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Cassandra Kidd
Association :Auckland
Club :Koru
Player Code :AKKOC2K
Before Date :
Singles : S4  1830
Doubles : D2  2815
Level 2 play. From midday Friday 29th May, NZ Government restrictions on gatherings are relaxing, meaning that up to 100 people can gather in homes, for events outside of homes, and at venues like tennis clubs and facilities. For tennis, this means tournaments and leagues are restarting. It will be easier to resume larger group programming at clubs and centres around NZ. Whilst group numbers can increase, the same rules still apply for how clubs, coaches and centres need to operate. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
03 Jan 2020RR3Tournament S4  1825Marisa Venter S5  1520Won11-6
03 Jan 2020RR2Tournament S4  1820Jane Geldard S6  1380Won11-6
03 Jan 2020RR1Tournament S4  1800Victoria Kerrison S5  1620Won11-1
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S4 2400
15 Jul 2019Adjustment S4 2400Reason: Inactivity
08 Apr 20172Team Event S4  2680Mia Middleton S3  2710Lost6-1 3-6 3-6
08 Apr 20171Team Event S4  2675Grace McCartney S9  0900Won0-6 1-6
10 Mar 20174Interclub S4  2670Steven Eagles S10 0600Won6-0 6-0
17 Dec 20166Interclub S4  2620Deborah Garea S4  2675Won*7/5 6/3
02 Dec 20166Interclub S4  2615Ramai Gurnick S7  1560Won6-0 7-5
19 Nov 20164Interclub S4  2605Mia Wardlaw S5  2100Won6/0 4/6 9/11
08 Oct 20162Interclub S4  2555Julia Newman S4  2460Won*6/2 7/5
24 Sep 20161Interclub S4  2550Mia Wardlaw S6  2045Won1-6, 7-6, def
30 Jun 2016Adjustment S4 2550Reason: Regrade
09 Apr 201611Interclub S3  2710Mia Milojevic S4  2400Lost*7-5 6-1
18 Apr 2015FinalTournament S3  2705Analise Wang S8  1445Won6-3 6-3
18 Apr 2015SFTournament S3  2700Marietta Duffy-Burgess S8  1325Won11-5
21 Feb 201511Interclub S3  2700Heidi Stewart S2  3390Lost6/1 6/3
22 Nov 20147Interclub S3  2700Heidi Stewart S2  3325Lost6-2 6-1
08 Nov 20146Interclub S3  2710Sarah Knighton S5  2150Lost*6/7 6/2 6/4
01 Nov 20145Interclub S3  2700Deborah Garea S4  2605Won6/0 6/2
18 Oct 20144Interclub S3  2700Soline Bernelin S3  2710Lost*6/1 6/0
20 Sep 20142Interclub S4  2660Lucy Bird S4  2400Won*4-6 1-6
16 Nov 20136Interclub S4  2340Pang Suwanaposee S4  2390Won6/2 7/6 (7-3)
19 Oct 20133Interclub S4  2335Taylah Stack S8  1160Won6-1 6-1
05 Oct 20131Interclub S4  2315Pang Suwanaposee S4  2400Won6-1 6-1
27 Jan 2012RR3Tournament S4  2335Katerina Rockova S4  2350Lost6-4 6-0
26 Jan 2012RR2Tournament S4  2325Weiwei Verran S5  2060Won6-1 7-5
25 Jan 2012RR1Tournament S4  2315Fiona Wikaira S5  2020Won6-2 6-3
06 Jan 2012FinalTournament S4  2305Weiwei Verran S5  2080Won7-5 6-4
06 Jan 2012SFTournament S4  2300Janine Thirlwall S6  1675Won6-0 6-1
06 Jan 2012QFTournament S4  2280Tup Cox S4  2235Won6-1 6-1
07 Jan 2011FinalTournament S4  2265Weiwei Verran S4  2155Won6-1 6-0
07 Jan 2011SFTournament S4  2260Te Mana Rollo S6  1605Won6-3 6-3
07 Jan 2011QFTournament S4  2255Judy Randell S9  0825Won6-1 6-2
08 Jan 2010FinalTournament S4  2255Deanne Alter S3  2660Lost9-8
08 Jan 2010SFTournament S4  2225Leona Davis-Kaye S4  2325Won8-9
08 Jan 2010QFTournament S4  2220Lisa Mundell S8  1140Won1-9
05 Dec 20099Interclub S4  2205Weiwei Verran S5  2095Won6/4,6/1
28 Nov 20098Interclub S4  2175Deborah Garea S4  2295Won7/5,6/3
21 Nov 20097Interclub S4  2170Casey Tarau S7  1385Won6/4,6/4
14 Nov 20096Interclub S4  2170Heidi Stewart S3  2690Lost3/6,6/2,6/1
30 Oct 20094Interclub S4  2140Deborah Garea S4  2310Won6/3,6/1
06 Dec 20089Interclub S4  2125Laura Fisher S5  1975Won6/0,6/0
29 Nov 20088Interclub S4  2120Anita Walpole S7  1500Won6/1,6/0
22 Nov 20087Interclub S4  2115Ellie Verran S6  1545Won6/0,6/3
15 Nov 20086Interclub S4  2115Dana Gray S3  2605Lost6/2,6/0
01 Nov 20084Interclub S5  2100Laura Fisher S5  2000Won6/0,6/1
18 Oct 20083Interclub S5  2095Anita Walpole S7  1425Won6/2,6/2
11 Oct 20082Interclub S5  2090Ellie Verran S6  1565Won6/1,6/2
04 Oct 20081Interclub S5  2050Weiwei Verran S4  2255Won6/0,6/4
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