TNR Senior Interclub 2018/19 (North Harbour)
Doubles 6 Draw
Round 1-9: Play each other once
To be eligible to play in semis each player must have played a minimum of 3 matches and to play in the finals a minimum of 4 matches.
Round 10: 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd, 5th vs 10th, 6th vs 9th, 7th vs 8th (draw out after round 9)
Round 11: winner 1/4 vs winner 2/3, loser 1/4 vs loser 2/3, winner 5/10 vs winner 6/9, winner 7/8 vs loser 5/10, loser 6/9
vs loser 7/8 (draw out after round 10)
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat29 Sep 201801:00 pmNorthcote D8Beach Haven BrooklynBeach Haven
Sat29 Sep 201801:00 pmNorthcote D9Lake Pupuke NashLake Pupuke
Sat29 Sep 201801:00 pmMilford TakapunaWhangaparaoa D5Whangaparaoa
Sat29 Sep 201801:00 pmNorthcote D10Greenhithe MINTGreenhithe  (1,2,3)
Sat29 Sep 201801:00 pmDairy Flat MixedBelmont MXD3Belmont
2Sat13 Oct 201801:00 pmWhangaparaoa D5Northcote D10Whangaparaoa
Sat13 Oct 201801:00 pmGreenhithe MINTDairy Flat MixedDairy Flat
Sat13 Oct 201801:00 pmLake Pupuke NashBelmont MXD3Belmont
Sat13 Oct 201801:00 pmBeach Haven BrooklynMilford TakapunaMilford
Sat13 Oct 201801:00 pmNorthcote D9Northcote D8Northcote
3Sat03 Nov 201801:00 pmDairy Flat MixedWhangaparaoa D5Dairy Flat
Sat03 Nov 201801:00 pmMilford TakapunaNorthcote D9Northcote
Sat03 Nov 201801:00 pmNorthcote D10Beach Haven BrooklynBeach Haven
Sat03 Nov 201801:00 pmNorthcote D8Lake Pupuke NashLake Pupuke
Sat03 Nov 201801:00 pmBelmont MXD3Greenhithe MINTGreenhithe  (1,2,3)
4Sat17 Nov 201801:00 pmBelmont MXD3Northcote D8Belmont
Sat17 Nov 201801:00 pmDairy Flat MixedMilford TakapunaDairy Flat
Sat17 Nov 201801:00 pmNorthcote D10Lake Pupuke NashLake Pupuke
Sat17 Nov 201801:00 pmGreenhithe MINTNorthcote D9Northcote
Sat17 Nov 201801:00 pmWhangaparaoa D5Beach Haven BrooklynWhangaparaoa
5Sat01 Dec 201801:00 pmGreenhithe MINTWhangaparaoa D5Whangaparaoa
Sat01 Dec 201801:00 pmNorthcote D10Northcote D8Northcote
Sat01 Dec 201801:00 pmDairy Flat MixedNorthcote D9Dairy Flat
Sat01 Dec 201801:00 pmBelmont MXD3Beach Haven BrooklynBelmont
Sat01 Dec 201801:00 pmMilford TakapunaLake Pupuke NashLake Pupuke
6Sat15 Dec 201801:00 pmNorthcote D8Milford TakapunaMilford
Sat15 Dec 201801:00 pmWhangaparaoa D5Belmont MXD3Belmont
Sat15 Dec 201801:00 pmBeach Haven BrooklynDairy Flat MixedDairy Flat
Sat15 Dec 201801:00 pmNorthcote D9Northcote D10Northcote
Sat15 Dec 201801:00 pmLake Pupuke NashGreenhithe MINTLake Pupuke
7Sat02 Feb 201901:00 pmNorthcote D8Dairy Flat MixedDairy Flat
Sat02 Feb 201901:00 pmBeach Haven BrooklynGreenhithe MINTBeach Haven
Sat02 Feb 201901:00 pmNorthcote D9Belmont MXD3Belmont
Sat02 Feb 201901:00 pmLake Pupuke NashWhangaparaoa D5Whangaparaoa
Sat02 Feb 201901:00 pmMilford TakapunaNorthcote D10Northcote
8Sat16 Feb 201901:00 pmNorthcote D9Whangaparaoa D5Whangaparaoa
Sat16 Feb 201901:00 pmLake Pupuke NashBeach Haven BrooklynBeach Haven
Sat16 Feb 201901:00 pmNorthcote D8Greenhithe MINTGreenhithe  (1,2,3)
Sat16 Feb 201901:00 pmMilford TakapunaBelmont MXD3Belmont
Sat16 Feb 201901:00 pmNorthcote D10Dairy Flat MixedNorthcote
9Sat02 Mar 201901:00 pmDairy Flat MixedLake Pupuke NashLake Pupuke
Sat02 Mar 201901:00 pmBelmont MXD3Northcote D10Belmont
Sat02 Mar 201901:00 pmGreenhithe MINTMilford TakapunaMilford
Sat02 Mar 201901:00 pmWhangaparaoa D5Northcote D8Whangaparaoa
Sat02 Mar 201901:00 pmBeach Haven BrooklynNorthcote D9Northcote
10Sat16 Mar 201901:00 pmBelmont MXD3Northcote D10Belmont
Sat16 Mar 201901:00 pmDairy Flat MixedNorthcote D9Dairy Flat
Sat16 Mar 201901:00 pmWhangaparaoa D5Lake Pupuke NashWhangaparaoa
Sat16 Mar 201901:00 pmNorthcote D8Beach Haven BrooklynNorthcote
Sat16 Mar 201901:00 pmGreenhithe MINTMilford TakapunaTakapuna
11Sat30 Mar 201901:00 pmBelmont MXD3Northcote D9Belmont
Sat30 Mar 201901:00 pmNorthcote D10Dairy Flat MixedDairy Flat
Sat30 Mar 201901:00 pmWhangaparaoa D5Northcote D8Whangaparaoa
Sat30 Mar 201901:00 pmGreenhithe MINTLake Pupuke NashLake Pupuke
Sat30 Mar 201901:00 pmBeach Haven BrooklynMilford TakapunaTakapuna
Beach Haven BrooklynWalter Dijkgraaf022 010 8926
Belmont MXD3Helen Ryan027 243 5367
Dairy Flat MixedPaul Jobin021 505 938
Greenhithe MINTSue Cook027 275 7525
Lake Pupuke NashJohn Nash021 505 157
Milford TakapunaAngus Huckle027 200 5050
Northcote D10Rachelle Smith021 1167264
Northcote D8Sandy Geyer021 857743
Northcote D9Andrew Spence027 290 3714
Whangaparaoa D5Trish Eygermans029 1201 678