TNR Junior Interclub 2018/19 Post Xmas (North Harbour)
Boys 18u B Draw
Round 6: 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd, 5th vs 6th (draw out after round 5)
Round 7: Final - winners of 1st/4th vs winners 2nd/3rd, loser 1st/4th vs winner 5th/6th, loser 2nd/3rd vs loser 5th/6th (draw out after round 6)
NB: to be eligible to play in a semi final a player must have played in 2 rounds prior. To be eligible to play in a final a player must have played in 3 rounds prior.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Fri08 Feb 201905:00 pmDairy Flat OrewaCastor Bay U18 boysOrewa
Fri08 Feb 201905:00 pmNorthcote B4Whangaparaoa 18B2Northcote
Fri08 Feb 201905:00 pmBelmont B2Glenfield GF18u1Albany TP  (5out,6out)
2Fri15 Feb 201905:00 pmNorthcote B4Dairy Flat OrewaOrewa
Fri15 Feb 201905:00 pmCastor Bay U18 boysBelmont B2Castor Bay
Fri15 Feb 201905:00 pmWhangaparaoa 18B2Glenfield GF18u1Whangaparaoa
3Fri22 Feb 201905:00 pmGlenfield GF18u1Castor Bay U18 boysGlenfield
Fri22 Feb 201905:00 pmBelmont B2Northcote B4Belmont
Fri22 Feb 201905:00 pmDairy Flat OrewaWhangaparaoa 18B2Dairy Flat
4Fri01 Mar 201905:00 pmNorthcote B4Glenfield GF18u1Albany TP  (3out,4out)
Fri01 Mar 201905:00 pmWhangaparaoa 18B2Castor Bay U18 boysWhangaparaoa
Fri01 Mar 201905:00 pmDairy Flat OrewaBelmont B2Dairy Flat
5Fri08 Mar 201905:00 pmBelmont B2Whangaparaoa 18B2Belmont
Fri08 Mar 201905:00 pmGlenfield GF18u1Dairy Flat OrewaOrewa
Fri08 Mar 201905:00 pmCastor Bay U18 boysNorthcote B4Forrest Hill  (6,7)
6Fri15 Mar 201905:00 pm
Fri15 Mar 201905:00 pm
Fri15 Mar 201905:00 pm
7Fri22 Mar 201905:00 pm
Fri22 Mar 201905:00 pm
Fri22 Mar 201905:00 pm
Belmont B2Lynda Dahlberg027 442 6093
Castor Bay U18 boysKristen Wood021 174 1905
Dairy Flat OrewaTracey Donnell027 329 0411
Glenfield GF18u1Jannette Morris021 308 280
Northcote B4Ric Nutter027 818 9876
Whangaparaoa 18B2Darren Russell021 192 1150