TNR Senior Interclub 2018/19 (North Harbour)
Womens 2 Draw
Round 1-9: Play each other once
To be eligible to play in semis each player must have played a minimum of 3 matches and to play in the finals a minimum of 4 matches.
Round 10: 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd, 5th vs 10th, 6th vs 9th, 7th vs 8th (draw out after round 9)
Round 11: winner 1/4 vs winner 2/3, loser 1/4 vs loser 2/3, winner 5/10 vs winner 6/9, winner 7/8 vs loser 5/10, loser 6/9
vs loser 7/8 (draw out after round 10)
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Wed26 Sep 201806:00 pmOrewa Women 1Mairangi Bay MB3Mairangi Bay
Wed26 Sep 201806:00 pmTakapuna Taka Womens 1Beach Haven Ellen RipleyTakapuna
Wed26 Sep 201806:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 2Northcote L2Albany TP  (4out,5out,6out)
Wed26 Sep 201806:00 pmMilford MysticsMilford MagicMilford
Wed26 Sep 201806:00 pmWhangaparaoa W1Glenfield GFWS01Glenfield
2Wed10 Oct 201806:00 pmNorthcote L2Milford MysticsMilford
Wed10 Oct 201806:00 pmMilford MagicWhangaparaoa W1Albany TP  (4out,5out,6out)
Wed10 Oct 201806:00 pmBeach Haven Ellen RipleyGlenfield GFWS01Glenfield
Wed10 Oct 201806:00 pmMairangi Bay MB3Browns Bay BBRC 2Mairangi Bay
Wed10 Oct 201806:00 pmTakapuna Taka Womens 1Orewa Women 1Takapuna
3Wed24 Oct 201806:00 pmWhangaparaoa W1Northcote L2Albany TP  (4out,5out,6out)
Wed24 Oct 201806:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 2Takapuna Taka Womens 1Takapuna
Wed24 Oct 201806:00 pmMilford MysticsMairangi Bay MB3Mairangi Bay
Wed24 Oct 201806:00 pmOrewa Women 1Beach Haven Ellen RipleyAlbany TP  (1out,2out,3out)
Wed24 Oct 201806:00 pmGlenfield GFWS01Milford MagicMilford
4Wed07 Nov 201806:00 pmOrewa Women 1Browns Bay BBRC 2Albany TP  (4out,5out,6out)
Wed07 Nov 201806:00 pmNorthcote L2Glenfield GFWS01Glenfield
Wed07 Nov 201806:00 pmMairangi Bay MB3Whangaparaoa W1Mairangi Bay
Wed07 Nov 201806:00 pmTakapuna Taka Womens 1Milford MysticsTakapuna
Wed07 Nov 201806:00 pmBeach Haven Ellen RipleyMilford MagicMilford
5Wed21 Nov 201806:00 pmWhangaparaoa W1Takapuna Taka Womens 1Takapuna
Wed21 Nov 201806:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 2Beach Haven Ellen RipleyAlbany TP  (1out,2out,3out)
Wed28 Nov 201806:00 pmMilford MagicNorthcote L2Forrest Hill  (16,17)
Wed28 Nov 201806:00 pmGlenfield GFWS01Mairangi Bay MB3Glenfield
Wed23 Jan 201906:00 pmMilford MysticsOrewa Women 1
6Wed05 Dec 201806:00 pmOrewa Women 1Whangaparaoa W1Albany TP  (4out,5out,6out)
Wed05 Dec 201806:00 pmMairangi Bay MB3Milford MagicMairangi Bay
Wed05 Dec 201806:00 pmTakapuna Taka Womens 1Glenfield GFWS01Glenfield
Wed05 Dec 201806:00 pmBeach Haven Ellen RipleyNorthcote L2Albany TP  (1out,2out,3out)
Wed05 Dec 201806:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 2Milford MysticsMilford
7Wed30 Jan 201906:00 pmGlenfield GFWS01Orewa Women 1Glenfield
Wed30 Jan 201906:00 pmWhangaparaoa W1Browns Bay BBRC 2Albany TP  (4out,5out,6out)
Wed30 Jan 201906:00 pmMilford MysticsBeach Haven Ellen RipleyMilford
Wed30 Jan 201906:00 pmMilford MagicTakapuna Taka Womens 1Takapuna
Wed30 Jan 201906:00 pmNorthcote L2Mairangi Bay MB3Mairangi Bay
8Wed20 Feb 201906:00 pmTakapuna Taka Womens 1Northcote L2Takapuna
Wed20 Feb 201906:00 pmBeach Haven Ellen RipleyMairangi Bay MB3Mairangi Bay
Wed20 Feb 201906:00 pmOrewa Women 1Milford MagicMilford
Wed20 Feb 201906:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 2Glenfield GFWS01Glenfield
Wed20 Feb 201906:00 pmMilford MysticsWhangaparaoa W1Albany TP  (4out,5out,6out)
9Wed06 Mar 201906:00 pmWhangaparaoa W1Beach Haven Ellen RipleyAlbany TP  (4out,5out,6out)
Wed06 Mar 201906:00 pmGlenfield GFWS01Milford MysticsGlenfield
Wed06 Mar 201906:00 pmMilford MagicBrowns Bay BBRC 2Milford
Wed06 Mar 201906:00 pmNorthcote L2Orewa Women 1Albany TP  (1out,2out,3out)
Wed06 Mar 201906:00 pmMairangi Bay MB3Takapuna Taka Womens 1Takapuna
10Wed20 Mar 201906:00 pmMilford MysticsNorthcote L2Milford
Wed20 Mar 201906:00 pmMilford MagicMairangi Bay MB3Mairangi Bay
Wed20 Mar 201906:00 pmOrewa Women 1Takapuna Taka Womens 1Takapuna
Wed20 Mar 201906:00 pmGlenfield GFWS01Beach Haven Ellen RipleyGlenfield
Wed20 Mar 201906:00 pmWhangaparaoa W1Browns Bay BBRC 2Albany TP  (1out,2out,3out)
11Wed03 Apr 201906:00 pmNorthcote L2Milford MagicMilford
Wed03 Apr 201906:00 pmMilford MysticsMairangi Bay MB3Mairangi Bay
Wed03 Apr 201906:00 pmTakapuna Taka Womens 1Beach Haven Ellen RipleyTakapuna
Wed03 Apr 201906:00 pmWhangaparaoa W1Orewa Women 1Albany TP  (1out,2out,3out)
Wed03 Apr 201906:00 pmGlenfield GFWS01Browns Bay BBRC 2Glenfield
Beach Haven Ellen RipleyAngelique Blom028 413 9004
Browns Bay BBRC 2Christine Nevin021 0296 7292
Glenfield GFWS01Sue Hill021 158 2885
Mairangi Bay MB3Ange Moore021 213 5556
Milford MagicShirley Jiang021 027 06332
Milford MysticsBridgit Lewis027 343 7592
Northcote L2Kelly Hong021 048 1808
Orewa Women 1Michelle Ward 027 2799 802
Takapuna Taka Womens 1Selina McGowan021 821 285
Whangaparaoa W1Sarah Mayo021 1888 027