Results History
Ryan McPhee
Association :North Harbour
Club :Northcote
Player Code :NHNCRM
Before Date :
Singles : S12 0000
Doubles : D12 0030
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12 Dec 20207Interclub S12 0000Noah Dickins S12 0085Lost7-3
05 Dec 20206Interclub S12 0000Noah Thompson S12 0115Lost3-7
28 Nov 20205Interclub S12 0000Darrius Ramaiyah S12 0145Lost7-0
14 Nov 20203Interclub S12 0000Robbie Brant S12 0160Lost7-2
31 Oct 20201Interclub S12 0000Austin Pickard S11 0300Lost5-2
11 Mar 20206Interclub S12 0000Carina de Koster S12 0140Lost7-3
26 Feb 20204Interclub S12 0000Kory Maire S12 0040Lost7-1
19 Feb 20203Interclub S12 0000Maxwell Davies S12 0070Lost7-3
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S12 0
03 Apr 20198Interclub S12 0000Rayshaan Dutt S12 0000Lost*7-6
27 Mar 20197Interclub S12 0000Ethan Clifton S11 0310Lost7-5
20 Mar 20196Interclub S12 0000Liam Dimock S11 0300Lost6 7
13 Mar 20195Interclub S12 0000Will Harvey S12 0000Lost*7-3
06 Mar 20194Interclub S12 0000Sean Purdy S12 0000Lost*7-6
27 Feb 20193Interclub S12 0000Oliver Judd S12 0050Lost*1-7
20 Feb 20192Interclub S12 0000Oscar Jin S12 0050Lost*7-0
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