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Benjamin Johnston
Association :Canterbury
Club :Edgeware
Player Code :CBEWB2J
Before Date :
Singles : S5  2305
Doubles : D6  2060
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S5 2334
02 Mar 20197Interclub S5  2324Craig Whitehead S6  2050Won9-4
16 Feb 20196Interclub S5  2324Kieran Adair S4  2654Lost9 - 3
09 Feb 20195Interclub S5  2324Jordan Edwards S4  2405Lost3 -9
26 Jan 20193Interclub S5  2319James Penny S7  1685Won9 - 2
15 Dec 20182Interclub S5  2319Sean Howson S4  2400Lost2-9
10 Nov 20185Interclub S5  2319Finn Emslie-Robson S4  2410Lost2 - 9
03 Nov 20184Interclub S5  2369Cameron Mills S5  2150Lost*4-9
14 Oct 20182Interclub S5  2359Michael Hadfield S6  1875Won9-7
06 Oct 20181Interclub S5  2359Jeroen Breunisse S4  2600Lost8-9 (3)
06 May 20183Team Event S5  2359Oscar Symonds S4  2415Lost6-1 6-1
05 May 20182Team Event S5  2359Henry Neas S4  2570Lost6-0 6-0
05 May 20181Team Event S5  2359Nick Schneideman S3  2735Lost6-0 6-3
17 Mar 20185Interclub S5  2309Jack Prouting S5  2265Won*9-7
10 Mar 20184Interclub S5  2359Tommy Paine S5  2320Lost*5-9
03 Mar 20183Interclub S5  2349Mark Morrish S6  2075Won9-7
24 Feb 2018RR2Tournament S5  2399Finn Emslie-Robson S5  2125Lost*1-6 3-6
24 Feb 2018RR1Tournament S5  2349Jonathan Nowley S4  2450Won*3-6 7-6 [8-10]
10 Feb 20181Interclub S5  2349Riley Bruhns S4  2400Lost4-9
10 Dec 20172Interclub S5  2399Matthew Mill S5  2250Lost*4-6 6-3 1-0 (8)
09 Dec 20178Interclub S5  2399Jack Prouting S5  2270Won*9-7
02 Dec 20177Interclub S5  2399Julian Main S5  2100Won9-6
25 Nov 20176Interclub S5  2399Nick van de Wiel S6  1890Won9-8
04 Nov 20174Interclub S5  2375Riley Bruhns S4  2410Won*9-2
28 Oct 20173Interclub S5  2350Tommy Paine S5  2245Won9-7
14 Oct 20172Interclub S5  2345Michael Hadfield S7  1665Won9-1
25 Mar 20173Interclub S5  2335Mark Morrish S6  2035Won1-9
18 Mar 20172Interclub S5  2325Geoff Boorer S6  1820Won9-3
26 Feb 2017RR3Tournament S5  2325Rhys Cromie S4  2565Lost6-3 1-6 [5-10]
25 Feb 2017RR1Tournament S5  2275Tommy Paine S5  2240Won*6-4 6-3
25 Feb 2017RR2Tournament S5  2225Jonathan Nowley S4  2470Won*7-5 6-2
21 Jan 20171Interclub S5  2220Craig Roberts S9  0900Won9-0
04 Dec 20166Interclub S5  2220Matthew Goddard S5  2285Lost6-4 6-2
26 Nov 20161Interclub S5  2270Sean Howson S5  2399Lost*5-9
19 Nov 20165Interclub S5  2260Geoff Boorer S6  1915Won9-2
08 Oct 20161Interclub S5  2235Brent Winks S5  2100Won9-3
12 Mar 201615Interclub S5  2225Geoff Boorer S6  1890Won9-2
05 Mar 201614Interclub S5  2220Nathan Harper S8  1200Won9-0
28 Feb 201614Interclub S5  2210Jesse Wilson S6  1975Won6-7 4-6
20 Feb 201612Interclub S5  2160Harrison Ward S5  2100Won*9-3
14 Feb 201612Interclub S5  2150Ryan Forbes S6  1860Won6-2 6-0
13 Feb 201611Interclub S5  2145Chris Woodman S8  1350Won9-4
31 Jan 201611Interclub S5  2140Rob Manson S7  1565Won6-4 2-6 12-10
30 Jan 201610Interclub S5  2135Wayne Stryder S8  1250Won9-4
12 Dec 20159Interclub S5  2115Angus McGregor S6  1805Won9-4
05 Dec 20158Interclub S5  2125Hamish Lavender S6  1960Won9-3
21 Nov 20156Interclub S5  2110Michael Hadfield S7  1535Won9-1
07 Nov 20155Interclub S5  2100Hamish Lavender S6  1905Won9-2
31 Oct 20152Interclub S5  2105Wayne Stryder S9  0950Lost*9-6
03 Oct 20151Interclub S5  2100Chris Woodman S8  1300Won9-3
01 Aug 2015Adjustment S5 2100Reason: Inactivity
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