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Deanna Haami
Association :Waikato
Club :Lugton Park
Player Code :WKLPD4H
Before Date :
Singles : S4  1800
Doubles : D5  1500
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Tennis New Zealand and its Regions recommend all Tennis Associations, Affiliates and Clubs adopt this position and CANCEL all organised tennis competitions under their mandate until 2 May 2020. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S4 2400
14 Jan 2011C-R16Tournament S4  2300Sade Atkinson S4  2120Lost6-4 6-2
13 Jan 2011C-R32Tournament S4  2295Dana Holmes S7  1285Won6-0 6-3
13 Jan 2011C-R64Tournament S4  2290Abbey Sykes S8  1140Won6-0 6-2
12 Jan 2011R32Tournament S4  2340Jessica Hughson S5  2040Lost6-3 6-3
27 Dec 2010QFTournament S4  2340Paige Hourigan S3  2680Lost6-1 6-3
27 Dec 2010R16Tournament S4  2335Dana Hiri S7  1375Won6-0 6-2
11 Dec 2010SFTournament S4  2330Sara Massam S6  1505Won6-1 6-1
11 Dec 2010QFTournament S4  2325Diana Deyeva S8  0935Won6-3 6-2
09 Dec 2010FinalTournament S4  2355Kelly Drew S4  2165Lost3-6 6-1 6-3
08 Dec 2010SFTournament S4  2345Alexandra Howe S5  2065Won2-6 7-6 6-0
07 Dec 2010QFTournament S4  2340Abbey Sykes S8  1185Won6-2 6-2
07 Dec 2010R16Tournament S4  2335Kelsey Power S7  1320Won6-4 6-1
14 Apr 2010C-R16Tournament Brogan Maoate LostDefault
13 Apr 2010R16Tournament S4  2350Paige Hourigan S3  2480Lost6-1 6-0
12 Apr 2010R32Tournament Laura Isaac WonDefault
05 Mar 20106Interclub S4  2400Holly Thomas S5  1890Lost7/5 6/4
26 Feb 20105Interclub S4  2400Pavlina Nola S1  3535Lost6-1 6-0
19 Feb 20104Interclub S3  2420Katherine Young S3  2430Lost6/3 6/1
27 Dec 2009SFTournament S3  2420Luci Barlow S2  2920Lost6-4 6-3
27 Dec 2009QFTournament S3  2415Alexandra Howe S5  1990Won6-3 6-7 6-3
12 Feb 20103Interclub S3  2455Claudia Williams S4  2235Lost6-4 6-3
05 Feb 20102Interclub S3  2445Wendy Owen S4  2210Won6-1 6-0
17 Jan 20101Team Event S3  2440Alisha Venter S6  1540Won6-2 6-2
15 Jan 2010QFTournament S3  2455Christine Foote S3  2630Lost6-7(7) 4-6
14 Jan 2010R16Tournament S3  2450Alisha Venter S6  1540Won6-2 6-3
13 Jan 2010R32Tournament S3  2445Rebekah McConnell S7  1500Won6-3 6-0
27 Dec 2009STournament S3  2445Luci Barlow S2  2960Lost6/4;6/3
27 Dec 2009QTournament S3  2440Alexandra Howe S5  2015Won6/3;6/7;6/3
12 Dec 2009STournament S3  2435Ellie Verran S6  1505Won7-5;6-1
11 Dec 2009QTournament S3  2430Samantha Tibshraeny S9  0900Won6-1;6-1
09 Dec 2009FTournament S3  2425Teagan Ross S7  1275Won36;62;64
29 Sep 2009rnd 2Tournament S3  2445Olivia Isbey S4  2400Lost6-1 6-1
23 Sep 2009rnd 3Tournament S4  2395Christine Foote S2  2710Won4-6 7-6(8) 10-5
22 Sep 2009rnd 2Tournament S4  2390Pang Suwanaposee S5  1905Won3-6 6-3 6-2
08 Aug 2009CSTournament Kirby Wotherspoon LostDefault
02 Aug 2009CQTournament S4  2385Alexandra Howell S7  1430Won6/3;6/1
02 Aug 20092Tournament Frances Askew WonDefault
01 Aug 200932Tournament S3  2415Alexia Barritt S4  2255Lost7/5;7/5
17 Jul 2009QTournament S3  2425Christine Foote S3  2695Lost6-0;6-0
16 Jul 200916Tournament S3  2420Alexandra Howell S7  1440Won6-0;6-3
27 Jun 20092Tournament S3  2420Imogen Golder S1  3045Lost6-4 6-2
25 Apr 2009CFTournament S3  2435Rosie Bird S3  2535Lost6-4;6-1
24 Apr 2009CSTournament S3  2415Mikaela Davies S3  2495Won6-3;6-2
23 Apr 2009CQTournament S4  2395Jenny Blackburne S3  2425Won7-5;6-4
23 Apr 20093Tournament S4  2390Elena Andonova S5  1990Won6-0;7-6
22 Apr 200916Tournament S4  2390Christine Foote S3  2695Lost6-1;6-3
21 Apr 200932Tournament S4  2385Kirra Simonson S6  1775Won6-2;6-2
21 Jan 20094Team Event S4  2380Chloe Dredge S5  1930Won6-4 7-5
20 Jan 20093Team Event S4  2375Brittany Wong S6  1545Won6-0 6-3
20 Jan 20092Team Event S4  2370Alisha Venter S7  1265Won6-1 6-2
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