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Sarah McDermott
Association :North Harbour
Club :Northcote
Player Code :NHNCSJM
Before Date :
Singles : S3  2245
Doubles : D4  1910
Effective from 20 March 2020 Tennis New Zealand and its affiliated Regional bodies have agreed to CANCEL all organised competition until at least 2 May 2020.
Tennis New Zealand and its Regions recommend all Tennis Associations, Affiliates and Clubs adopt this position and CANCEL all organised tennis competitions under their mandate until 2 May 2020. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S3 2850
07 Apr 20188Interclub S3  2850Ana Tamanika S2  3105Lost6-3 6-3
16 Jul 2017Adjustment S3 2850Reason: Regrade
25 Mar 201711Interclub S2  3030Caitlin Molloy S5  2345Won6-4 6-1
19 Nov 20166Interclub S2  3025Aimee Brown S5  2155Won6-1 6-2
06 Nov 20162Interclub S2  3075Ana Tamanika S3  2775Lost*61 63
05 Nov 20165Interclub S2  3065Courtney Huff S3  2775Won6-2 6-2
01 Oct 20163Interclub S2  3115Holly Stewart S2  3030Lost*6-0 6-2
15 Oct 20164Interclub S2  3110Melania Kaitaeifo S5  2370Won6-1 6-4
13 Aug 2016QFTournament S2  3160Shona Nakano S4  2425Lost*4-6 0-1 Ret.
27 Nov 20158Interclub S2  3210Imogen Golder S2  3165Lost*6-4 6-2
08 Nov 20154Interclub S2  3205Craigie McCulloch S4  2400Won6/1 7/6
30 Oct 20152Interclub S2  3200Saranya Nagpal S4  2450Won6/3 6/7 6/4
16 Oct 20151Interclub S2  3190Brittany Teei S3  2850Won6/4 6/1
20 Feb 20153Interclub S2  3240Chloe Shin S2  3250Lost*6-2 6-2
06 Feb 20151Interclub S2  3190Lauren Alter S2  3005Won*75 63
11 Dec 2014QFTournament S2  3190Katherine Westbury S1  3730Lost6-1 6-2
10 Dec 2014R16Tournament S2  3180Stella Cliffe S3  2700Won6-4 6-4
28 Nov 20148Interclub S2  3130Luci Barlow S2  3155Won*6-2 6-3
21 Nov 20147Interclub S2  3180Tiana Windbuchler S4  2490Lost*6/2 6/4
14 Nov 20146Interclub S2  3230Luci Barlow S2  3095Lost*1-6 6-1 6-1
07 Nov 20145Interclub S2  3225Caitlin Ward S5  2240Won6/1 6/2
31 Oct 20144Interclub S2  3215Annabel Ellis S3  2830Won7/6 6/2
17 Oct 20143Interclub S2  3210Bridget Fitzpatrick S5  2305Won6/2 6/1
03 Oct 20142Interclub S2  3200Deanne Alter S3  2790Won
14 Feb 20142Interclub S2  2930Katherine Costain S2  2750Lost2/6 6/3 6/2
15 Nov 20136Interclub S2  2925Georgia Hume S3  2420Won4/6 2/6
01 Nov 20134Interclub S2  2920Caitlin Ward S6  1685Won6-4 6-1
18 Oct 20133Interclub S2  2920Pavlina Nola S1  3820Lost6-2 6-1
11 Oct 20132Interclub S2  2920Paige Hourigan S1  3235Lost4-6,6-1,6-0
04 Oct 20131Interclub Angela Swinkels WonDefault
19 Dec 2011R16Tournament S2  2920Sacha Jones S1  3895Lost6-2 6-2
18 Dec 2011R32Tournament S2  2915Chanistha Ampornachariya S4  2255Won6-3 6-0
08 Dec 2011FinalTournament S2  2935Luci Barlow S2  2945Lost6-2 7-5
08 Dec 2011SFTournament S2  2920Davina Meza Cordova S2  2815Won6-3 6-4
07 Dec 2011QFTournament S2  2915Iva Parapunova S3  2530Won6-3 6-2
25 Nov 20117Interclub S2  2895Brittany Teei S2  2940Won7-6,7-5
18 Nov 20116Interclub S2  2855Rewa Harriman S1  3080Won1-6 6-3 2-6
11 Nov 20115Interclub S2  2850Nadia Coombes S6  1610Won6-2 6-3
04 Nov 20114Interclub S2  2830Nicola Kaiwai S2  2910Won7/6 6/1
28 Oct 20113Interclub S2  2780Shelley Bryce S1  3135Won6-2 6-1
07 Oct 20111Interclub S2  2730Kairangi Vano S1  3455Won7-5,6-3
25 Mar 20118Interclub S2  2740Luci Barlow S2  2945Lost6-36-2
18 Mar 20117Interclub S2  2720Davina Meza Cordova S3  2665Won6-4,3-6,7-6
11 Mar 20116Interclub S3  2680Heidi Stewart S2  2950Won6-0,7-6
04 Mar 20115Interclub S3  2675Megan Rogers S5  1880Won7-5,6-1
25 Feb 20114Interclub S3  2675Kairangi Vano S1  3530Lost7-5,6-1
11 Feb 20112Interclub S3  2660Carli Davis S3  2500Won6-1,5-7,6-2
04 Feb 20111Interclub S3  2650Rosie Cheng S3  2410Won6-3,6-2
26 Nov 20107Interclub S3  2670Stacey Housley S2  2750Lost6-4 2-6 6-1
19 Nov 20106Interclub S3  2680Brittany Teei S2  2975Lost6-3 6-2
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