Ladies Indoor League 2021 Comp 2 (North Harbour)
Tuesday Prem and A Draw
round 8: Semi Finals - 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd, 5th vs 8th, 6th vs 7th (draw available after round 7)
round 9: Finals - winner 1/4 vs winner 2/3, loser 2/3 vs loser 1/4, winner 5/8 vs winner 6/7, loser 5/8 vs loser 6/7 (draw available after round 8)
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Tue27 Jul 202110:30 amHit and RunCity SideAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue27 Jul 202110:30 amVamosThe HipstersAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
Tue27 Jul 202112:30 pmMilford Toa'sVolley VixensAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue27 Jul 202112:30 pmDairy FlatTennisanityAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
2Tue03 Aug 202110:30 amCity SideMilford Toa'sAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue03 Aug 202110:30 amVolley VixensDairy FlatAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
Tue03 Aug 202112:30 pmThe HipstersTennisanityAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue03 Aug 202112:30 pmVamosHit and RunAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
3Tue10 Aug 202110:30 amTennisanityVolley VixensAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue10 Aug 202110:30 amMilford Toa'sVamosAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
Tue10 Aug 202112:30 pmDairy FlatCity SideAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue10 Aug 202112:30 pmHit and RunThe HipstersAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
4Tue17 Aug 202110:30 amHit and RunMilford Toa'sAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue17 Aug 202110:30 amCity SideTennisanityAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
Tue17 Aug 202112:30 pmVamosDairy FlatAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue17 Aug 202112:30 pmThe HipstersVolley VixensAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
5Tue24 Aug 202110:30 amTennisanityVamosAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue24 Aug 202110:30 amDairy FlatHit and RunAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
Tue24 Aug 202112:30 pmMilford Toa'sThe HipstersAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue24 Aug 202112:30 pmVolley VixensCity SideAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
6Tue31 Aug 202110:30 amVamosVolley VixensAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue31 Aug 202110:30 amThe HipstersCity SideAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
Tue31 Aug 202112:30 pmHit and RunTennisanityAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue31 Aug 202112:30 pmMilford Toa'sDairy FlatAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
7Tue07 Sep 202110:30 amDairy FlatThe HipstersAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue07 Sep 202110:30 amTennisanityMilford Toa'sAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
Tue07 Sep 202112:30 pmVolley VixensHit and RunAlbany TP  (1ind,2ind)
Tue07 Sep 202112:30 pmCity SideVamosAlbany TP  (3ind,4ind)
8Tue14 Sep 202110:30 am
Tue14 Sep 202110:30 am
Tue14 Sep 202112:30 pm
Tue14 Sep 202112:30 pm
9Tue21 Sep 202110:30 am
Tue21 Sep 202110:30 am
Tue21 Sep 202112:30 pm
Tue21 Sep 202112:30 pm
City SideJo White021 398 080
Dairy FlatSally Paterson027 214 6020
Hit and RunJacquie Mockeridge027 562 7575
Milford Toa'sMichelle Pope021 776 356
TennisanityKaren Smith021 278 9442
The HipstersJenny Newton021 031 1143
VamosLouise Welte021 949 749
Volley VixensTash Bartlett021 022 48939