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Trent O'Keeffe
Association :Auckland
Club :Royal Oak
Player Code :AKROTPO
Before Date :
Singles : S3  2700
Doubles : D3  2770
Level 2 play. From midday Friday 29th May, NZ Government restrictions on gatherings are relaxing, meaning that up to 100 people can gather in homes, for events outside of homes, and at venues like tennis clubs and facilities. For tennis, this means tournaments and leagues are restarting. It will be easier to resume larger group programming at clubs and centres around NZ. Whilst group numbers can increase, the same rules still apply for how clubs, coaches and centres need to operate. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S3 2700
15 Jul 2019Adjustment S3 2700Reason: Inactivity
20 Aug 2017FinalTournament S2  3040Daniel Brown S2  3439Lost6-3 7-6
19 Aug 2017SFTournament S2  3030Filippo La Cava S3  2999Won6-3 6-3
19 Aug 2017QFTournament S2  3025Ben Allen S5  2315Won6-2 6-2
17 Aug 2017R16Tournament S2  3020Anthony Wu S5  2190Won6-2 6-0
25 Nov 20162Interclub S2  3010Chester Espie S3  2815Won6/4 6/3
18 Nov 20161Interclub S2  3000Kento Suga S3  2715Won6/1 6/2
11 Nov 20163Interclub S2  3020Sebastian Lavie S2  3310Lost*6-3 6-2
04 Nov 20162Interclub S2  3020Macsen Sisam S2  3265Lost6/1 6/4
29 Oct 20161Interclub S2  3015Pierre Chemaly S4  2400Won6/3 6/2
08 Oct 20163Interclub S2  3010Steven Koszegi S6  1800Won6-1 6-0
24 Sep 20162Interclub S2  3005Michiel Sipman S4  2405Won6-1 6-1
19 Mar 201610Interclub S2  3000Art Harol S6  1805Won6-1 6-1
28 Nov 20148Interclub S2  3015Adam Thompson S2  3415Lost*6-2 6-4
21 Nov 20147Interclub S2  3065Steven Downs S2  3310Lost*6-4 6-3
14 Nov 20146Interclub S2  3015Luke Donovan S2  3085Won*0/6 7/6 6/3
07 Nov 20145Interclub S2  3010Mike Purcell S6  2015Won6/0 6/0
31 Oct 20144Interclub S2  3000Pratt Keerasuntonpong S3  2780Won6/4 6/1
17 Oct 20143Interclub S2  3010Rudi Statkus S3  2930Lost*1-6 6-7
26 Sep 20141Interclub S2  3005Yanni Wetzell S4  2460Won6/3 6/0
20 Sep 20141Interclub S2  3000Erik van den Top S6  1920Won6-2 6-1
23 Aug 2014SFTournament S2  3015Daniel Brown S2  3050Lost*7-6 6-3
23 Aug 2014QFTournament S2  3010Te Kani Williams S5  2180Won4-6 7-5 10-7
22 Aug 2014R16Tournament S2  3005Daniel Bathman S4  2400Won7-5 6-3
15 Nov 20136Interclub Martin Colenbrander WonDefault
08 Nov 20135Interclub S3  2700Aidan McDougall S4  2255Won 3/6 7/6 6/2
01 Nov 20134Interclub S3  2680Nicholas Turner S2  2765Won7-6 6-0
18 Oct 20133Interclub S3  2700William Matheson S2  2725Lost7/6 6/1
11 Oct 20132Interclub S3  2700Matt Meredith S1  3030Lost6-4 6-2
04 Oct 20131Interclub S2  2720Connor Heap S2  2805Lost6-4 5-7 6-3
28 Sep 20132Interclub S2  2715Geoffrey Bellingham S4  2240Won6/2 6/2
14 Sep 20131Interclub S2  2705Andy Doole S3  2415Won6/4 6/2
22 Mar 20136Interclub S3  2685Nick Brown S2  2770Won6-3 6-7 7-6
15 Mar 20135Interclub S2  2705Nick Brown S3  2695Lost6-0 6-3
08 Mar 20134Interclub S3  2700Rory Cunliffe S4  2115Won6-2,6-1
22 Feb 20132Interclub S3  2695Niko Vulinovich S4  2290Won6/2 7/5
23 Nov 20127Interclub S2  2710Luke Donovan S2  2870Lost7-6 6-4
16 Nov 20126Interclub S3  2700Ryan Henderson S3  2445Won6/3 6/3
09 Nov 20125Interclub S2  2730Alex Klintcharov S3  2595Lost6-0 6-2
02 Nov 20124Interclub S2  2730Steven Downs S1  3240Lost6-3 6-1
05 Oct 20121Interclub S2  2715Nick Brown S3  2570Won6/0 6/0
22 Sep 20122Interclub S2  2705Connor Heap S3  2480Won2/6 6/3 6/2
08 Sep 20121Interclub S3  2700Andrew Ramsay S4  2295Won6/1 6/0
01 Apr 2012SFTournament S2  2720Scott Winnard S3  2675Lost6-2 6-2
01 Apr 2012QFTournament S2  2715Ethan McCafferty S7  1220Won6-0 6-0
24 Aug 2012QFTournament S2  2765Alex Klintcharov S3  2415Lost7-5 6-1
23 Aug 2012R16Tournament S2  2760Matthew Metzger S5  2025Won6-0 6-1
02 Feb 20123Interclub S2  2780Nicholas Wiles S2  2780Lost6-46-4
25 Nov 20117Interclub S2  2775Ben Davies S4  2210Won4-6,6-1,7-6
18 Nov 20116Interclub S2  2770Peter Light S4  2345Won6/4 6/2
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