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Mike Silva
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBM3S
Before Date :
Singles : S7  1510
Doubles : D5  2100
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S7 1510
27 Jan 2019R16Tournament S7  1510Philip Hempstead S4  2565Lost6-0 6-0
26 Jan 2019R32Tournament S7  1500Jeremy Wichman S8  1285Won6-2 6-3
01 Aug 2015Adjustment S7 1500Reason: Inactivity
08 Sep 20121Interclub S6  1695Ian Barry S7  1285Won6/0, 6/1
24 Mar 201211Interclub S6  1710Philip Buys S5  1895Lost6-2,6-1
17 Dec 20117Interclub S6  1690Mark Millar S6  1665Won3-6, 7-6, 6-1
29 Oct 20113Interclub S6  1740Mack Dalton S8  1160Lost6-4, 6-4
17 Sep 20111Interclub S6  1760Chris Hobbs S5  1840Lost6-3 6-0
20 Feb 201010Interclub S6  1780Aaron Hicks S5  1820Lost6-0, 1-0 ret
06 Feb 20109Interclub S6  1800Dextor Loos S5  1815Lost6/3 6/0
10 Nov 20075Interclub S5  1815Andrew Kemp S5  1965Lost6-4;6-3
17 Mar 2007InterclubS5  1815Roderick Hill S4  2340Lost
10 Mar 2007InterclubS5  1835Doug Renall S5  1880Lost
03 Mar 2007InterclubS6  1785Jamie Cormack S5  1910Won
25 Feb 2007InterclubS6  1780James de Lacy S8  1200Won
03 Feb 2007InterclubS6  1790Andrew Kemp S5  1900Lost
09 Dec 2006InterclubS6  1790Ari Davis S4  2190Lost
25 Nov 2006InterclubS6  1795David Garnier S5  2070Lost
11 Nov 2006InterclubS6  1795Peter Stokes S3  2465Lost
06 Oct 2006InterclubS6  1785Ngatama Moerouru S7  1500Won
08 Apr 2006InterclubS6  1755Alan Chester S6  1800Won
01 Apr 2006InterclubS6  1750James de Lacy S8  1065Won
18 Mar 2006InterclubS6  1730John Lai S6  1590Won
04 Mar 2006InterclubS6  1720Mike Wear S7  1495Won
11 Feb 2006InterclubS6  1760Matthew Cutfield S6  1630Lost
19 Nov 2005InterclubS6  1770Nick Burnie S5  1905Lost
04 Nov 2005InterclubS6  1790Shahzad Ejaz S5  1830Lost
15 Oct 2005InterclubS5  1830Kevin Barry S6  1655Lost
17 Sep 2005InterclubS5  1810Thomas Johnson S6  1670Won
26 Feb 2005InterclubS5  1810Craig Malone S7  1450Won
12 Feb 2005InterclubS5  1850Jason Ward S6  1660Lost
22 Jan 2005InterclubS5  1870Dextor Loos S5  1880Lost
11 Dec 2004InterclubS5  1860James Li S6  1700Won
04 Dec 2004InterclubS5  1860John Tetteroo S4  2285Lost
20 Nov 2004InterclubS5  1865Michael Keenan S4  2110Lost
06 Nov 2004InterclubS5  1865Stewart Couling S7  1485Won
16 Oct 2004InterclubS5  1885Kevin Clarke S5  1970Lost
02 Oct 2004InterclubS5  1895Roger Bodle S5  2005Lost
18 Sep 2004InterclubS5  1900Arnon Haver S4  2145Lost
20 Mar 2004InterclubS5  1880Adrian Zapanta S5  1820Won
06 Mar 2004InterclubS5  1880Mark Callander S7  1350Won
07 Feb 2004InterclubAndrew Martin WonDefault
13 Dec 2003InterclubS5  1860Jason Ward S5  1845Won
06 Dec 2003InterclubS5  1860Jason Richardson S4  2260Lost
22 Nov 2003InterclubS5  1880Fernando Lasalvia S5  1955Lost
08 Nov 2003InterclubS5  1885Tony King S4  2180Lost
18 Oct 2003InterclubS5  1905Simon Cleaver S5  1960Lost
04 Oct 2003InterclubS5  1910Michael Bartlett S4  2165Lost
20 Sep 2003InterclubS5  1920Michael Day S4  2115Lost
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