Pre-xmas 2018 - Seniors (Hutt Valley)
Mens Division 2 Draw
Playoffs require all matches to be played.
1 December will be used to catch up rained off matches and playoff draw will be done after that.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat27 Oct 201801:00 pmPinehaven 3Avalon 2Mitchell Park  (1,2)
Sat27 Oct 201801:00 pmLower Hutt 3Wainuiomata 2Wainuiomata  (1,2)
Sat27 Oct 201801:00 pmStokes Valley 2(Bye)
2Sat03 Nov 201801:00 pmPinehaven 3Lower Hutt 3Mitchell Park  (10,11)
Sat01 Dec 201801:00 pmStokes Valley 2Wainuiomata 2Stokes Valley  (1,2)
Sat03 Nov 201801:00 pmAvalon 2(Bye)
3Sat10 Nov 201801:00 pmAvalon 2Lower Hutt 3Avalon  (3,4)
Sat10 Nov 201801:00 pmStokes Valley 2Pinehaven 3Mitchell Park  (5,6)
Sat10 Nov 201801:00 pmWainuiomata 2(Bye)
4Sat17 Nov 201801:00 pmWainuiomata 2Pinehaven 3Pinehaven  (3,4)
Sat17 Nov 201801:00 pmAvalon 2Stokes Valley 2Mitchell Park  (1,2)
Sat17 Nov 201801:00 pmLower Hutt 3(Bye)
5Sat24 Nov 201801:00 pmLower Hutt 3Stokes Valley 2Mitchell Park  (1,2)
Sat24 Nov 201801:00 pmWainuiomata 2Avalon 2Wainuiomata  (1,2)
Sat24 Nov 201801:00 pmPinehaven 3(Bye)
6Sat08 Dec 201801:00 pmWainuiomata 2Stokes Valley 2Mitchell Park  (5,6)
Sat08 Dec 201801:00 pmAvalon 2Lower Hutt 3Mitchell Park  (7,8)
Sat08 Dec 201801:00 pm
7Sat15 Dec 201801:00 pmWainuiomata 2Avalon 2Mitchell Park  (5,6)
Sat15 Dec 201801:00 pmLower Hutt 3Pinehaven 3Mitchell Park  (7,8)
Sat15 Dec 201801:00 pm
Avalon 2John Beilby0273069730
Lower Hutt 3Andrew Gaudin021440474
Pinehaven 3James Mainwaring0275263799
Stokes Valley 2Scott Hunter027 883 8840
Wainuiomata 2John Dobie027 436 4780