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Carolina Lewis
Association :Auckland
Club :AK Other
Player Code :AKZZCL
Before Date :
Singles : S4  1800
Doubles : D6  1200
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S4 2400
30 Jun 2016Adjustment S4 2400Reason: Inactivity
15 Sep 2012Adjustment 850Reason: Regrade
27 Mar 201011Interclub S6  1670Alexandra Howell S6  1705Lost6.2,5.7,6.3
13 Mar 201010Interclub S6  1670Maureen Tan S5  1975Lost6-4, 6-3
27 Feb 20109Interclub S6  1630Pauline Southgate S5  1900Won6,1.4,6.6,4
13 Feb 20108Interclub S6  1580Pauline Tuaiti S5  1935Won7.5,3,6,6.1
12 Dec 20097Interclub S6  1560Alicia Molloy S7  1485Won6-0,7-6
28 Nov 20096Interclub S6  1555Sandra Jones S7  1245Won6/0 6/1
14 Nov 20095Interclub S6  1505Kerry Mouton S5  1990Won5-7, ret
10 Oct 20093Interclub S7  1490Nicky Cunningham S7  1365Won6.0 6.2
26 Sep 20092Interclub S7  1460Alice Bohling S6  1580Won6-1 6-1
12 Sep 20091Interclub S7  1460Davina Hosking S5  2045Lost6-3, 6-2
04 Apr 20099Interclub S7  1430Jane Field S6  1600Won6-1,6-1
28 Mar 200911Interclub S7  1415Verina Zhang S7  1250Won6-0,6-1
21 Mar 200911Interclub S7  1415Kathrin Jaki S5  1955Lost6-2 6-0
14 Mar 200910Interclub S7  1410Sharon Orr S8  1020Won6/2,7/6
07 Mar 200910Interclub S7  1410Pauline Tuaiti S5  1880Lost7-5 6-3
23 Feb 200910Interclub Frances Everard WonDefault
16 Feb 20099Interclub S7  1405Nadine Brens S9  0770Won6/0,6/0
09 Feb 20098Interclub Peggy Temu WonDefault
02 Feb 20097Interclub S7  1385Jenni Wickes S7  1445Won6-1,6-3
20 Dec 2008FTournament S7  1385Anna Johnston S5  1935Lost6-3;6-2
20 Dec 20087Interclub S7  1385Candice Smith S6  1690Lost0-6 6-3 6-4
19 Dec 2008STournament S7  1355Alicia Molloy S6  1535Won7-5;6-3
18 Dec 2008QTournament S7  1305Kylee Sinden S6  1700Won6-2;6-1
18 Dec 200816Tournament S7  1300Tirama Crummer S9  0855Won6-0;6-1
13 Dec 20082Tournament S7  1300Olivia Isbey S4  2380Lost6-0;6-0
12 Dec 20081Tournament Holly Aitken WonDefault
12 Dec 200864Tournament S7  1300Alexia Barritt S4  2195Lost6-2;6-2
08 Dec 20086Interclub S7  1280Louise McKee S7  1215Won6/1,6/0
07 Dec 2008QTournament S7  1280Olivia Isbey S4  2390Lost6-0;6-2
07 Dec 200816Tournament S7  1230Caitlin Molloy S5  1815Won6-1;6-2
06 Dec 20086Interclub S7  1210Katherine Howden S7  1285Won6/1,6/1
01 Dec 20085Interclub S7  1205Frances Everard S10 0550Won6/0,6/1
26 Nov 20084Interclub S8  1200Nadine Brens S9  0830Won6/1,6/1
22 Nov 20085Interclub S8  1180Brianna Alford S8  1170Won1-6, 3-6
10 Nov 20082Interclub S8  1130Jenni Wickes S7  1500Won6-3,6-4
08 Nov 20084Interclub S8  1080Vicki Nielson S6  1610Won6-1 6-3
03 Nov 20081Interclub S8  1040Kirsty Walker S7  1250Won6-2,6-2
18 Oct 20083Interclub S8  0990Stephanie Hughes S6  1580Won6-4 6-2
04 Oct 20082Interclub S8  0940Chrisna Vosloo S6  1740Won6-7 6-4 (1-0) retired
20 Sep 20081Interclub S9  0900Katrin Gleichauf S8  1100Won6-3 6-3
02 May 2008CFTournament S9  0870Alexandra Howell S8  1000Won6-4;6-2
30 Apr 2008CQTournament S9  0865Jemma Boyd S10 0525Won9-6
30 Apr 2008QTournament S9  0865Kelly Drew S7  1280Lost6-3;6-0
29 Apr 200816Tournament S9  0825Georgina Hayr S8  1045Won6-3;6-3
25 Apr 20083Tournament S9  0840Hannah Carlsen S8  1005Lost7-6(2);6-4
24 Apr 20083QTournament S9  0810Megan Rogers S8  0980Won6-1;6-3
24 Apr 20082Tournament S9  0780Annabel Ellis S9  0880Won6-3;6-3
23 Apr 200864Tournament S9  0800Ella Hassall S9  0790Lost6-4;6-3
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