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Pelvin Raju
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBPR
Before Date :
Singles : S9  0900
Doubles : D9  0900
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S9 900
23 Sep 20172Interclub S9  0900Tony Stanton S8  1200Lost2/6, 3/6
01 Aug 2015Adjustment S9 0900Reason: Inactivity
11 Dec 20107Interclub S8  1025Peter Ducrot S8  1095Lost5-7 6-4 6-0
27 Nov 20106Interclub S8  1045Geeray Leung S8  1020Lost7-5 6-2
16 Oct 20103Interclub S8  1045Lawrence Naidu S6  1580Lost6-0 6-4
25 Sep 20102Interclub S8  1065Lejia Yao S8  1050Lost6-2 6-2
13 Mar 201010Interclub S8  1065Herani Williams S6  1550Lost7-5 7-6
27 Feb 20109Interclub S8  1105Ashwin Lim S9  0890Lost6-4 2-6 6-1
13 Feb 20108Interclub S8  1115Geoff Manks S7  1380Lost5-7,6-4,6-4
23 Mar 200911Interclub S8  1125Joe Collins S7  1370Lost6-2 7-5
08 Mar 20098Interclub S8  1125Stewart Gray S4  2115Lost6-2 6-0
28 Feb 20099Interclub S8  1125Mark Purdie S6  1580Lost6/1,6/2
20 Dec 20087Interclub S8  1140Degan Rivers S7  1330Lost7-5, 6-4
06 Dec 20086Interclub S8  1140Stewart Couling S7  1475Lost6-2,6-3
22 Nov 20085Interclub S8  1150Lars Tolhurst S7  1350Lost6,3 6,1
08 Nov 20084Interclub S8  1150Laurie Pothan S7  1450Lost6-1 6-2
18 Oct 20083Interclub S8  1100Ross Barritt S6  1530Won6-2 4-6 6-4
04 Oct 20082Interclub S8  1130Joel Surges S8  0975Lost6-2 6-4
20 Sep 20081Interclub S8  1140Paul Shearer S7  1360Lost6-2 6-4
16 Feb 20084Interclub S8  1140Peter Elfa S6  1510Lost6-3 6-1
08 Dec 20072Interclub S8  1140Grant Foster S6  1575Lost6-0 6-0
27 Oct 20074Interclub S8  1140Paul Clamor S6  1570Lost6-1,7-6
06 Oct 20073Interclub S8  1140Kieran Clarke S6  1755Lost6-1 6-3
22 Sep 20072Interclub S8  1140Chester Espie S5  1880Lost6-2 6-0
08 Sep 20071Interclub S8  1140Stewart Couling S6  1635Lost6-3, 6-1
10 Mar 2007InterclubS8  1120Luke Reddy S8  0980Won
03 Mar 2007InterclubS8  1125Jansen Wong S7  1375Lost
24 Feb 2007InterclubS8  1130Adrian Fawcus S7  1410Lost
16 Dec 2006InterclubS8  1130Darryl Holt S6  1755Lost
02 Dec 2006InterclubS8  1140Stefan Tudorache S7  1315Lost
04 Nov 2006InterclubS8  1150Clive Ross S7  1300Lost
30 Sep 2006InterclubS8  1170Mike Boon S7  1225Lost
16 Sep 2006InterclubS8  1175Jeff Hawkins S7  1420Lost
25 Sep 20062Tournament Vincent Chan LostDefault
25 Sep 200664Tournament S8  1195Riley Coll S8  1195Lost6/2;7/6(4)
30 Jul 20061Tournament S8  1185Aidan Rogers S8  0940Won9-7
30 Jul 20061Tournament S7  1205Scott Moir S8  1200Lost9-2
11 Jul 2006CSTournament S7  1225Jonathan Merchant S8  1180Lost9-4
11 Jul 2006CQTournament S7  1215Vincent Chan S8  0975Won9-6
11 Jul 20063QTournament S8  1195Malhar Mali S8  1080Won9-3
11 Jul 20062Tournament S8  1165Boris Peshev S8  1165Won
11 Jul 200664Tournament S8  1185James Corfield S8  1195Lost6-2;4-6;6-3
23 Apr 20063QTournament S7  1205JJ Wong S8  1160Lost6-0;6-2
22 Apr 20062Tournament S8  1200Sean Chitty S9  0900Won7-5;6-2
21 Apr 200632Tournament S7  1220Harry Loos S8  1180Lost6-2;6-7(4);6-3
21 Apr 200664Tournament S7  1215Raymond Morar S9  0895Won7-5;6-4
25 Mar 2006InterclubS8  1185Sid Pradhan S8  1125Won
04 Mar 2006InterclubS8  1195Todd Rountree S7  1315Lost
25 Feb 2006InterclubS7  1215Grant Nicholls S8  1160Lost
10 Dec 2005InterclubS8  1195Jason Bryan S8  1050Won
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