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John Cook
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBJC
Before Date :
Singles : S6  1980
Doubles : D6  2090
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S6 1980
08 Dec 20187Interclub Oli Cranshaw WonDefault
24 Mar 20185Interclub S6  1980Nelson Cuellar S5  2399Lost6-3 6-1
10 Mar 20184Interclub S6  1980Ruben Emmerson-Hiini S5  2125Lost6/2 6/4
24 Feb 201810Interclub S6  1980Nicholas Johanson S4  2450Lost6/1 6/2
23 Jan 20183/4Tournament Graeme Thompson WonDefault
21 Jan 2018QFTournament S6  1970Leigh Cadman S7  1749Won6-4 7-5
20 Jan 2018R16Tournament S6  1965Bruce Kitchingman S9  1100Won6-4 7-5
16 Dec 2017Adjustment S6 1965Reason: Correction
09 Dec 20171Interclub S6  1925Yu Dian Dong S5  2105Lost3-6, 6-4, 5-7
07 Oct 20173Interclub S6  1875Eddie Keene S6  1895Won*4-6 1-0 ret
25 Apr 2017SFTournament S6  1865Graeme Thompson S7  1605Won6-1 6-4
24 Apr 2017QFTournament S6  1860Richard Poole S8  1200Won7-6(3) 1-6 [11-9]
25 Mar 20175Interclub S6  1860Jarrod Richards S5  2325Lost6-2 6-1
11 Feb 20172Interclub S6  1910Scott Coldham S7  1500Lost*6-6 ret.
25 Jan 2017R1Tournament S6  1910Steve Molnar S5  2125Lost6-4 6-0
24 Jan 2017RR1Tournament S6  1900Colin Hunt S7  1505Won6-2 6-2
22 Jan 2017RR2Tournament S6  1895Cecil O'Neale S9  0900Won6-0 6-0
18 Dec 20167Team Event S6  1885Don Turner S7  1650Won4-6,6-3,10-3
04 Dec 20166Team Event S6  1875John Chetwynd S7  1675Won6-1,6-1
03 Dec 20161Interclub S6  1825Callum Pascoe S6  1800Won*6-1 1-6 6-2
19 Nov 20162Interclub S6  1825Dave Shapcott S5  2255Lost7-5, 6-3
06 Nov 20164Team Event S6  1825Sandy Au Yeung S6  1960Lost6-4,3-6,1-0
05 Nov 20165Interclub S6  1875Jorden Le Long S6  1800Lost*3-6 7-6 6-2
30 Oct 20161Team Event S6  1875Anthony Wu S5  2170Lost6-3,6-4
09 Oct 20162Team Event S6  1875Phillip Wright S5  2175Lost6-4,7-5
02 Apr 20165Interclub S6  1875Martin Grieco S5  2105Lost6-1,6-1
12 Mar 20164Interclub S6  1875Jonathan Fall S5  2105LostDefault
27 Feb 20163Interclub S6  1875Brad Litt S4  2410Lost6-1, 6-2
25 Jan 20163/4Tournament S6  1870Allan Dickey S9  0950Won6-3 6-2
24 Jan 2016SFTournament S6  1920Steve Molnar S6  2035Lost*6-3 6-2
23 Jan 2016QFTournament S6  1870Lyndsay Cutler S6  1820Won*6-2 6-3
11 Oct 20152Team Event Deece Guisinger LostDefault
03 Oct 20153Interclub S6  1820Avinaash Goordheen S6  1810Won*5-7 6-3 7-6
27 Sep 20151Team Event S6  1810Stephen Choy S7  1500Won6-4,2-6,6-1
21 Mar 201511Interclub S6  1800Chris Sanson S7  1575Won6-4 6-4
08 Mar 20158Team Event S6  1800Christo Peters S5  2100Lost6-4,1-6, 10-8
04 Mar 20152Team Event Keith Miller LostDefault
22 Feb 20155Team Event S6  1800Arnaud Calonne S5  2125Lost6-4,6-2
15 Feb 20156Team Event S6  1850Greg Wright S6  1840Lost*6-1,7-5
31 Jan 20152Interclub S6  1800Brett Codlin S6  1845Won*6-3 7-6
13 Dec 20141Interclub S6  1815Stefan Lettner S6  1970Lost*6-2 6-4
02 Nov 20143Team Event Alan Revie LostDefault
01 Nov 20144Interclub S6  1810Ross Reddy S8  1200Won7-5 6-2
11 Oct 20143Interclub S6  1860Nickolas Zega S6  1845Lost*6/2-6/3
29 Mar 201411Interclub S6  1580Christopher Green S6  1520Lost6/0 6/3
01 Mar 20149Interclub S6  1610Nickolas Zega S6  1505Lost6-2 7-5
22 Feb 20143Interclub S6  1605Tate Fullerton S8  1200Won6-2 3-6 6-4
15 Feb 20148Interclub S6  1625Luis Buenbrazo S6  1650Lost6/2, 6/1
08 Feb 20142Interclub S6  1620Rico Iguin S7  1215Won6-2 2-6 6-3
25 Jan 2014R1Tournament S6  1600Bruce Cocking S6  1645Won6-1 6-0
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