Quick Guide to the Grading List

The Match Hub Grading List is a National list of all competitive tennis players, regardless of age and gender.

Match Hub gradings are based on results in head to head matches. Points are gained, or lost, depending on the relative grading points of the players involved at the date of each match (see bottom of page). The number of points a player has denotes their Grading on a scale of 1 to 12, where 1 is best. There are separate points ranges for males and females (see table below).

A player moves up (or down) a Grade when their points place them in the range of the of the next grade. A player is not rewarded just for playing many matches - unless he/she consistently wins against the same or higher graded opponents.
Male Grade  Points Range  Female Grade  Points Range 
S1 3600+ S1 3000+
S2 3000 - 3499 S2 2400 - 2999
S3 2700 - 2999 S3 2100 - 2399
S4 2400 - 2699 S4 1800 - 2099
S5 2100 - 2399 S5 1500 - 1799
S6 1800 - 2099 S6 1200 - 1499
S7 1500 - 1799 S7 1000 - 1199
S8 1200 - 1499 S8 800 - 999
S9 900 - 1199 S9 600 - 799
S10 600 - 899 S10 400 - 599
S11 300 - 599 S11 200 - 399
S12 0 - 299 S12 0 - 199

Searching the List

You can search the list by any combination of the available criteria.

  • Gender.
  • Entering any part of a player's name will find all players with that name. e.g. a Name search for "donald" will list all players whose first, or last, name is donald, or donaldson, or mcdonald, etc.
  • Grading Type enables you to search either the Singles or Doubles grading lists.
  • Agegroup enables selecting players for a particular age group only. If a player is missing from an agegroup list then it is probably because his/her birthdate is not in the system. You can ask your Club or Asociation to correct this.
Clicking on a name displays the player's Results History.

Grade Promotion

All players gradings are recalculated twice per month - as at the 15th and the last day of the month (except there is no update on Jan 15th). It usually takes a day or two after these dates for the website to be updated. This involves processing all new interclub and tournament results. The date of the last calculation is always shown at the bottom of the page.

A player automatically moves up a Grade when their points place them in the range of the of the next higher grade. After promotion a player receives 2 months immunity from being downgraded (except for grade 1).

Grade Demotion

A player moves down a grade if their points drop below the bottom of their current band. However if the player has immunity then the player will instead be placed at the bottom of their current Grade. Immunity lasts for 2 months after a grade promotion. NB: All players have 2 months immunity from Oct 1st 2019.


The Rank column shows each players National ranking as at the date shown beneath the List. Players who have just recently been added will have a rank of zero until the next grading calculation is run. The # column to the left of Rank shows the ranking of the players in the currently selected list (e.g. 14 and under Boys in Wellington). Rankings are not assigned to players who have not played for 2 years.

Doubles Gradings

Match Hub also maintains Doubles gradings using the same concepts as for Singles. In Doubles matches, the average of each partnership's points is used to determine adjustments. Mixed doubles matches are also counted.

Player Codes

You must be an affiliated tennis club member and have a Player Code to be listed on Match Hub or play in any Tournament on the National Calendar. Player Codes are assigned by your Club or Association.

New players are added to the Grading List at a level relative to their playing ability. Generally this is done by assigning them the same Grade as other players who are known to be of similar ability.

For more information

Details are available on the tennis.kiwi website

For questions contact matchhub@tennis.kiwi