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Isla Adam
Association :Mid Canterbury
Club :Southern (MidC)
Player Code :MCSTI1A
Before Date :
Singles : S12 0090
Doubles : D12 0060
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12 Dec 20206Interclub S12 0060Damon Yan S12 0030Won6-4
28 Nov 20205Interclub S12 0030Louise Greenslade S12 0040Won6-1
07 Nov 20203Interclub S12 0000Arthur Giera S12 0000Won6-2
01 Nov 2020FinalTournament S12 0000Imogen Turney S12 0040Lost4-1 4-1
25 Oct 2020RR3Tournament S12 0000Tao Iyoda S12 0000Lost4-1 4-2
25 Oct 2020RR2Tournament S12 0000Vatsal Maarka S12 0030Lost4-0 4-0
24 Oct 2020RR4Tournament S12 0010Samuel Gale S12 0095Lost4-2 4-1
24 Oct 2020RR1Tournament S12 0030Nikita Sidaway S12 0000Lost4-1 4-1
17 Oct 20201Interclub S12 0000Maria Ohrimenko S12 0000Won6-1
05 Oct 2020RR2Tournament S12 0015Yeonjoo Lim S12 0000Lost4-0 4-1
04 Oct 2020RR3Tournament S12 0025Maddie Fifield S11 0210Lost4-0 4-0
04 Oct 2020RR1Tournament S12 0030Tessa Richardson S11 0250Lost4-1 4-1
22 Feb 20205Interclub S12 0000Millie Bedford S12 0000Won6-5
15 Feb 20204Interclub S12 0000Tabitha White S12 0000Lost6-5
01 Feb 20202Interclub S12 0000Lachie Honeywell S12 0010Lost2-6
25 Jan 20201Interclub S12 0000Ivan Heneghan S12 0000Lost6-2
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