Results History
Abi Adams
Association :Marlborough
Club :Renwick
Player Code :MBRWA1A
Before Date :
Singles : S12 0070
Doubles : D12 0000
Level 1 is here. Go play. And be kind when in doubt call it in.
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07 Mar 202013Team Event S12 0080Josephine Walkenhorst S12 0180Lost6-1
01 Mar 2020RR1Tournament S12 0090Elizabeth Bowron S11 0215Lost6-0 6-1
29 Feb 2020RR2Tournament S12 0060Pippa Sowman S12 0025Won6-4 6-2
29 Feb 2020QFTournament S12 0060Jemimah O'Donnell S9  0620Lost6-0 6-0
29 Feb 202012Team Event S12 0080Theo McAnulty S12 0040Lost6-3
22 Feb 202011Team Event S12 0090Maisie Cornelius S11 0200Lost6-3
15 Feb 202010Team Event S12 0060Amelia Storey S12 0030Won6-4
08 Feb 20209Team Event S12 0030Iris Vavasour S12 0000Won6-3
14 Dec 20197Team Event S12 0000Jazmyn Graham S12 0020Won6-5
07 Dec 20196Team Event S12 0000Isobel O'Brien S12 0175Lost6-0
30 Nov 20195Team Event S12 0000Archer Keown S12 0090Lost6-3
16 Nov 20193Team Event S12 0000Jamie Doig S12 0165Lost6-3
09 Nov 20192Team Event S12 0000Alex Herd S11 0470Lost6-1
02 Nov 20191Team Event S12 0000Somerset Wight S12 0030Lost6-1
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