TCRI Junior Interclub 2022/23 - Saturday (Canterbury)
MIXED 10's 1 Draw
Please note that venues can be subject to change. Check back frequently.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat29 Oct 202208:30 amBishopdale BlueShirley Bishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
Sat29 Oct 202208:30 amCashmere RedEdgeware Cashmere  (TC1,TC2)
2Sat05 Nov 202208:30 amCashmere RedBishopdale BlueBishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
Sat05 Nov 202208:30 amEdgeware Shirley Shirley  (TC6,TC7)
3Sat19 Nov 202208:30 amBishopdale BlueEdgeware Wilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2)
Sat19 Nov 202208:30 amShirley Cashmere RedWilding Park  (Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4,Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
4Sat26 Nov 202208:30 amShirley Bishopdale BlueShirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sat26 Nov 202208:30 amEdgeware Cashmere RedEdgeware  (TC1,TC2)
5Sat03 Dec 202208:30 amBishopdale BlueCashmere RedCashmere  (TC1,TC2)
Sat03 Dec 202208:30 amShirley Edgeware Edgeware  (TC1,TC2)
6Sat10 Dec 202208:30 amEdgeware Bishopdale BlueBishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
Sat10 Dec 202208:30 amCashmere RedShirley Shirley  (TC6,TC7)
7Sat17 Dec 202208:30 amCashmere RedEdgeware Wilding Park  (Outdoor 13,Outdoor 14)
Sat17 Dec 202208:30 amShirley Bishopdale BlueShirley  (TC8,TC9,TC8,TC9,TC8,TC9)
Bishopdale BlueOscar Fifield02102762278Chris Fifield021979944
Cashmere RedElina Wang021996725Gloria021-996-725
Edgeware Tatiana Na021-450-668Nic Jenkins027 860 8044
Shirley Eton Shea0223220670Theserie Aknine+10221835410