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Steve Brockbank
Association :Auckland
Club :Campbell Park
Player Code :AKCPSMB
Before Date :
Singles : S7  1660
Doubles : D6  2000
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S7 1660
10 Dec 201810Interclub S7  1655Chris Miller S10 0665Won9-1
03 Dec 20189Interclub S7  1705Phil Molloy S7  1525Lost*9-5
19 Nov 20187Interclub S7  1755Rob Dill-Russell S7  1600Lost*9-5
12 Nov 20186Interclub S7  1755Peri Woods S6  1820Lost9-7
05 Nov 20185Interclub S7  1750Damian Wojcik S9  1050Won9-1
22 Oct 20183Interclub S7  1745Richard Beaton S9  1030Won9-4
27 Mar 201811Interclub S7  1735Jesse Buskin S8  1305Won6-2, 6-3
13 Mar 201810Interclub S7  1735Kolya Surakul S6  1935Lost6:1 6:3
27 Feb 20189Interclub S7  1735Daniel Hempstead S6  2085Lost6-2 6-0
13 Feb 20188Interclub S7  1735Chris Raynes S6  2005Lost3-6, 6-1, 6-0
12 Dec 20177Interclub S7  1785Josh Howling S7  1760Lost*6/2 3/6 1/0
05 Dec 20176Interclub S7  1760Silviu Enache S7  1520Won6-4 6-4
28 Nov 20176Interclub Ben Taylor-Grout LostDefault
21 Nov 20175Interclub S7  1750Dave Sipa S8  1200Won2-6 1-6
31 Oct 20174Interclub S7  1750Tim Sheldon S6  1850Lost6-2 6-3
17 Oct 20173Interclub S7  1750Eamon Hoolihan S5  2150Lost6-4 6-2
03 Oct 20172Interclub S7  1700Bezan Mevawala S6  1800Won*6-4,6-4
19 Sep 20171Interclub S7  1650John Sheehan S6  1855Won*2/6 6/7
16 Jul 2017Adjustment S7 1650Reason: Regrade
21 Mar 201710Interclub S6  1815Leo Ingleson S5  2235Lost2-6,2-6
04 Apr 201711Interclub S6  1815Marko Petreski S6  2060Lost6-7 6-4 6-1
07 Mar 20179Interclub S6  1810Rod Smith S8  1499Won2-6 2-6
21 Feb 20178Interclub S6  1810Andrew Craven S5  2320Lost6-2 6-4
07 Feb 20177Interclub S6  1810Campbell Burrows S6  2070Lost5-7 6-2 6-1
10 Dec 20167Interclub S6  1810John Tetteroo S5  2399Lost6-0, 6-2
06 Dec 20166Interclub S6  1810Alastair Marsden S5  2175Lost0-6 1-6
22 Nov 20165Interclub S6  1860Todd McKenlay S6  1800Lost*6-3, 6-2
25 Oct 20163Interclub S6  1860Hayden Roberts S5  2225Lost6-2 6-0
11 Oct 20162Interclub S6  1850Jade Vaotogo S7  1560Won6-4 6-4
27 Sep 20161Interclub S6  1900Joe Lertanuntrakul S6  1850Lost*6-3, 6-4
17 Apr 2016R16Tournament S6  1900Harrison Young S5  2215Lost6-2 6-2
09 Apr 201611Interclub S6  1950Brad Hicks S9  0900Lost*6-4, 6-4
05 Apr 201613Interclub S6  1950Elliot Lepetit S3  2700Lost62 62
22 Mar 201612Interclub S6  1950Alvaro Fuente S4  2525Lost6-0,6-0
26 Jan 20168Interclub S6  1950Matt Edginton S4  2400Lost6-1 6-1
23 Feb 201610Interclub S6  1950David Frank S5  2100Lost6/3 6/0
15 Dec 20157Interclub S6  1950Brandon Cullen S5  2100Lost6-3 5-7 6-4
12 Dec 20157Interclub S6  1900Craig Stotter S6  1800Won*6-3, 6-3
01 Dec 20156Interclub S6  1850Conor Whyte S4  2410Won*6-3 6-2
28 Nov 20156Interclub S6  1900Leo van Delden S6  1870Lost*2-6 6-2 6-3
17 Nov 20155Interclub S6  1850Michael Bates S6  2099Won*6-3 7-5
14 Nov 20155Interclub S6  1800Ryan Everiss S5  2100Won*3-6, 6-2, 6-3
03 Nov 20154Interclub S6  1800Gilles DeGouy S2  3095Lost6/0 6/0
31 Oct 20154Interclub S6  1800Jake Ellis S6  1955Lost*6/0, 2/6, 6/1
20 Oct 20153Interclub S6  1800Patrick Yarker S5  2130Lost6-3 6-4
10 Oct 20153Interclub S6  1850Steve Sanderson S6  1850Lost*6/1 6/2
06 Oct 20152Interclub S6  1850Marc Bernicoff S5  2115Lost6-4 6-4
03 Oct 20153Interclub S6  1800Allan Knight S6  1850Won*7-6 6-1
22 Sep 20151Interclub S6  1805Luka Cirilovic S6  1910Lost*6-2 7-5
18 Apr 2015R16Tournament S6  1805Mattias Wieland S5  2390Lost4-6 6-4 7-6
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