Ladies Indoor League 2020 Comp 1 (North Harbour)
Tuesday Prem and A Draw
please note due to the number of teams and the shortened term, teams do not get to play each other once, therefore no winner can be determined.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Tue26 May 202010:30 amThe GreenhithiansCourt CasesAlbany TP  (3ind)
Tue26 May 202010:30 amThe BlendsWhat a RacquetAlbany TP  (4ind)
Tue26 May 202010:30 amFlat FootedDairy Flat SurvivorsAlbany TP  (5ind)
Tue26 May 202010:30 amCasual SetsLet it GoAlbany TP  (6ind)
2Tue02 Jun 202010:30 amCourt CasesFlat FootedAlbany TP  (3ind)
Tue02 Jun 202010:30 amDairy Flat SurvivorsCasual SetsAlbany TP  (4ind)
Tue02 Jun 202010:30 amWhat a RacquetLet it GoAlbany TP  (5ind)
Tue02 Jun 202010:30 amThe BlendsThe GreenhithiansAlbany TP  (6ind)
3Tue09 Jun 202010:30 amLet it GoDairy Flat SurvivorsAlbany TP  (3ind)
Tue09 Jun 202010:30 amFlat FootedThe BlendsAlbany TP  (4ind)
Tue09 Jun 202010:30 amCasual SetsCourt CasesAlbany TP  (5ind)
Tue09 Jun 202010:30 amThe GreenhithiansWhat a RacquetAlbany TP  (6ind)
4Tue16 Jun 202010:30 amThe GreenhithiansFlat FootedAlbany TP  (3ind)
Tue16 Jun 202010:30 amCourt CasesLet it GoAlbany TP  (4ind)
Tue16 Jun 202010:30 amThe BlendsCasual SetsAlbany TP  (5ind)
Tue16 Jun 202010:30 amWhat a RacquetDairy Flat SurvivorsAlbany TP  (6ind)
5Tue23 Jun 202010:30 amLet it GoThe BlendsAlbany TP  (3ind)
Tue23 Jun 202010:30 amCasual SetsThe GreenhithiansAlbany TP  (4ind)
Tue23 Jun 202010:30 amFlat FootedWhat a RacquetAlbany TP  (5ind)
Tue23 Jun 202010:30 amDairy Flat SurvivorsCourt CasesAlbany TP  (6ind)
6Tue30 Jun 202010:30 amThe BlendsDairy Flat SurvivorsAlbany TP  (3ind)
Tue30 Jun 202010:30 amWhat a RacquetCourt CasesAlbany TP  (4ind)
Tue30 Jun 202010:30 amThe GreenhithiansLet it GoAlbany TP  (5ind)
Tue30 Jun 202010:30 amFlat FootedCasual SetsAlbany TP  (6ind)
Casual SetsSara Allan021 239 2002
Court CasesGeri Martin021 913 941
Dairy Flat SurvivorsSandy Blackwell021 265 9539
Flat FootedKaryn Gordon021 522 532
Let it GoMorag Geerkins027 497 0217
The BlendsJustine Hall022 063 2712
The GreenhithiansDesiree Morgan021 543 772
What a RacquetJenny Newton021 031 1143