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Justin O'Malley
Association :Canterbury
Club :Burnside Park
Player Code :CBBSJO
Before Date :
Singles : S4  2570
Doubles : D5  2235
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S4 2570
15 Mar 20196Interclub S4  2570Sven Van Touw S3  2855Lost6/0 6/0
01 Mar 20194Interclub S4  2570Nicholas Wiles S3  2885Lost6-2,6-1
15 Feb 20192Interclub S4  2570Matthew Shearer S2  3015Lost6-3 6-1
08 Feb 20191Interclub S4  2570James Corfield S3  2999Lost6-36-3
16 Oct 20183Interclub S4  2570Sion Wiggin S2  3085Lost6-0, 6-1
23 Mar 20187Interclub S4  2570Nick Beamish S2  3235Lost6-0,6-1
16 Mar 20186Interclub S4  2570Chris Zhang S2  3450Lost6-1 6-1
09 Mar 20185Interclub S4  2570Rudi Statkus S2  3150Lost6/0 6/3
02 Mar 20184Interclub S4  2520Andrew Craven S4  2550Won*3-6 6-4 6-1
23 Feb 20183Interclub S4  2520Dean Moore S2  3075Lost6-4,6-4
16 Feb 20182Interclub S4  2520James Corfield S3  2755Lost6-3 6-1
12 Dec 20177Interclub S4  2520Akshay Ashok S2  3020Lost6-0 6-2
17 Oct 20173Interclub S4  2520Sion Wiggin S2  3025Lost6-1, 6-1
03 Oct 20172Interclub S4  2520Dean Moore S2  3000Lost6-1 6-0
29 Apr 2017QFTournament S4  2520Johnny McHarg S3  2835Lost6-1 6-1
27 Apr 2017RR2Tournament S4  2520Rodney Cook S2  3130Lost6-1 6-0
24 Mar 20177Interclub S4  2495David Geange S4  2400Won6-1 6-3
10 Mar 20175Interclub S4  2495Alex Hamilton S3  2910Lost6-2 6-3
28 Feb 20179Interclub S4  2495Gilles DeGouy S2  3200Lost6/1 6/2
10 Feb 20171Interclub S4  2495Rudi Statkus S3  2999Lost6-2,6-3
15 Nov 20165Interclub S4  2495Ben Holmes S3  2710Lost6-3 6-2
29 Nov 20166Interclub S4  2485Chris SchumacherS5  2100Won6-4 , 6-3
01 Nov 20164Interclub S4  2475Robert Grundy S5  2300Won6-2 6-1
04 Oct 20162Interclub S4  2465Todd Belsham S5  2340Won6-0 , 6-0
08 Mar 201611Interclub S4  2460Liam Suttie S6  1865Won6-3 6-2
23 Feb 201610Interclub S4  2450Karl Bennetts S5  2160Won5-7 6-3 6-4
09 Feb 20169Interclub S4  2450Gilles DeGouy S2  3085Lost6/2 6/3
01 Dec 20156Interclub S4  2400Sergey Belov S4  2585Won*6-1 6-1
17 Nov 20155Interclub S5  2300Antony Old S4  2400Won*3-6 6-4 6-2
03 Nov 20154Interclub S5  2250Julian Main S5  2185Won*6-0 6-0
10 Mar 201511Interclub S5  2250Ben Holmes S3  2700Lost6-2 7-5
10 Feb 20159Interclub S5  2150Luke Bodle S4  2450Won**6-2 5-7 6-2
27 Jan 20158Interclub S5  2150Sergey Belov S4  2495Lost7-5, 7-5
18 Nov 20145Interclub S5  2150Matthew Alexander S2  3030Lost6-3;6-3
21 Oct 20143Interclub S5  2150Niko Scown-Vazquez S4  2400Lost6-2 6-1
07 Oct 20142Interclub S5  2150Gilles DeGouy S2  3145Lost6/3 6/0
23 Sep 20141Interclub S5  2100Josh Muir S5  2200Won*6-4 6-0
06 Nov 20118Interclub S5  1860Benjamin Johnston S4  2165Lost
30 Oct 20114Interclub S5  1840Brandon Ng S6  1800Won
01 Aug 2011Adjustment -100Reason: Inactivity
14 Feb 200912Interclub S5  1960Julian Main S5  1945Lost
11 Oct 20083Interclub S5  2010Simon Lean-Massey S6  1665Lost
27 Sep 20081Interclub S5  2030Eli Doornenbel S5  2050Lost
02 Feb 200811Interclub S5  2045Patrick Nolan S4  2190Lost
03 Mar 200716Interclub S5  2025George Gwaze S5  1885Won
03 Mar 200715Interclub S5  1955Christian O'Fagan S4  2195Won
24 Feb 200714Interclub S5  1925Simon Goss S5  1895Won
17 Feb 200713Interclub S5  1925Matt Meredith S2  2755Lost
15 Dec 20069Interclub S5  1930Vaughan Kingi S4  2200Lost
08 Dec 20068Interclub S5  1935Tim McHarg S4  2190Lost
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