TCRI Junior Interclub Pre-Xmas 2023/24 - Saturday (Canterbury)
12U Girls 2 Draw
A 5-week round robin is played to determine the standings, followed by 2 weeks of playoffs (semi-finals and finals)
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat14 Oct 202308:30 amHalswell Elmwood GoldHalswell  (TC1,TC2)
Sat14 Oct 202308:30 amElmwood RedBeckenham Wilding Park  (Outdoor 13,Outdoor 14)
Sat14 Oct 202308:30 amShirley AElmwood BlueShirley  (TC6,TC7)
2Sat28 Oct 202308:30 amElmwood RedHalswell Wilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2)
Sat28 Oct 202308:30 amElmwood GoldShirley AWilding Park  (Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4)
Sat28 Oct 202308:30 amBeckenham Elmwood BlueWilding Park  (Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
3Sat04 Nov 202308:30 amElmwood BlueElmwood GoldNga Puna Wai  (TC1,TC2)
Sat04 Nov 202308:30 amShirley AElmwood RedShirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sat04 Nov 202308:30 amHalswell Beckenham Halswell  (TC1,TC2)
4Sat11 Nov 202308:30 amElmwood RedElmwood BlueWilding Park  (Outdoor 11,Outdoor 12)
Sat11 Nov 202308:30 amBeckenham Elmwood GoldWilding Park  (Outdoor 13,Outdoor 14)
Sat11 Nov 202308:30 amHalswell Shirley AWilding Park  (Outdoor 15,Outdoor 16)
5Sat25 Nov 202308:30 amShirley ABeckenham Wilding Park  (Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
Sat25 Nov 202308:30 amElmwood BlueHalswell Halswell  (TC1,TC2)
Sat25 Nov 202308:30 amElmwood GoldElmwood RedElmwood  (TC1,TC2)
6Sat02 Dec 202308:30 amElmwood GoldHalswell Halswell  (TC1,TC2)
Sat02 Dec 202308:30 amShirley ABeckenham Shirley  (Shirley Boys HS 3 ,Shirley Boys HS 4)
Sat02 Dec 202308:30 amElmwood RedElmwood BlueNga Puna Wai  (TC1,TC2)
7Sat09 Dec 202308:30 amElmwood GoldShirley AShirley  (Shirley Boys HS 1,Shirley Boys HS 2)
Sat09 Dec 202308:30 amBeckenham Elmwood RedNga Puna Wai  (TC3,TC4)
Sat09 Dec 202308:30 amHalswell Elmwood BlueHalswell  (TC1,TC2)
Beckenham Jody Porter021 842 211
Elmwood BlueMelanie Coote027 223 8833
Elmwood GoldAnabelle Austin021 777 978
Elmwood RedRebecca Sparrow021531234
Halswell Craig Dore021349897
Shirley ATheserie Aknine0221835410