TNR Junior Interclub 2018/19 Post Xmas (North Harbour)
Girls Premier 1 Draw
Round 6: 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd, 5th vs 6th (draw out after round 5)
Round 7: Final - winners of 1st/4th vs winners 2nd/3rd, loser 1st/4th vs winner 5th/6th, loser 2nd/3rd vs loser 5th/6th (draw out after round 6)
NB: to be eligible to play in a semi final a player must have played in 2 rounds prior. To be eligible to play in a final a player must have played in 3 rounds prior.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sun10 Feb 201910:30 amBrowns Bay BBRC7Mairangi Bay MB1Forrest Hill  (4,5)
Sun10 Feb 201910:30 amWhangaparaoa PGNorthcote G4Whangaparaoa
Sun10 Feb 201910:30 amNorthcote G5Mairangi Bay WaimaukuForrest Hill  (12,13)
2Sun17 Feb 201910:30 amWhangaparaoa PGBrowns Bay BBRC7Whangaparaoa
Sun17 Feb 201910:30 amMairangi Bay MB1Northcote G5Mairangi Bay
Sun17 Feb 201910:30 amNorthcote G4Mairangi Bay WaimaukuAlbany TP  (5out,6out)
3Sun24 Feb 201910:30 amMairangi Bay WaimaukuMairangi Bay MB1Forrest Hill  (10,11)
Sun24 Feb 201910:30 amNorthcote G5Whangaparaoa PGWhangaparaoa
Sun24 Feb 201910:30 amBrowns Bay BBRC7Northcote G4Browns Bay  (1,2)
4Sun03 Mar 201910:30 amMairangi Bay WaimaukuBrowns Bay BBRC7Mairangi Bay
Sun03 Mar 201910:30 amMairangi Bay MB1Whangaparaoa PGWhangaparaoa
Sun03 Mar 201912:30 pmNorthcote G5Northcote G4Northcote
5Sun10 Mar 201910:30 amWhangaparaoa PGMairangi Bay WaimaukuMairangi Bay
Sun10 Mar 201910:30 amNorthcote G4Mairangi Bay MB1Albany TP  (3out,4out)
Sun10 Mar 201910:30 amBrowns Bay BBRC7Northcote G5Albany TP  (5out,6out)
6Sun17 Mar 201910:30 am
Sun17 Mar 201910:30 am
Sun17 Mar 201910:30 am
7Sun24 Mar 201910:30 am
Sun24 Mar 201910:30 am
Sun24 Mar 201910:30 am
Browns Bay BBRC7Inna Klishunova021 029 43145
Mairangi Bay MB1Kirsty Gover027 3333 530
Mairangi Bay WaimaukuVeronica Jiang029 650 0694
Northcote G4Don Turner021 920 009
Northcote G5Michelle Warren027 415 5343
Whangaparaoa PGLissa Grigson021 898 616