wong0211570090
Stokes Valley Kirsty Alexander027 303 5474
Upper Hutt 1Penny Musgrove0210488269
Upper Hutt 2Lisa Chapman0210331453
Wainuiomata Diane McEwan027 511 7753