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Ben McLachlan
Association :Southern Lakes
Club :Queenstown
Player Code :SKQTBM
Before Date :
Singles : S2-3499-0w
Doubles : D1-3800-2w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

16 Jun 2017Adjustment S2-3499-0wReason: ATP ranking
29 Dec 2016N-FinalTournament S1-3840-0wFinn Tearney S1-4130-0wLost*6-4 6-0
28 Dec 2016SFTournament S1-3840-0wRubin Statham S1-4230-3wLost6-1 6-0
28 Dec 2016QFTournament S1-3830-0wWesley Whitehouse S2-3499-3wWon6-4 7-6(8)
16 Dec 2016SFTournament S1-3880-0wArtem Sitak S2-3499-6wLost*6-2 6-1
15 Dec 2016QFTournament S1-3870-0wWesley Whitehouse S2-3499-3wWon6-4 6-1
14 Dec 2016R16Tournament S1-3860-0wTrent Massam S2-3000-0wWon6-0 6-2
28 Dec 2015SFTournament S1-3910-0wMichael Venus S1-3900-5wLost*6-1 3-6 6-2
28 Dec 2015QFTournament S1-3900-0wRhett Purcell S2-3499-7wWon6-2 7-6(4)
28 Feb 2015Adjustment S1-3900-0wReason: ATP ranking
11 Dec 2014QFTournament S1-3625-0wFinn Tearney S1-3780-0wLost*6-4 6-3
10 Dec 2014R16Tournament S1-3615-0wOliver Statham S2-3265-0wWon6-0 6-1
30 Nov 20143Tournament S1-3610-0wPaddy Ou S4-2510-2wWon6-3 6-2
20 Dec 2013R16Tournament S1  3630Adam Lee S1  3570Lost3-6 7-5 7-5
19 Dec 2013R32Tournament S1  3625Jacob Carey S3  2485Won6-0 6-1
05 Jan 2013QFTournament S1  3620Gilles DeGouy S2  2745Won7-5 6-4
21 Dec 2012QFTournament S1  3635Daniel King-Turner S1  3810Lost6-2 6-4
20 Dec 2012R16Tournament S1  3630Daniel Davies S2  2775Won6-3 6-0
19 Dec 2012R32Tournament S1  3625Olly Sadler S3  2665Won6-3 4-6 6-3
01 Jul 2012Adjustment 130Reason: ATP ranking
21 Dec 2011SFTournament S1  3495Artem Sitak S1  3980Lost6-1 6-1
20 Dec 2011QFTournament S1  3445Sebastian Lavie S1  3760Won6-2 6-0
19 Dec 2011R16Tournament S1  3405Austen Childs S1  3615Won6-4 6-4
18 Dec 2011R32Tournament S1  3400Alex Hunt S3  2535Won6-1 6-1
01 Dec 2011Adjustment 300Reason: Regrade
15 Jul 2010Adjustment 70Reason:
28 Feb 20103Team Event S1  3025Conrad Wong S4  2240Won6-1, 6-1
27 Feb 20102Team Event S1  3020Ollie Cuthill S3  2510Won6-2, 6-1
27 Feb 20101Team Event S1  3015Tyler Begg S3  2580Won6-1, 7-6
03 Feb 20103Tournament S1  3055Anton Bettink S2  2830Lost6-4 6-4
02 Feb 20102Tournament S1  3050Nick Brown S5  2015Won6-0 6-0
17 Dec 2009R64Tournament S1  3100Chris Simich S3  2550Lost3-6 6-4 6-3
15 Nov 2009Adjustment 305Reason:
01 Mar 20093Team Event S2  2790Dwayne Cleugh S4  2130Won6-1, 6-1
28 Feb 20092Team Event S2  2785Kurt Hodson S5  1855Won6-0, 6-2
28 Feb 20091Team Event S2  2780Ryan Ammar S6  1620Won6-2, 6-0
08 Feb 2009SFTournament S2  2740Barrett Franks S2  2960Won6-1 3-6 6-3
06 Feb 2009FTournament S2  2755Riki McLachlan S2  2890Lost6-2 7-6(2)
05 Feb 2009SFTournament S2  2740Adam Lee S3  2635Won6-3 7-5
03 Feb 200916Tournament S2  2720Marco Comuzzo S2  2775Won6-4 7-5
21 Dec 2008QTournament S2  2730Barrett Franks S2  2975Lost3-6;6-3;6-4
20 Dec 200816Tournament S2  2715Adam Lee S3  2535Won6-3;7-5
19 Dec 200832Tournament S2  2710Kenta Naka S5  1945Won6-1;6-0
16 Dec 200832Tournament S2  2710Mark Nielsen S1  3590Lost6-3;7-6(3)
15 Dec 200864Tournament S3  2690Darnell Sgubin S3  2615Won6-0;3-6;6-3
15 Dec 2008128Tournament S3  2685James Corfield S5  2070Won6-0;6-1
24 Nov 20081Interclub S2  2705Riki McLachlan S2  2790Lost7-6 6-4
30 Nov 20083Team Event S3  2700Andrew Cowie S8  1055Won6-0 6-0
29 Nov 20081Team Event S3  2695Kurt Hodson S5  1865Won6-1 6-1
29 Nov 20082Team Event S3  2690Conrad Wong S4  2185Won6-0 6-0
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