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Ben Abdale-Weir
Association :Auckland
Club :Remuera
Player Code :AKRMBJA
Before Date :
Singles : S8-1200-0w
Doubles : D8-1200-0w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

30 Jun 2016Adjustment S8-1200-0wReason: Inactivity
15 Aug 2015Adjustment S8-1350-2wReason: Regrade
31 May 2015C-R128Tournament S7-1600-1wRussell Lester S7-1725-3wLost*6-4 4-6 10-4
30 May 2015R64Tournament S7-1600-1wJacque Anderson S6-1800-0wLost6-1 6-1
14 Mar 2014R16Tournament S7  1300Nick Smit S6  1685Lost6-3 6-2
10 Apr 2013C-R32Tournament S7  1320Matavao Fanguna S7  1380Lost6-4 6-2
09 Apr 2013R32Tournament S7  1330Craig Stotter S6  1595Lost6-1 6-2
24 Mar 201211Interclub S7  1340Alex Weatherhead S6  1545Lost6-7,6-4,6-7
03 Sep 2011C-R16Tournament Andrew Qi LostDefault
02 Sep 2011R32Tournament S7  1340Artem Chesnokov S5  2080Lost6-2 6-4
24 Mar 2010C-R16Tournament S7  1340David Garcia Hoyos S6  1685Lost6-4 6-3
22 Mar 2010R64Tournament S7  1360Matt Fowler S7  1370Lost3-6 6-3 [10-6]
12 Dec 20092Interclub S7  1360Trevor Pengelly S6  1750Lost3-6 6-4 6-2
06 Sep 2009CQTournament S7  1360Lance Green S6  1675Lost6/4;6/1
06 Sep 20093Tournament S7  1340John Robinson S7  1310Won6/3;6/3
05 Sep 200916Tournament S7  1340Dextor Loos S5  1920Lost6/2;6/2
04 Sep 200932Tournament S7  1330Gavin Satchell S8  1130Won6/0;6/0
30 Aug 20092Tournament S7  1350Scott Harrison S7  1440Lost6/1;6/0
29 Aug 200916Tournament S7  1350Michael Bartlett S4  2375Lost6/2;6/2
28 Aug 200932Tournament S7  1340Oliver MacDonald S8  1095Won4/6;6/4;6/4
31 Mar 20092Tournament S7  1340Grant Walker S5  1870Lost6/0;6/1
30 Mar 200964Tournament S7  1360Richard Hegan S7  1365Lost7/6;6/4
20 Sep 2008CSTournament S7  1360Artem Chesnokov S5  1945Lost6/0;6/2
20 Sep 2008CQTournament S7  1310John Birch S6  1710Won6/3;6/4
18 Sep 200864Tournament S7  1325Nick Smit S7  1500Lost7/6;6/1
25 Aug 200532Tournament S7  1325Feleti Sofele S3  2420Lost7-6;6-4
09 Apr 2005InterclubS7  1345Terry Ngan S7  1420Lost
12 Feb 2005InterclubS7  1355Andrew Moore S6  1510Lost
05 Feb 2005InterclubS7  1335John McDonnell S7  1365Won
27 Nov 2004InterclubS7  1335Willie Marsters S5  1950Lost
02 Oct 2004InterclubS7  1335Gary Muller S6  1720Lost
25 Sep 2004InterclubDennis Yin WonDefault
27 Mar 2004InterclubS7  1315Lucas Hwang S7  1285Won
13 Mar 2004InterclubS7  1295Tony Woolf S7  1225Won
29 Nov 2003InterclubS7  1285Kevin McCullough S8  1170Won
15 Nov 2003InterclubS7  1305Leon Manuel S7  1320Lost
08 Nov 2003InterclubS7  1325Rufus Luther S7  1310Lost
13 Sep 2003InterclubS7  1305John Siebert S7  1300Won
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