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Raphael Cho
Association :North Harbour
Club :Campbells Bay
Player Code :NHCBR3C
Before Date :
Singles : S8  1200
Doubles : D8  1200
Grading conversion completed. Please advise any issues to
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S8 1200
01 Aug 2015Adjustment S8 1200Reason: Inactivity
07 Feb 20129Interclub S7  1495Gilles DeGouy S3  2635Lost6-1 6-0
24 Jan 20128Interclub S6  1510Ryan Everiss S6  1645Lost6-2 6-2
25 Oct 20113Interclub S6  1530Brennan Davidson S7  1450Lost4/6 7/6 ret
04 Oct 20112Interclub S6  1510Justin Phillips S6  1570Won1-6 6-2 6-3
20 Sep 20111Interclub S6  1510Brendon Forbes S4  2325Lost6-1 6-3
31 Mar 20115Team Event S6  1510Jonathan Merchant S5  2065Lost6-0 6-3
30 Mar 20114Team Event S6  1510Josh Walden S5  1995Lost6-2 6-2
29 Mar 20113Team Event S6  1530Fergus Scott S6  1620Lost6-2 6-2
29 Mar 20112Team Event S6  1545Kai Lee S6  1695Lost6-2 6-4
07 Mar 20113Tournament S6  1545Joe Collins S5  1880Lost9-2
07 Mar 20112Tournament Jack Tommy WonDefault
23 Feb 201110Interclub S6  1545David Light S5  2015Lost6-0 6-1
08 Feb 20119Interclub S6  1545Feleti Sofele S3  2420Lost6/2 6/1
30 Nov 20106Interclub S6  1545Andrew North S4  2120Lost6-3 6-3
16 Nov 20105Interclub S6  1530Brent Warren S7  1400Won7-5 7-5
19 Oct 20103Interclub S6  1530Rhiaan Lubbe S5  1845Lost6-2 7-6
05 Oct 20102Interclub S6  1545Jonathon Lynch S6  1650Lost7-6 6-2
28 Sep 20101Interclub S6  1540Mitchell Coombs S8  1020Won6-0 6-1
13 Apr 201013Interclub S6  1550Andrew Blackhurst S5  1840Lost6/2 5/7 6/1
05 Apr 2010SP-FiTournament S6  1535Alan Bucknell Jnr S7  1380Won6-3 6-4
05 Apr 2010SP-SFTournament S6  1520Jamie Keller S7  1410Won6-0 6-1
03 Apr 2010QFTournament S6  1535Rhett Purcell S6  1720Lost6-1 6-2
02 Apr 2010R16Tournament S6  1520Noah Gulick S7  1340Won6-2 6-1
26 Mar 20101Interclub S6  1520Alex Klintcharov S5  1990Lost6-2 6-1
19 Mar 20107Interclub S6  1530Jay Barclay S6  1735Lost6-2;7-5
16 Mar 201011Interclub S6  1530Blair O'Brien S3  2540Lost6-3,6-3
07 Mar 20105Interclub S6  1525Toby Wilkinson S8  1065Won7-5 4-6 2-6
02 Mar 201010Interclub S6  1525Sion Wiggin S5  1995Lost7-5;7-5
28 Feb 20103Interclub William Muller LostDefault
28 Feb 20104Interclub S6  1515Prashant Girdhar S7  1231Won6-4 6-1
21 Feb 2010N-FinTournament Filip Popovich LostDefault
21 Feb 2010N-SFTournament S6  1510Rory Cunliffe S8  1055Won6-0 6-0
21 Feb 20103Interclub S6  1505AJ Valero S8  1035Won6-2;7-5
20 Feb 2010QFTournament S6  1505James Corfield S4  2245Lost6-0 6-0
20 Feb 2010R1Tournament S7  1465David Garcia Hoyos S6  1700Won6-2 6-0
16 Feb 20109Interclub S7  1465Peter Black S4  2200Lost6/1 6/3
14 Feb 20102Interclub S7  1460Joel Laity S8  1010Won5-3
07 Feb 20101Interclub S7  1445Marko Petreski S7  1305Won2-6 7-5 6-0
02 Feb 20108Interclub S7  1445Lance Leclercq S5  1860Lost6-2 7-5
21 Dec 2009C-R64Tournament S7  1495Theo McLennan-Elliott S8  1050Lost7-6 3-6 10-6
20 Dec 2009R64Tournament S6  1545Paul Choi S9  0835Lost7-6(4) 1-6 6-1
15 Dec 20097Interclub S6  1545Craig Cave-Smith S5  1850Lost6-1 6-4
01 Dec 20096Interclub S6  1545Mike Barry S5  2000Lost6/4, 6/3
22 Nov 20095Interclub S6  1540Craig Inger S9  0835Won6-2,6-0
17 Nov 20095Interclub S6  1555Christo Peters S6  1705Lost6-1, 7-6
08 Nov 20093Interclub S6  1550Ben Muller S8  1050Won6-7 6-2 6-4
01 Nov 20092Interclub S6  1545Nicholas Webster S9  0885Won6-1,6-3
07 Oct 2009CQTournament S6  1565Jay Barclay S6  1595Lost6-4 6-1
07 Oct 20093Tournament S6  1545Ben Davies S6  1570Won6-4 6-3
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