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Alistair Hunt
Association :Canterbury
Club :Elmwood
Player Code :CBEDA3H
Before Date :
Singles : S2-3100-1w
Doubles : D2-3180-2w
From September 16 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
25 Nov 20183Team Event S2-3075-1wRyan Eggers S2-3110-0wWon6-2 6-3
24 Nov 20182Team Event S2-3070-1wTim Willans S5-2250-1wWon6-1 6-3
25 Feb 20183Team Event S2-3020-0wMitchell Sizemore S2-3175-1wWon*6-3 6-1
24 Feb 20182Team Event S2-3015-0wRobin Jamieson S5-2380-4wWon6-2 6-1
17 Nov 20171Interclub S2-3015-0wFinn Reynolds S2-3499-3wLost6-4,7-6
10 Nov 20173Interclub S2-3015-0wMartin Colenbrander S2-3050-1wLost6-3,6-4
03 Nov 20172Interclub S2-3015-0wAlex Klintcharov S2-3499-2wLost4-6 6-3 6-2
27 Oct 20171Interclub S2-3015-0wMatthew Alexander S2-3499-6wLost6-3 6-2
30 Apr 2017FinalTournament S2-3065-0wBrendon Furness S3-2765-1wLost*1-4 Ret.
29 Apr 2017SFTournament S2-3055-0wAndrew Bruce S3-2700-0wWon6-1 6-1
27 Apr 2017RR2Tournament S2-3050-0wGraeme Mitchell S4-2640-2wWon6-1 6-1
26 Apr 2017RR1Tournament S2-3040-0wTroy Tipene S3-2795-1wWon6-1 6-3
18 Mar 201714Interclub S2-3030-0wJamie Poole S3-2895-2wWon6-1 6-3
25 Feb 201711Interclub S2-3025-0wMatthew Grant S4-2455-1wWon6-1 6-2
25 Jan 2017RR5Tournament S2-3020-0wMike Clapshaw S4-2655-1wWon6-2 7-5
24 Jan 2017RR3Tournament S2-3010-0wAndrew Bruce S3-2705-0wWon6-2 6-2
23 Jan 2017RR4Tournament S2-3005-0wDavid McLaughlin S8-1345-1wWon6-0 6-0
22 Jan 2017RR2Tournament S2-3000-0wAlan Harding S9-0950-1wWon6-0 6-0
15 Aug 2015Adjustment S2-3000-0wReason: Regrade
01 Aug 2015Adjustment S3-2700-0wReason: Inactivity
15 Jul 2014Adjustment -100Reason: Conversion
06 Dec 20139Interclub S1  3675Adam Thompson S1  3385Won6-2 6-4
29 Nov 20138Interclub S1  3670Matt Meredith S1  3015Won6-4 6-1
22 Nov 20137Interclub S1  3665William Matheson S2  2750Won6-2 6-3
11 Oct 20132Interclub S1  3660Andrew Qi S4  2200Won6-1 6-2
23 Feb 201312Interclub S1  3655Matt Meredith S1  3025Won6.7 6.4 6.4
23 Feb 201318Interclub S1  3650Matt Meredith S1  3025Won6-7 6-4 6-4
16 Feb 201317Interclub S1  3645Connor Heap S2  2755Won6-1 6-1
20 Jan 2013FinalTournament S1  3640Johnny McHarg S3  2630Won6-2 6-4
20 Jan 2013SFTournament S1  3635Hugo Nurse-Strang S4  2240Won6-2 6-2
08 Dec 20126Interclub S1  3630Glenn Wilson S2  2885Won6-3 6-1
07 Dec 20129Interclub S1  3615Justin Megraw S1  3420Won6-3 6-4
01 Dec 20125Interclub S1  3625Daniel King-Turner S1  3825Lost6-3 6-4
30 Nov 20128Interclub S1  3620Alex Klintcharov S3  2690Won6-2 6-2
23 Nov 20127Interclub S1  3605Justin Megraw S1  3430Won4-6 6-3 6-1
09 Nov 20125Interclub S1  3600Aidan McDougall S4  2280Won6-2 6-2
02 Nov 20124Interclub S1  3595Bryce Hayr S3  2605Won6-2 6-2
27 Oct 20121Interclub S1  3590James Spence S2  2940Won6-2 6-3
12 Oct 20122Interclub S1  3585Martin Colenbrander S1  3230Won6-2 6-3
11 Mar 201215Interclub S1  3580Corbin Ashby S6  1700Won
19 Feb 201214Interclub S1  3575Connor Heap S4  2345Won
12 Feb 201213Interclub S1  3570Corbin Ashby S6  1720Won
22 Jan 201211Interclub S1  3565Phil Wright S6  1675Won
18 Dec 201110Interclub S1  3560Jared Murtha S6  1520Won
15 Oct 20114Interclub S1  3555Vaughan Kingi S2  2725Won
01 Aug 2011Adjustment -50Reason: ATP ranking
22 Jan 201110Interclub S1  3600Harrison Ward S7  1405Won
31 Dec 2010Adjustment -50Reason: ATP ranking
10 Dec 20102Interclub S1  3690Mariano Pettirosso S1  3490Lost7-6 4-6
04 Dec 20109Interclub S1  3685Oliver Petri S3  2430Won
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