TNR Senior Interclub 2018/19 (North Harbour)
Doubles 1 Draw
Round 1-9: Play each other once
To be eligible to play in semis each player must have played a minimum of 3 matches and to play in the finals a minimum of 4 matches.
Round 10: 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd, 5th vs 10th, 6th vs 9th, 7th vs 8th (draw out after round 9)
Round 11: winner 1/4 vs winner 2/3, loser 1/4 vs loser 2/3, winner 5/10 vs winner 6/9, winner 7/8 vs loser 5/10, loser 6/9
vs loser 7/8 (draw out after round 10)
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat22 Sep 201801:00 pmGlenfield GFMX01Northcote D1Glenfield
Sat22 Sep 201801:00 pmWhangaparaoa D1Browns Bay BBRC 1Browns Bay
Sat22 Sep 201801:00 pmSilverdale Warkworth 1Beach Haven BronxBeach Haven
Sat22 Sep 201801:00 pmGreenhithe ENVYNorthcote D2Northcote
Sat22 Sep 201801:00 pmGreenhithe EMERALDMilford MusketeersMilford
2Sat06 Oct 201801:00 pmBeach Haven BronxGreenhithe ENVYGreenhithe  (1,2,3)
Sat06 Oct 201801:00 pmNorthcote D2Greenhithe EMERALDNorthcote
Sat06 Oct 201801:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 1Milford MusketeersMilford
Sat06 Oct 201801:00 pmNorthcote D1Silverdale Warkworth 1Silverdale
Sat06 Oct 201801:00 pmWhangaparaoa D1Glenfield GFMX01Whangaparaoa
3Sat27 Oct 201801:00 pmGreenhithe EMERALDBeach Haven BronxGreenhithe  (1,2,3)
Sat27 Oct 201801:00 pmSilverdale Warkworth 1Whangaparaoa D1Whangaparaoa
Sat27 Oct 201801:00 pmGreenhithe ENVYNorthcote D1Northcote
Sat27 Oct 201801:00 pmGlenfield GFMX01Browns Bay BBRC 1Browns Bay
Sat27 Oct 201801:00 pmMilford MusketeersNorthcote D2Northcote
4Sat10 Nov 201801:00 pmGlenfield GFMX01Silverdale Warkworth 1Glenfield
Sat10 Nov 201801:00 pmBeach Haven BronxMilford MusketeersBeach Haven
Sat10 Nov 201801:00 pmNorthcote D1Greenhithe EMERALDNorthcote
Sat10 Nov 201801:00 pmWhangaparaoa D1Greenhithe ENVYGreenhithe  (1,2,3)
Sat10 Nov 201801:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 1Northcote D2Browns Bay
5Sat24 Nov 201801:00 pmNorthcote D2Beach Haven BronxBeach Haven
Sat24 Nov 201801:00 pmMilford MusketeersNorthcote D1Northcote
Sun02 Dec 201809:00 amGreenhithe ENVYGlenfield GFMX01  (1,2,3)
Sat19 Jan 201901:00 pmGreenhithe EMERALDWhangaparaoa D1Whangaparaoa
Sat02 Feb 201901:00 pmSilverdale Warkworth 1Browns Bay BBRC 1Warkworth
6Sat08 Dec 201801:00 pmGlenfield GFMX01Greenhithe EMERALDGreenhithe  (1,2,3)
Sat08 Dec 201801:00 pmWhangaparaoa D1Milford MusketeersWhangaparaoa
Sat08 Dec 201801:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 1Beach Haven BronxBeach Haven
Sat08 Dec 201801:00 pmSilverdale Warkworth 1Greenhithe ENVYSilverdale
Sat02 Feb 201901:00 pmNorthcote D1Northcote D2Northcote
7Sat09 Feb 201901:00 pmMilford MusketeersGlenfield GFMX01Glenfield
Sat09 Feb 201901:00 pmGreenhithe EMERALDSilverdale Warkworth 1Silverdale
Sat09 Feb 201901:00 pmGreenhithe ENVYBrowns Bay BBRC 1Greenhithe  (1,2,3)
Sat09 Feb 201901:00 pmNorthcote D2Whangaparaoa D1Whangaparaoa
Sat09 Feb 201901:00 pmBeach Haven BronxNorthcote D1Northcote
8Sat23 Feb 201901:00 pmWhangaparaoa D1Beach Haven BronxBeach Haven
Sat23 Feb 201901:00 pmBrowns Bay BBRC 1Northcote D1Browns Bay
Sat23 Feb 201901:00 pmGlenfield GFMX01Northcote D2Glenfield
Sat23 Feb 201901:00 pmSilverdale Warkworth 1Milford MusketeersSilverdale
Sat23 Feb 201901:00 pmGreenhithe ENVYGreenhithe EMERALDGreenhithe  (1,2,3)
9Sat09 Mar 201901:00 pmMilford MusketeersGreenhithe ENVYMilford
Sat09 Mar 201901:00 pmNorthcote D2Silverdale Warkworth 1Northcote
Sat09 Mar 201901:00 pmBeach Haven BronxGlenfield GFMX01Glenfield
Sat09 Mar 201901:00 pmNorthcote D1Whangaparaoa D1Whangaparaoa
Sun17 Mar 201901:00 pmGreenhithe EMERALDBrowns Bay BBRC 1Greenhithe  (1,2,3)
10Sat23 Mar 201901:00 pmNorthcote D1Northcote D2Northcote
Sat23 Mar 201901:00 pmBeach Haven BronxGreenhithe EMERALDBeach Haven
Sat23 Mar 201901:00 pmWhangaparaoa D1Browns Bay BBRC 1Whangaparaoa
Sat23 Mar 201901:00 pmMilford MusketeersGlenfield GFMX01Glenfield
Sat23 Mar 201901:00 pmSilverdale Warkworth 1Greenhithe ENVYGreenhithe
11Sat06 Apr 201901:00 pmNorthcote D1Greenhithe EMERALDNorthcote
Sat06 Apr 201901:00 pmNorthcote D2Beach Haven BronxBeach Haven
Sat06 Apr 201901:00 pmWhangaparaoa D1Glenfield GFMX01Whangaparaoa
Sat06 Apr 201901:00 pmMilford MusketeersGreenhithe ENVYGreenhithe
Sat13 Apr 201901:00 pmSilverdale Warkworth 1Browns Bay BBRC 1Silverdale
Beach Haven BronxLianne Fox021 969 369
Browns Bay BBRC 1Anna Leech021 907 110
Glenfield GFMX01Wade Smith021 821 646
Greenhithe EMERALDJohn Gayfer021 050 7117
Greenhithe ENVYRichard Howarth021 903 100
Milford MusketeersLloyd Pinder021 993 871
Northcote D1Aden Borlase-Mills027 525 1878
Northcote D2Kasper Van Wyk021 055 6959
Silverdale Warkworth 1Alastair Stewart021 153 1684
Whangaparaoa D1Brendon Forbes021 545 842