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Jade Lewis
Association :Auckland
Club :AK Other
Player Code :AKZZJ2L
Before Date :
Singles : S1-3520-1w
Doubles : D1-3700-0w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

01 Aug 2018Adjustment S1-3520-1wReason: WTA ranking
17 Dec 2016FinalTournament S1-3720-0wPaige Hourigan S1-3595-1wWon*5-7 6-3 6-1
15 Dec 2016QFTournament S1-3710-0wClaudia Williams S2-3499-2wWon6-1 6-2
14 Dec 2016R16Tournament S1-3700-0wElys Saguil-Ventura S2-3050-1wWon6-0 6-2
15 Jun 2016Adjustment S1-3700-0wReason: WTA ranking
15 May 2015Adjustment S2-3499-0wReason: ITF ranking
15 Sep 2012Adjustment 955Reason: Regrade
27 Mar 201011Interclub S7  1425Kylee Sinden S7  1420Won6-3,6-2
27 Feb 20109Interclub S7  1420Diana Deyeva S8  0920Won7/6 6/0
13 Feb 20108Interclub S7  1410Nadine Rennie S7  1210Won6/1 6/1
12 Dec 20097Interclub S7  1400Georgina Hayr S8  1180Won6/2 6/0
28 Nov 20096Interclub S7  1360Daniella Vulinovich S6  1590Won6/0 6/1
14 Nov 20095Interclub S7  1330Megan Rogers S7  1455Won0-6, 1-6
31 Oct 20094Interclub S7  1290Alice Bohling S6  1530Won6-1 7-5
10 Oct 20093Interclub S7  1270Katie Potter S7  1350Won6-3 6-3
26 Sep 20092Interclub S7  1250Taylor Brown S8  1155Won6/0 6/1
12 Sep 20091Interclub S8  1200Harriet Dorrington S5  1945Won7-6 6-4
14 Apr 2009RRTournament Kim Boyd WonDefault
14 Apr 2009RRTournament S8  1200Ally Oliver S6  1685Lost6-1;6-2
14 Apr 2009RRTournament S8  1160Rebecca Wood S7  1365Won6-2;6-2
14 Apr 2009RRTournament S8  1130Melissa Rigby S7  1245Won6-0;6-4
14 Apr 2009RRTournament S8  1115Ana Petreska S8  0985Won6-3;6-4
04 Apr 20099Interclub S8  1065Michele O'Brien S6  1510Won6-0,6-1
28 Mar 200911Interclub S8  1045Sarah Caldwell S8  1030Won6-0,6-0
21 Mar 20098Interclub S8  0995Charlotte Neuerburg S6  1595Won6/0,6/1
07 Mar 200910Interclub S8  0955Veronika Swamy S8  1155Won6-2 6-2
23 Feb 200910Interclub Victoria Pragnell WonDefault
16 Feb 20099Interclub S8  0940Lyn Atkinson S9  0800Won6/0,6/0
09 Feb 20098Interclub Carol Bourne WonDefault
02 Feb 20097Interclub S9  0890Lisa Baptista S7  1365Won6-2,6-0
20 Dec 20087Interclub S9  0840Kate Dillon S6  1535Won6-0 6-3
19 Dec 20083Tournament S9  0840Mia Middleton S7  1420Lost9/8(5)
19 Dec 20082Tournament S9  0820Kate Stevens S9  0895Won9/4
08 Dec 20086Interclub S9  0770Norida Perry S7  1310Won5/7,6/2,10-4
06 Dec 20086Interclub S9  0770Duen Bhumiwat S7  1415Lost6/0,6/2
01 Dec 20085Interclub S9  0760Stephanie Jacobs S10 0500Won6/0,6/0
26 Nov 20084Interclub S9  0710May Crichton S8  1080Won6/0,6/2
22 Nov 20085Interclub S9  0710Rachel Smith S7  1360Lost6-0, 6-3
10 Nov 20082Interclub S9  0660Lisa Baptista S7  1405Won7-6(8/6),6-1
08 Nov 20084Interclub S9  0660Hannah de Beer S6  1505Lost6-0 6-1
03 Nov 20081Interclub S9  0610Louise McKee S7  1300Won6-2,6-2
18 Oct 20083Interclub S9  0610Jill Leoni S6  1510Lost6-2 6-3
20 Sep 20081Interclub S9  0610Alice Black S7  1310Lost6-1 6-1
28 Apr 2008STournament S9  0610Trixie Croad S8  1010Lost4-6;6-2;6-1
28 Apr 2008QTournament S10 0590Katie Antsupova S10 0535Won6-1;6-1
28 Apr 200816Tournament S10 0575Brittany Ransfield S10 0450Won6-0;6-0
26 Apr 2008STournament S10 0585Ella Hassall S9  0800Lost6-2;ret
25 Apr 2008QTournament S10 0580Camellia Lolohea S12 0100Won6-0;6-0
24 Apr 20082Tournament S10 0580Ella Barclay S8  0905Lost6-1;6-2
24 Apr 200816Tournament S10 0565Chantelle Rossouw S10 0420Won6-0;6-1
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