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Sasha Addis
Association :North Harbour
Club :Greenhithe
Player Code :NHGHS2A
Before Date :
Singles : S6-1800-0w
Doubles : D4-2605-3w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

22 Feb 20178Interclub S6-1800-0wLauren Henderson S5-2320-2wLost6-2 6-2
08 Feb 20177Interclub S6-1800-0wKaitlyn Wilkinson S4-2580-3wLost6-0 6-1
16 Nov 20165Interclub Victoria Bester LostDefault
10 Oct 20161Interclub S6-1830-0wTania Young S7-1500-0wLost*6-1 3-6 7-5
05 Oct 20162Interclub S6-1820-0wEleanor Koningham S7-1500-0wWon6-2,6-2
16 Mar 201610Interclub S6-1810-0wGalina Belkina S7-1550-1wWon6-2 6-2
03 Feb 20167Interclub S6-1800-0wPauline Willmott S7-1500-0wWon6-1 6-3
02 Dec 20156Interclub S7-1750-4wMandy Walker S7-1500-0wWon*6-4 6-2
04 Nov 20154Interclub S7-1750-4wJill Stoker S6-2060-3wLost7-5 6-2
21 Oct 20153Interclub S7-1740-4wSophie Harper S8-1320-2wWon6-1 5-7 10-7
07 Oct 20152Interclub S7-1690-3wMagdalena Kostovska S6-1800-0wWon*62 60
23 Sep 20151Interclub S7-1740-4wVictoria Bester S7-1680-3wLost*6-4 3-6 10-7
08 Apr 201513Interclub S7-1640-2wSue Gwyther S5-2265-2wWon**6-4 6-2
25 Mar 201512Interclub S7-1590-1wJulia Mackenzie S7-1500-0wWon*6-4 6-2
11 Mar 201511Interclub S7-1580-1wLisa Nairn S8-1425-3wWon6-3 6-0
25 Feb 201510Interclub S7-1575-1wYasmin Agnew S9-1080-3wWon6-2, 6-1
16 Mar 20146Interclub S7  1305Soo Min Yang S8  1175Lost6-7,6-3,5-7
13 Mar 201410Interclub S7  1285Joan O'Grady S7  1270Won6-2 7-5
10 Mar 2014R32Tournament S7  1295Sarah Reid S7  1500Lost9-4
09 Mar 20145Interclub S7  1310Vika Danilova S7  1485Lost6-1, 6-1
27 Feb 20149Interclub S7  1300Suzanne Regan S8  1065Won6-1 6-2
23 Feb 20143Interclub S7  1340Soo Min Yang S8  1085Lost6-4 6-4
13 Feb 20148Interclub S7  1335Hannah Sillick S9  0895Won6-0 6-1
19 Dec 20137Interclub S7  1315Rosie Bohling S7  1390Won7-56-0
12 Dec 20136Interclub S7  1300Michelle Ward S8  1175Won6-2 6-2
08 Dec 20137Interclub S7  1285Elisha Anderson S8  1135Won6-1 6-4
01 Dec 20136Interclub S7  1285Paige Alter S6  1615Lost6-1 6-0
28 Nov 20135Interclub S7  1335Briana Goodall S9  0880Lost6-3 7-5
03 Nov 20132Interclub S7  1355Arianna Bacic S7  1280Lost6-3 6-3
31 Oct 20133Interclub S7  1350Alice Van Schaik S9  0900Won6-1 6-1
20 Oct 20131Interclub S7  1370Vika Danilova S7  1380Lost6-0 6-2
17 Oct 20132Interclub S7  1320Ineke van der Zwan S6  1665Won6-7 6-0 6-2
03 Oct 20131Interclub S7  1290Gina Wilton S7  1430Won0-6 6-3 6-2
25 Apr 20136Interclub Vika Danilova LostDefault
04 Apr 201312Interclub S7  1270Rebecca Barton S7  1215Won2/6 6/7
24 Mar 20137Interclub S7  1250Mariko Newman S8  1190Won7-6 1-6 5-7
12 Mar 20133Tournament S7  1250Ella Barclay S5  1915Lost6-0, 6-3
11 Mar 20132Tournament S7  1230Bianca Musson S7  1230Won9-8 (7-5)
11 Mar 20131Tournament S7  1225Isabella McKenzie S10 0580Won9-2
10 Mar 20135Interclub S7  1220Charlotte Hotchin S10 0495Won0-6,2-6
07 Mar 201310Interclub S7  1205Carmen Hansen S8  1025Won6-2,6-2
24 Feb 20133Interclub Elisha Anderson LostDefault
17 Feb 20132Interclub S8  1200Rebecca Fitzgerald S9  0740Won6-2, 6-1
10 Feb 20131Interclub S8  1180Shannon Hughes S8  1040Won6-4, 6-0
07 Feb 20138Interclub S8  1120Penny Oram S7  1350Won7-5,5-7,6-3
20 Dec 2012RR5Tournament S8  1120Sarah Knighton S7  1465Lost6-0 6-1
19 Dec 2012RR4Tournament S8  1120Shaylee Syme S6  1745Lost6-0 6-0
19 Dec 2012RR3Tournament S8  1140Camellia Lolohea S8  1125Lost7-6 6-4
18 Dec 2012RR2Tournament S8  1150Olivia Kitson S7  1440Lost6-4 6-3
18 Dec 2012RR1Tournament S8  1165Joyce Barit S7  1310Lost6-3 6-0
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