TCRI Junior Interclub Pre-Xmas 2023/24 - Saturday (Canterbury)
10U Mixed 2 Draw
A 7-week round robin is played to determine the overall standings.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat14 Oct 202308:30 amMt Pleasant Racket RangersCashmere WhiteCashmere  (TC1,TC2,TC3,TC4)
Sat14 Oct 202308:30 amElmwood Beckenham Wilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2,Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4)
Sat14 Oct 202308:30 amBishopdale Cashmere RedCashmere  (TC5,TC6)
Sat14 Oct 202308:30 amShirley BShirley AShirley  (TC8,TC9)
2Sat28 Oct 202308:30 amCashmere WhiteBishopdale Bishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
Sat28 Oct 202308:30 amCashmere RedShirley BCashmere  (TC3,TC4)
Sat28 Oct 202308:30 amBeckenham Shirley AShirley  (TC8,TC9)
Sat28 Oct 202308:30 amElmwood Mt Pleasant Racket RangersWilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
3Sat04 Nov 202308:30 amShirley ACashmere RedShirley  (TC8,TC9)
Sat04 Nov 202308:30 amBishopdale Elmwood Elmwood  (TC1,TC2)
Sat04 Nov 202308:30 amShirley BCashmere WhiteCashmere  (TC1,TC2)
Sat04 Nov 202308:30 amMt Pleasant Racket RangersBeckenham Wilding Park  (Outdoor 7,Outdoor 8,Outdoor 9,Outdoor 10)
4Sat11 Nov 202308:30 amMt Pleasant Racket RangersBishopdale Bishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
Sat11 Nov 202308:30 amCashmere WhiteShirley ACashmere  (TC5,TC6)
Sat11 Nov 202308:30 amElmwood Shirley BElmwood  (TC1,TC2)
Sat11 Nov 202308:30 amBeckenham Cashmere RedCashmere  (TC1,TC2,TC3,TC4)
5Sat25 Nov 202308:30 amShirley AElmwood Shirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sat25 Nov 202308:30 amShirley BMt Pleasant Racket RangersWilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
Sat25 Nov 202308:30 amBishopdale Beckenham Bishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
Sat25 Nov 202308:30 amCashmere RedCashmere WhiteNga Puna Wai  (TC5,TC6,TC7,TC8)
6Sat02 Dec 202308:30 amElmwood Cashmere RedCashmere  (TC3,TC4)
Sat02 Dec 202308:30 amBeckenham Cashmere WhiteNga Puna Wai  (TC3,TC4)
Sat02 Dec 202308:30 amMt Pleasant Racket RangersShirley ANga Puna Wai  (TC5,TC6)
Sat02 Dec 202308:30 amBishopdale Shirley BNga Puna Wai  (TC7,TC8)
7Sat09 Dec 202308:30 amShirley BBeckenham Shirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sat09 Dec 202308:30 amShirley ABishopdale Shirley  (Shirley Boys HS 3 ,Shirley Boys HS 4)
Sat09 Dec 202308:30 amCashmere RedMt Pleasant Racket RangersCashmere  (TC1,TC2)
Sat09 Dec 202308:30 amCashmere WhiteElmwood Elmwood  (TC1,TC2)
Beckenham Michaela Allen0212399821
Bishopdale Charlotte Witheford0274830524
Cashmere RedAmy021708058
Cashmere WhiteJohn021384730
Elmwood Gareth Flindall0278363738
Mt Pleasant Racket RangersJames McLafferty0275458042
Shirley ATheserie Aknine0221835410
Shirley BTheserie Aknine0221835410