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Nanako Ohashi
Association :Auckland
Club :XX = AKL inactives
Player Code :AKXXNO
Before Date :
Singles : S5  1645
Doubles : D6  1200
Effective from 20 March 2020 Tennis New Zealand and its affiliated Regional bodies have agreed to CANCEL all organised competition until at least 2 May 2020.
Tennis New Zealand and its Regions recommend all Tennis Associations, Affiliates and Clubs adopt this position and CANCEL all organised tennis competitions under their mandate until 2 May 2020. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S5 2250
15 Aug 2015Adjustment S5 2250Reason: Regrade
28 Jun 2015P-QFTournament Albert Rocard LostDefault
27 Jun 2015R16Tournament S4  2400Alexander Mirkov S7  1500Lost*6-4 7-6(5)
02 Apr 201111Interclub S4  2135Fiona Wikaira S5  1955Lost7-5 6-0
12 Mar 201110Interclub S4  2145Kelly Drew S4  2370Lost6/1 6/0
30 Oct 20104Interclub S4  2140Jessica Dennis S6  1760Won6-2 6-3
09 Oct 20103Interclub S4  2180Caitlin Molloy S5  1960Lost6-2 4-6 7-6
02 Oct 20101Interclub S4  2210Paula Stubbing S5  2045Lost5-7 6-2 6-4
25 Sep 20102Interclub S4  2260Kasey Nihill S6  1785Lost6-2,6-3
27 Mar 201011Interclub S4  2255Harriet Dorrington S5  1910Won6.4,6.1
24 Mar 2010QFTournament S4  2255Kairangi Vano S1  3675Lost6-0 6-2
22 Mar 2010R16Tournament S4  2250Robyn Page S7  1225Won6-0 6-0
13 Mar 201010Interclub S4  2245Ally Oliver S5  1805Won0-6, 1-6
12 Mar 20107Interclub S4  2230Mia Middleton S5  2040Won6-3,7-6
05 Mar 20106Interclub S4  2245Vicky Wild S4  2350Lost6-4,6-0
27 Feb 20109Interclub S4  2235Kathrin Jaki S5  1975Won6,2.6,0
26 Feb 20105Interclub S4  2265Zhanna Gonzur S5  2070Lost6-2 6-0
19 Feb 20104Interclub S4  2235Davina Meza Cordova S4  2375Won4-6 7-5 3-6
13 Feb 20108Interclub S4  2225Summer Huxtable S5  2005Won6.2,6.4
12 Feb 20103Interclub S4  2240Carli Davis S3  2410Lost7/5 7/6 (0)
05 Feb 20102Interclub S4  2255Katherine Young S4  2390Lost6/3 6/4
29 Jan 20101Interclub S4  2275Claudia Williams S4  2185Lost6-3 6-4
12 Dec 20097Interclub S4  2270Caitlin Molloy S5  1925Won6-2,6-1
28 Nov 20096Interclub S4  2270Varoma Vano S2  2880Lost6/2 3/6 7/6
31 Oct 20094Interclub S4  2300Kirby Wotherspoon S4  2185Lost6/4 6/4
10 Oct 20093Interclub S4  2350Jessica Hughson S6  1775Lost6.1 5.7 4.6
12 Sep 20091Interclub S4  2340Bridget Fitzpatrick S4  2125Won7-5, 6-4
04 Apr 20099Interclub S4  2320Linda Seabourne S4  2225Won7-5,3-6,6-3
28 Mar 200911Interclub S4  2300Kris Fernando S4  2375Won6-3,7-5
21 Mar 20098Interclub S4  2285Stacey Kong S4  2120Won6/2,6/2
14 Mar 200910Interclub S4  2280Wendy Forte S7  1495Won6/1,6/0
04 Oct 20082Interclub S4  2310Fiona Wikaira S4  2120Lost6-2 6-2
16 Apr 2007FTournament S4  2280Toni Mouton S4  2345Won6-2;7-6;7-6(8))
16 Apr 2007STournament S4  2250Kerry Mouton S4  2330Won6-4;6-2
16 Apr 2007QTournament S4  2245Brittany Wotherspoon S5  1880Won6-1;6-3
17 Apr 20063Tournament S4  2265Jordyn Moir S4  2240Lost6-3;2-6;6-1
17 Apr 200616Tournament S4  2270Rebecca Green S3  2535Lost6-2;6-0
16 Apr 200632Tournament S4  2250Stephanie Bateman S5  2060Won7-5;7-5
15 Apr 200664Tournament S4  2245Lucy Bird S7  1470Won5-7;6-2;6-3
11 Mar 2006InterclubS4  2235Alex Eastwood S5  1950Won
24 Sep 2005InterclubS4  2240Silema Toutai S3  2520Lost
25 Feb 2006InterclubS4  2240Belinda Hirst S2  2750Lost
27 Jan 2006Q-NETournament Alice Laing LostDefault
26 Jan 200616Tournament S4  2245Sarah Henderson S3  2485Lost6-4;5-0;ret
26 Jan 200632Tournament S4  2240Kate Swan S5  1840Won6-0;6-1
23 Jan 20065Tournament S4  2245Sarah Adams S3  2445Lost6-1 6-1
22 Jan 20064Tournament S4  2265Karina Bradnam S4  2335Lost6-3 4-6 7-6
22 Jan 20063Tournament S4  2275Briar Preston S3  2430Lost6-1 7-6
21 Jan 20062Tournament S4  2270Renee Calder S7  1375Won6-1 6-0
21 Jan 20061Tournament S4  2250Annabel Linterman S4  2105Won6-4 3-6 7-6
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