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Jenny Blackburne
Association :Canterbury
Club :Cashmere
Player Code :CBCMJB
Before Date :
Singles : S4  1800
Doubles : D5  1500
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S4 2400
15 Jul 2019Adjustment S4 2400Reason: Inactivity
07 May 20173Team Event S3  2700Rileigh Fields S5  2225Won4-2 4-2
18 Mar 20173Interclub S3  2750Michelle Kelsen S4  2500Lost*6-0,6-4
25 Feb 20171Interclub S3  2700Holly Matson S3  2750Won*6/0 3/6 ret
11 Feb 20178Interclub S3  2700Holly Matson S3  2700Lost*7/6 6/0
30 Jun 2016Adjustment S3 2700Reason: Inactivity
14 Mar 20155Interclub S3  2790Jolene Feneon S2  3075Lost6/3 6/1
08 Mar 201515Interclub S3  2785Lyndsay Dick S5  2105Won1/6 3/6
07 Mar 20154Interclub S3  2775Jessica Shaw S4  2420Won6-2/6-2
01 Mar 201514Interclub S3  2770Tessa McCann S5  2185Won3-6 3-6
28 Feb 20153Interclub S3  2770Kairangi Vano S2  3440Lost6/1 6/4
21 Feb 20152Interclub S3  2720Michelle Kelsen S3  2715Won*6-3, 2-6, 7-6
14 Feb 20151Interclub S3  2710Holly Matson S4  2435Won6-1,6-1
01 Feb 201511Interclub S3  2705Vangi Weil S6  1895Won6-1 6-3
25 Jan 201510Interclub S3  2700Sara Broglio S6  1910Won6-1 2-6 1-0
16 Dec 2010R32Tournament S3  2485Carli Davis S3  2470Lost6-1 6-3
15 Dec 2010C-FinTournament S3  2465Iva Parapunova S3  2490Won7-6 6-4
14 Dec 2010C-SFTournament S3  2455Kelly Drew S4  2235Won7-6 6-7 12-10
13 Dec 2010C-QFTournament S3  2450Jessica Hughson S5  2035Won7-5 6-2
12 Dec 2010C-R16Tournament S3  2445Megan Rogers S5  1815Won6-4 7-5
12 Dec 2010R16Tournament S3  2455Dana Gray S2  2740Lost6-4 6-1
11 Dec 2010R32Tournament S3  2450Alexandra Howe S5  2055Won7-5 6-4
04 Dec 20108Interclub S3  2450Ruth Seeman S2  2940Lost
27 Nov 20107Interclub S3  2410Robyn Legge-Hunt S3  2695Won
20 Nov 20106Interclub S4  2395Rachel Swindell S4  2265Won
16 Oct 20104Tournament S3  2435Brogan Maoate S4  2175Lost
15 Oct 20103Tournament S3  2430Zoe Berryman S8  1080Won
14 Oct 20102Tournament S3  2480Jessica Ottowa S5  1940Lost
13 Oct 20101Tournament S3  2475Claudia Coates S8  1090Won
30 Oct 20105Interclub S3  2495Jolene Feneon S3  2530Lost
23 Oct 2010FinalTournament S3  2510Tuscany Hamel S3  2650Lost6-1 6-2
23 Oct 2010SFTournament S3  2500Adele Orangi S4  2210Won7-5 6-0
16 Oct 20104Interclub S3  2495Jessica Ottowa S5  1940Won
02 Oct 20102Interclub S3  2485Rachel Swindell S4  2285Won
25 Sep 20101Interclub S3  2475Adele Orangi S4  2255Won
20 Mar 201015Interclub S3  2455Sally Moorfield S3  2480Won
20 Feb 201011Interclub S3  2450Rebecca Chapman S6  1525Won
13 Feb 201010Interclub S3  2430Sally Moorfield S3  2480Won
02 Jan 2010FTournament S3  2425Rebecca Harkerss S6  1565Won6-3 6-1
02 Jan 2010SFTournament S3  2415Suma Ito S4  2190Won6-2 6-2
02 Jan 2010QFTournament S3  2410Catherine Wilson S9  0750Won6-1 6-0
25 Jan 201032Tournament S3  2410Heidi Stewart S2  2910Lost4-6 6-2 6-2
24 Jan 2010C-FinTournament S3  2425Mikaela Davies S3  2610Lost6-4 6-1
23 Jan 2010C-QFTournament Claudia Williams WonDefault
23 Jan 2010C-R64Tournament S3  2420Lauren Tyler-Harwood S6  1715Won2-6 1-6
19 Dec 2009SFTournament S3  2435Libby Scott S3  2630Lost6-2 6-4
18 Dec 2009QFTournament S3  2415Rosie Bird S3  2480Won7-5 3-6 [10-3]
18 Dec 2009R16Tournament S3  2405Claudia Williams S4  2190Won6-2 6-3
17 Dec 2009R64Tournament S3  2420Tiffany Wheelock S3  2530Lost6-2 6-0
12 Dec 2009CRQFTournament S3  2440Kataraina Hunia S3  2485Lost6-3 6-3
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