2019-2020 Junior Post-Xmas Interclub (Auckland)
Boys 18's Saturday Section 2 Draw
Round robin plus one playoff round. Playoff points will be added to rd robin total for each team. Winner will be team with most points from rd robin plus playoff scores. Draw for rd 6 will be sent out after 14 March.

17/3: Round 6 draw published
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat15 Feb 202008:30 amHowick Dunholme Dunholme  (Kings Prep 5,Kings Prep 6)
Sat15 Feb 202008:30 amKoru Winstone Park Koru  (1,2)
Sat15 Feb 202008:30 amMaraetai Jellicoe Park Maraetai  (1,2)
2Sat22 Feb 202008:30 amKoru Howick Koru  (1,2)
Sat22 Feb 202008:30 amDunholme Maraetai Scarbro  (14 Out,15 Out)
Sat22 Feb 202008:30 amWinstone Park Jellicoe Park Jellicoe Park  (3,4)
3Sat29 Feb 202008:30 amJellicoe Park Dunholme Scarbro  (9 Out,10 Out)
Sat29 Feb 202008:30 amMaraetai Koru Maraetai  (3,4)
Sat29 Feb 202008:30 amHowick Winstone Park Winstone Park  (1,2)
4Sat07 Mar 202008:30 amKoru Jellicoe Park Koru  (1,2)
Sat07 Mar 202008:30 amWinstone Park Dunholme Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sat07 Mar 202008:30 amHowick Maraetai Howick  (Public Court 7,Public Court 8)
5Sat14 Mar 202008:30 amMaraetai Winstone Park Scarbro  (19 Out,20 Out)
Sat14 Mar 202008:30 amJellicoe Park Howick Howick  (Public Court 7,Public Court 8)
Sat14 Mar 202008:30 amDunholme Koru Koru  (1,2)
6Sat21 Mar 202008:30 amWinstone Park Dunholme Scarbro  (13 Out,16 Out)
Sat21 Mar 202008:30 amHowick Maraetai Maraetai  (3,4)
Sat21 Mar 202008:30 amJellicoe Park Koru Koru  (1,2)
Dunholme Henry McLachlan021331143Roz McLachlan021 331 143
Howick Will Gooddy021736019 / 021940155Andrew Gooddy021940155
Jellicoe Park Yash Reddy0273544026Yash Reddy0273544026
Koru Erik PistoriusTim Rodgers0210538985
Maraetai Lachlan TateGreg Tate0210583386
Winstone Park Harding Gong022 6840238 / 09 629 2700Harding Gong0275507200