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Lucy Bird
Association :Waikato
Club :Kainui
Player Code :WKKNLAB
Before Date :
Singles : S4  1800
Doubles : D5  1500
Effective from 20 March 2020 Tennis New Zealand and its affiliated Regional bodies have agreed to CANCEL all organised competition until at least 2 May 2020.
Tennis New Zealand and its Regions recommend all Tennis Associations, Affiliates and Clubs adopt this position and CANCEL all organised tennis competitions under their mandate until 2 May 2020. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S4 2400
30 Jun 2016Adjustment S4 2400Reason: Inactivity
31 Jan 201510Interclub S4  2500Helen Litt S3  2925Won**2-6 7-5 6-7 (6)
22 Nov 20147Interclub S4  2500Ashleigh Harvey S3  2945Lost4-6 1-6
08 Nov 20146Interclub S4  2400Pang Suwanaposee S3  2700Won**7/6 6/4
18 Oct 20144Interclub S4  2400Luci Barlow S2  3140Lost6-2 6-4
04 Oct 20143Interclub S4  2400Soline Bernelin S3  2700Lost6-0 6-1
20 Sep 20142Interclub S4  2400Cassandra Kidd S4  2660Lost*4-6 1-6
28 Jun 2009CQTournament S4  2350Christine Foote S3  2690Lost7-6 6-2
27 Mar 20098Interclub S4  2350Ioana Teu S2  2765Lost6-1 6-4
20 Mar 20097Interclub S4  2360Sarah Henderson S3  2570Lost6-3 6-3
18 Feb 20091Tournament S4  2380Heidi Stewart S3  2455Lost6-0 6-0
13 Mar 20096Interclub S4  2390Christine Foote S3  2650Lost6-2 7-5
05 Mar 2009CFTournament S4  2400Christine Foote S3  2655Lost6-4;6-3
04 Mar 2009CSTournament Tiffany Wheelock WonDefault
04 Mar 20092Tournament S4  2390Carli Davis S4  2185Won6-1;6-0
03 Mar 200916Tournament S4  2400Christine Foote S3  2630Lost7-5;6-1
03 Mar 200932Tournament S4  2360Mikaela Davies S3  2580Won6-1;6-4
20 Feb 20094Interclub S4  2330Libby Batley S3  2430Won6-1 6-1
29 Jan 2009CSTournament S4  2300Heidi Stewart S3  2485Won6-1 6-1
25 Jan 2009CFTournament S4  2300Ioana Teu S2  2710Lost6-3;7-5
24 Jan 2009CQTournament S4  2280Nicola Blake S4  2285Won6-4;6-3
24 Jan 20092Tournament Alexia Barritt WonDefault
23 Jan 200932Tournament S4  2300Sarah Adams S4  2375Lost3-6;6-3;7-5
23 Jan 200964Tournament S4  2280Jolene Feneon S4  2250Won6-2;6-3
20 Jan 2009QTournament S4  2280Brittany Teei S2  2845Lost6-1;7-5
20 Jan 2009STournament S4  2280Brittany Teei S2  2840Lost6-1;6-0
19 Jan 2009CSTournament S4  2275Hannah Mooney S8  1000Won6-0;6-0
19 Jan 200916Tournament S4  2270Rebecca Boon S7  1230Won6-0;6-0
09 Jan 200916Tournament S4  2290Tiffany Wheelock S4  2375Lost6-3;6-3
21 Dec 2008QQTournament S4  2290Dana Gray S3  2655Lost6-1;6-3
20 Dec 20082Tournament S4  2280Kirby Wotherspoon S5  2055Won1-6;6-2;6-1
20 Dec 200816Tournament S4  2300Jenny Blackburne S4  2270Lost7-5;6-3
17 Dec 20083Tournament S4  2330Danielle Feneridis S4  2200Lost6-1;6-1
16 Dec 20082Tournament S4  2300Heidi Stewart S3  2470Won7-6;6-3
15 Dec 20081Tournament S4  2290Summer Huxtable S5  2045Won6-0;6-1
15 Dec 200864Tournament S4  2290Ioana Teu S3  2630Lost6-4;6-1
13 Dec 2008QQTournament S4  2290Brittany Teei S2  2705Lost6-4;6-2
13 Dec 20082Tournament S4  2280Summer Huxtable S5  2055Won6-1;6-1
12 Dec 200832Tournament S4  2300Leora Hemmerich S4  2285Lost6-1;6-4
04 Dec 2008QQTournament S4  2295Caitlin Molloy S5  1815Won6-2;6-0
04 Dec 20082Tournament S4  2275Renata Hryckiewicz S4  2260Won6-2;6-2
03 Dec 200864Tournament S4  2315Zhanna Gonzur S5  2055Lost7-5;4-6;6-4
29 Nov 2008CQTournament S4  2315Imogen Golder S2  2905Lost6-1;6-2
29 Nov 2008QQTournament S4  2295Rosie Bird S4  2355Won7-6(3);6-2
28 Nov 200832Tournament S4  2315Iva Parapunova S4  2305Lost6-4;6-3
14 Nov 20087Interclub S4  2315Pavlina Nola S1  3480Lost6-1 6-0
07 Nov 20086Interclub S4  2315Varoma Vano S2  2925Lost6-2 6-3
17 Oct 20084Interclub S4  2295Tiffany Baxter-Smith S4  2245Won6-2, 7-5
31 Oct 20085Interclub S4  2315Iva Parapunova S4  2275Lost7-5 6-4
19 Oct 20081Team Event S4  2310Alexandra Phillips S8  1135Won8-1
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