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Juan Fernandez
Association :Auckland
Club :Parnell
Player Code :AKPLJPF
Before Date :
Singles : S4  2655
Doubles : D4  2695
Grading conversion completed. Please advise any issues to
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
29 Sep 20183Interclub S4  2605Troy Tipene S3  2720Won*6-3,7-5
17 Feb 20188Interclub S4  2655Nic Varley S6  1955Lost*1/6 Def
09 Sep 20171Interclub S4  2605Lance Pope S4  2699Won*6-7 2-6
26 Apr 20173/4Tournament S4  2605Adam Thompson S2  3054Lost4-6 6-4 [10-6]
24 Apr 2017SFTournament S4  2605Gareth Robb S2  3080Lost6-1 6-0
23 Apr 2017RR1Tournament S4  2595Shannon Paki S5  2225Won7-5 7-6(6)
22 Apr 2017RR2Tournament S4  2595Victor Romero S2  3459Lost6-1 6-0
08 Apr 201713Interclub S4  2595Sean Chitty S3  2760Lost6 4, 6 4
11 Mar 201711Interclub S4  2595Tim Heslin S3  2995Lost7-6(4) ret.
04 Mar 20179Interclub S4  2595Andy Doole S3  2820Lost6/2 6/2
25 Feb 201710Interclub S4  2570Ryan Daniels S4  2400Won6-4 6-4
18 Feb 20178Interclub S4  2620Aaron Hansen S5  2320Lost*3-1 ret
11 Feb 20172Interclub S4  2570Jack Howe S3  2710Won*7-5, 6-3
26 Nov 20166Interclub S4  2560Julian Conder S5  2110Won6-1, 6-1
05 Nov 20165Interclub S4  2550Max Allais S5  2105Won6-1 6-2
10 Sep 20161Interclub S4  2550Jack Howe S3  2700Lost2/6 3/1
30 Jun 2016Adjustment S4 2550Reason: Regrade
09 Apr 201611Interclub S3  2700Dave Shapcott S5  2345Won6-4,6-2
19 Sep 20152Interclub S3  2700Nicholas Wiles S3  2830Lost*6/2 6/2
12 Sep 20151Interclub S3  2700John Lawrence S3  2730Lost*6 1, 6 0
14 Mar 201511Interclub S3  2700Sion Wiggin S2  3020Lost6-4 6-1
15 Nov 20145Interclub Michael Cosier WonDefault
31 Jan 20158Interclub S4  2625Blair O'Brien S3  2700Won**6-4 7-5
29 Nov 20146Interclub Serban Tudorache LostDefault
01 Nov 20144Interclub S4  2675Jake Ellis S7  1725Lost*6-1 ret
31 Oct 20144Interclub S4  2675Mark Nielsen S2  3350Lost6-1 6-0
11 Oct 20143Interclub S4  2670Lucas Klobukowski S6  2070Won6-2 6-1
03 Oct 20142Interclub S4  2670Rudi Statkus S3  2920Lost2-6 3-6
15 Mar 201410Interclub S4  2365Todd Belsham S5  1915Won6/2,6/1
14 Dec 20131Interclub S4  2360Jordan Katipa S6  1725Won6-4, 6-1
23 Nov 20135Interclub S4  2355John Gayfer S6  1795Won4-6/6-3/6-3
28 Sep 20132Interclub S4  2350Sharn Danford S7  1340Won3-6, 1-6
21 Sep 20131Interclub S7  1440Ollie Bartosh S5  1870Won6-2 6-4
14 Sep 20131Interclub S4  2345Neil Gatland S6  1545Won6-0, 6-4
02 Mar 201311Interclub S4  2340Howard Ho S5  1985Won6-4 6-4
16 Feb 201310Interclub S4  2360Michael Bartlett S4  2285Lost6-4 7-6
02 Feb 20139Interclub S4  2340Andrew Ramsay S4  2325Won7-6 7-5
24 Nov 20126Interclub S4  2340Gilles DeGouy S2  2775Lost6-3;6-2
10 Nov 20125Interclub S4  2360David Jiang S3  2420Lost6-2 7-5
27 Oct 20124Interclub S4  2390Jack Hopkins S4  2285Lost7-5 7-6
31 Mar 201213Interclub S4  2350Bryce Hayr S3  2565Won6-4 7-5
17 Mar 201212Interclub S4  2330Travis Scott S4  2300Won3/6 6/4 6/4
03 Mar 201211Interclub S4  2315Jack Hopkins S4  2170Won7-6 5-7 6-3
17 Dec 20118Interclub S4  2295Michael Bartlett S4  2305Won7-6 6-3
10 Dec 20117Interclub S4  2275Alex Klintcharov S4  2295Won6-2 6-0
26 Nov 20116Interclub S4  2275Jan Valenta S2  2915Lost6-1 6-3
08 Oct 20113Interclub S4  2295William Matheson S4  2270Lost6-2 6-3
24 Sep 20112Interclub S4  2275Jack Heslin S4  2195Won6-2 6-1
10 Sep 20111Interclub S4  2225Jeff Sowter S3  2570Won2-6 6-3 7-5
26 Mar 201113Interclub S4  2220Lochlan Kitchen S5  1860Won7-5 6-1
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