Results History
Junji Inoguchi
Association :Otago
Club :Andersons Bay
Player Code :OTABJI
Before Date :
Singles : S6  2015
Doubles : D6  1865
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S6 2015
24 Feb 20194Team Event S6  2010Mike Hegan S8  1230Won6-1 6-0
23 Feb 20196Team Event S6  2005Jason Thorburn S8  1400Won7-6 6-1
23 Feb 20195Team Event S6  2000Nick Munro S8  1499Won6-2 6-1
02 Feb 201910Interclub S6  1990Tony Ryder S7  1575Won7-5 7-5
26 Jan 20199Interclub S6  1980Jessie Stevenson S5  2205Won6-0 6-0
15 Dec 20188Interclub S6  1930Zane Gray S6  1885Won*6-3 6-3
08 Dec 20189Interclub S6  1925David Woodward S8  1215Won6-2 6-1
02 Dec 20182Interclub S6  1915Angus Faulks S7  1610Won6-1 6-4
01 Dec 20187Interclub S6  1905Tony Ryder S7  1550Won7-6(6) 6-3
17 Nov 20186Interclub S6  1895Nick Cutfield S7  1620Won6-2 7-6(4)
03 Nov 20184Interclub S6  1885Robin Versteeg S7  1500Won6-3 6-1
27 Oct 20183Interclub S6  1885Libby Scott S2  3000Lost6-4 6-1
13 Oct 20182Interclub S6  1875Fraser Richardson S7  1605Won6-0 6-0
06 Oct 20181Interclub S6  1850Hayden McNulty S6  1810Won6-1 6-3
22 Sep 2018FinalTournament S6  1850Tim Willans S5  2205Lost6-2 6-3
22 Sep 2018SFTournament S6  1800Ayoub Ahmad S4  2400Won*6-4 7-5
21 Sep 2018R16Tournament S6  1800Nont Prachuabmoh S5  2235Lost6-2 6-2
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