TNR Junior Interclub 2018/19 Post Xmas (North Harbour)
Mixed 10u B Draw
there are 9 teams in your grade and therefore an additional 2 rounds (with a bye for each team). If you can arrange to play these earlier at an agreed time with your opposition then please do so, and advise TN of the change of date/time/venue so the draw can be updated
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Wed13 Feb 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX3Ngataringa team 1Ngataringa
Wed13 Feb 201904:00 pmCampbells Bay Team 3MWhangaparaoa 10M1Forrest Hill  (6,7)
Wed13 Feb 201904:00 pmTakapuna Glenfield BlueMairangi Bay MB1Glenfield
Wed13 Feb 201904:00 pmMilford X1Belmont MX1Forrest Hill  (12,13)
Wed13 Feb 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX4(Bye)
2Wed20 Feb 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX4Whangaparaoa 10M1Forrest Hill  (4,5)
Wed20 Feb 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX3Mairangi Bay MB1Mairangi Bay
Wed20 Feb 201904:00 pmCampbells Bay Team 3MBelmont MX1Forrest Hill  (2,3)
Wed20 Feb 201904:00 pmTakapuna Glenfield BlueMilford X1Takapuna
Wed20 Feb 201904:00 pmNgataringa team 1(Bye)
3Wed27 Feb 201904:00 pmNgataringa team 1Mairangi Bay MB1Ngataringa
Wed27 Feb 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX4Belmont MX1Belmont
Wed27 Feb 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX3Milford X1Forrest Hill  (10,11)
Wed27 Feb 201904:00 pmCampbells Bay Team 3MTakapuna Glenfield BlueCampbells Bay
Wed27 Feb 201904:00 pmWhangaparaoa 10M1(Bye)
4Wed06 Mar 201904:00 pmWhangaparaoa 10M1Belmont MX1Belmont
Wed06 Mar 201904:00 pmNgataringa team 1Milford X1Milford
Wed06 Mar 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX4Takapuna Glenfield BlueGlenfield
Wed06 Mar 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX3Campbells Bay Team 3MForrest Hill  (4,5)
Wed06 Mar 201904:00 pmMairangi Bay MB1(Bye)
5Wed13 Mar 201904:00 pmMairangi Bay MB1Milford X1Mairangi Bay
Wed13 Mar 201904:00 pmWhangaparaoa 10M1Takapuna Glenfield BlueTakapuna
Wed13 Mar 201904:00 pmNgataringa team 1Campbells Bay Team 3MNgataringa
Wed13 Mar 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX4Northcote MX3Northcote
Wed13 Mar 201904:00 pmBelmont MX1(Bye)
6Wed20 Mar 201904:00 pmBelmont MX1Takapuna Glenfield BlueBelmont
Wed20 Mar 201904:00 pmMairangi Bay MB1Campbells Bay Team 3MForrest Hill  (4,5)
Wed20 Mar 201904:00 pmWhangaparaoa 10M1Northcote MX3Forrest Hill  (10,11)
Wed20 Mar 201904:00 pmNgataringa team 1Northcote MX4Ngataringa
Wed20 Mar 201904:00 pmMilford X1(Bye)
7Wed27 Mar 201904:00 pmMilford X1Campbells Bay Team 3MCampbells Bay
Wed27 Mar 201904:00 pmBelmont MX1Northcote MX3Forrest Hill  (6,7)
Wed27 Mar 201904:00 pmMairangi Bay MB1Northcote MX4Mairangi Bay
Wed27 Mar 201904:00 pmWhangaparaoa 10M1Ngataringa team 1Ngataringa
Wed27 Mar 201904:00 pmTakapuna Glenfield Blue(Bye)
8Wed03 Apr 201904:00 pmTakapuna Glenfield BlueNorthcote MX3Glenfield
Wed03 Apr 201904:00 pmMilford X1Northcote MX4Northcote
Wed03 Apr 201904:00 pmBelmont MX1Ngataringa team 1Belmont
Wed03 Apr 201904:00 pmMairangi Bay MB1Whangaparaoa 10M1Mairangi Bay
Wed03 Apr 201904:00 pmCampbells Bay Team 3M(Bye)
9Wed10 Apr 201904:00 pmCampbells Bay Team 3MNorthcote MX4Northcote
Wed10 Apr 201904:00 pmTakapuna Glenfield BlueNgataringa team 1Takapuna
Wed10 Apr 201904:00 pmMilford X1Whangaparaoa 10M1Milford
Wed10 Apr 201904:00 pmBelmont MX1Mairangi Bay MB1Mairangi Bay
Wed10 Apr 201904:00 pmNorthcote MX3(Bye)
Belmont MX1David Blake021 281 3207
Campbells Bay Team 3MEmma Leigh021 510 013
Mairangi Bay MB1Yue Zhang021 236 3741
Milford X1Delphine Dauvergne-Fossi022 509 9088
Ngataringa team 1Gabe McAlpine021 930 930
Northcote MX3Kasper Van Wijk021 055 6959
Northcote MX4Teresa Lamont021 171 2690
Takapuna Glenfield BlueVictoria Pollett021 0257 8437
Whangaparaoa 10M1Lisa Williams021 658 659