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Alex Low
Association :Auckland
Club :Next Generation
Player Code :AKNXA3L
Before Date :
Singles : S3  2850
Doubles : D4  2520
Grading conversion completed. Please advise any issues to
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S3 2850
27 Apr 2019FinalTournament S3  2800Hamish Low S3  2710Won*7-5 3-6 7-6
27 Apr 2019SFTournament S3  2790Alex Brogan S4  2520Won6-1 6-2
05 Apr 2019QFTournament S3  2840Tony Triquenot S4  2490Lost*6-2 6-2
30 Mar 2019R16Tournament S3  2835Brent Gilpin S7  1500Won6-1 6-0
16 Mar 2019QFTournament S3  2885Hamish Low S4  2410Lost*7-6 7-5
09 Mar 2019R16Tournament S3  2885Rob Reynolds S2  3424Lost6-2 6-1
02 Mar 201911Interclub S3  2880Adrian Rosioru S5  2224Won6-1/6-0
16 Feb 201910Interclub S3  2875Tim Shepherd S5  2155Won6-2; 6-3
02 Feb 20199Interclub S3  2865Daniel Lem S4  2555Won6-3 6-3
17 Nov 20187Interclub S3  2915Joel Cattell S5  2250Lost*6-4/6-4
13 Oct 20184Interclub S3  2905Michael Cosier S4  2699Won7-6 6-2
29 Sep 20183Interclub S3  2900Tom Downs S5  2299Won6-3/7-5
15 Sep 20182Interclub S3  2900Adrian Lagman S2  3020Lost6-2/6-3
30 Jun 2018Adjustment S3 2900Reason: Downgrade
24 May 2018FinalTournament S2  3040Daniel Brown S2  3414Lost*6-3 6-2
14 Apr 2018SFTournament S2  3030Luc Anderson S3  2710Won6-4 6-1
31 Mar 2018QFTournament S2  3025Andrew Powell S7  1720Won6-0 6-2
24 Mar 2018R16Tournament S2  3020Kirk Hannaford S7  1500Won6-2 6-0
07 Apr 201813Interclub S2  3010Jack Hopkins S3  2820Won2-6,6-1,4-6
24 Mar 201812Interclub S2  3005Michael Cosier S4  2699Won4-6,6-3,4-6
10 Mar 201811Interclub S2  3000Nick Hammond S5  2100Won2-6,0-6
24 Feb 201810Interclub S2  3000Adrian Lagman S3  2999Lost*7-5 6-1
09 Dec 20178Interclub S2  3025Charlie Tomlinson S2  3025Lost*4-6,4-6
11 Nov 20176Interclub S2  3015Jeff Sowter S3  2835Won6-2,6-2
14 Oct 20174Interclub S2  3010Hugo Tomlinson S5  2349Won7-6 6-3
07 Oct 20173Interclub S2  3005Leo Cho S4  2649Won2-6,5-7
09 Sep 20171Interclub S2  3000Warren Lovegrove S4  2500Won6-4,6-1
27 Aug 2017QFTournament S2  3020Matthew Shearer S3  2715Lost*1-6 6-3 11-9
26 Aug 2017R16Tournament S2  3015Daniel Hammond S5  2399Won6-1 6-0
26 Aug 2017R32Tournament S2  3010Jack Loutit S5  2135Won6-2 6-0
08 Apr 20171Interclub S2  3005Todd Belsham S4  2405Won6-1 6-1
18 Mar 201710Interclub S2  3000Nicholas Johanson S4  2420Won6-3 4-6 6-2
12 Mar 2017FinalTournament S2  3025Matthew Mulyadi S3  2755Lost*3-6 6-2 6-2
12 Mar 2017SFTournament S2  3020Antonio Spika S4  2535Won6-3 6-4
05 Mar 2017QFTournament S2  3015Anthony Wu S5  2120Won6-0 6-2
26 Feb 2017R16Tournament S2  3010Kareem Ismail S9  1050Won6-0 6-0
18 Feb 20178Interclub S2  3000Andy Doole S3  2820Won6/2 Ret
12 Dec 2016R1Tournament S2  3005Ryan Eggers S3  2790Lost*6-1 6-3
10 Dec 20167Interclub S2  3000Aaron Hansen S5  2320Won6/3 6/2
27 Nov 2016R32Tournament S2  3000Liam Stoica S2  3055Lost*6-2 3-0 Ret.
26 Nov 2016R64Tournament S3  2999Sam Shearer S3  2840Won*6-4 6-4
26 Nov 2016R128Tournament S3  2994Semisi Fanguna S3  2800Won*6-3 1-6 7-6(6)
26 Nov 20166Interclub S3  2989Nino Sloser S6  1850Won6/4 6/4
12 Nov 20165Interclub S3  2984Simon Muirhead S5  2265Won6/1 6/0
05 Nov 20165Interclub S3  2979Jean-Philippe Janin S6  1980Won6-3, 6-0
29 Oct 20164Interclub S3  2974Nick Pool S5  2120Won6/1 6/1
15 Oct 20164Interclub S3  2969Paea Noa S7  1625Won6/2 6/3
01 Oct 20163Interclub S3  2964Rod Attwood S5  2130Won6-4,6-3
10 Sep 20161Interclub S3  2954Jacque Anderson S4  2410Won6/3 6/4
21 Nov 20157Interclub S3  2949Shiva Raju S6  1800Won6/1 6/2
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