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Chris Starkey
Association :Auckland
Club :Karaka
Player Code :AKKAC1S
Before Date :
Singles : S2  3080
Doubles : D3  2845
Effective from 20 March 2020 Tennis New Zealand and its affiliated Regional bodies have agreed to CANCEL all organised competition until at least 2 May 2020.
Tennis New Zealand and its Regions recommend all Tennis Associations, Affiliates and Clubs adopt this position and CANCEL all organised tennis competitions under their mandate until 2 May 2020. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S2 3080
15 Dec 20181Interclub S2  3070Teo Susnjak S3  2845Won5-7 6-1 6-3
11 Dec 20187Interclub S2  3065Tama Willis S4  2495Won6-4,6-3
01 Dec 2018QFTournament S2  3065Rubin Statham S1  4475Lost6-4 6-1
01 Dec 2018R16Tournament S2  3015Filippo La Cava S2  3015Won*6-2 6-4
30 Nov 2018R32Tournament S2  3005Sam Hodges S3  2865Won6-1 6-1
25 Nov 2018R16Tournament S2  3055Dylan Heap S2  3409Lost*6-3 6-0
24 Nov 2018R32Tournament S2  3005Filippo La Cava S2  3060Won*6-0 4-6 6-2
24 Nov 2018R64Tournament S2  3000Hamish Lee S4  2485Won6-0 6-2
13 Nov 20185Interclub S2  3000Sion Wiggin S2  3100Lost6-3, 6-4
04 Nov 20182Interclub S3  2955Dean Moore S2  3280Won*6-2 4-6 6-4
30 Oct 20184Interclub S3  2905James Corfield S3  2960Won*6-2,7-5
27 Oct 20184Interclub S3  2880Max Allais S3  2700Won6-2 6-2
16 Oct 20183Interclub S3  2875Blake Gallagher S5  2265Won6-0,6-1
09 Oct 20181Interclub S3  2870Kolya Surakul S6  2035Won6-1,6-2
06 Oct 20183Interclub S3  2860Alexander Mirkov S4  2510Won6-1 6-0
02 Oct 20182Interclub S3  2850Luke Bodle S4  2430Won6-0,6-2
12 Aug 2018FinalTournament S3  2850Rudi Statkus S2  3190Lost3-6 6-1 6-1
12 Aug 2018SFTournament S3  2800Jack Loutit S3  2760Won*6-4 6-2
11 Aug 2018QFTournament S3  2750Chester Espie S2  3005Won*4-6 6-2 10-4
09 Aug 2018R16Tournament S3  2700Filippo La Cava S2  3100Won*6-0 6-2
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