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Isaac Becroft
Association :Wellington
Club :Wellington
Player Code :WNWNIB
Before Date :
Singles : S2  3515
Doubles : D3  2915
Level 2 play. From midday Friday 29th May, NZ Government restrictions on gatherings are relaxing, meaning that up to 100 people can gather in homes, for events outside of homes, and at venues like tennis clubs and facilities. For tennis, this means tournaments and leagues are restarting. It will be easier to resume larger group programming at clubs and centres around NZ. Whilst group numbers can increase, the same rules still apply for how clubs, coaches and centres need to operate. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S2 3499
31 Mar 2019FinalTournament S2  3499Rhett Purcell S1  3605Lost6-2 7-6(0)
31 Mar 2019SFTournament S2  3499Reece Falck S2  3429Won*7-6(4) 2-6 6-0
30 Mar 2019QFTournament S2  3459Harry Weeds S2  3075Won*4-6 7-5 6-2
30 Mar 2019R16Tournament S2  3449Charlie Morrison S3  2845Won6-0 6-1
24 Feb 2019QFTournament S2  3499Rob Reynolds S2  3374Lost*7-6(5) 5-7 [10-6]
24 Feb 2019R16Tournament S2  3499Leo Cho S3  2710Won6-1 6-0
16 Feb 20193Interclub S2  3499Francisco Mendieta S2  3475Won*6-3 7-5
09 Feb 20192Interclub S2  3499Satchel Benn S2  3000Won7/5 6/1
02 Feb 20191Interclub S2  3499Anton Shepp S2  3330Won6-1 6-2
21 Dec 2018QFTournament S2  3499Rubin Statham S1  4535Lost6-0 6-3
20 Dec 2018R16Tournament S2  3499Zach Whaanga S2  3210Won*6-3 7-5
20 Dec 2018R32Tournament S2  3499Tom Bolton S3  2730Won6-1 6-1
14 Dec 2018QFTournament S2  3499Macsen Sisam S1  3600Lost6-1 6-2
13 Dec 2018R16Tournament S2  3499Nick Beamish S2  3305Won*6-4 4-6 6-4
12 Dec 2018R32Tournament S2  3449Rob Reynolds S2  3449Won*2-6 7-6(2) 7-6(5)
10 Dec 2018FinalTournament S2  3499George Stoupe S2  3499Lost*6-3 6-0
09 Dec 2018SFTournament S2  3499Aulky Wang S2  3260Won*6-2 6-3
08 Dec 2018QFTournament S2  3499Nick Beamish S2  3305Won*6-4 6-0
07 Dec 2018R16Tournament S2  3449William Schneideman S2  3220Won*6-0 6-7(8) 6-2
06 Dec 2018R32Tournament S2  3399Chris Zhang S2  3499Won*6-1 6-1
01 Dec 20187Interclub S2  3449Matthew Alexander S2  3499Lost*6-0 7-5
24 Nov 20186Interclub S2  3499George Stoupe S2  3364Lost*6-2 6-2
23 Nov 20182Interclub S2  3499Roland Stuurman S2  3130Won*6-4/6-4
17 Nov 20181Interclub S2  3499George Stoupe S2  3464Won*7-5, 5-7, 6-2
10 Nov 20184Interclub S2  3499Jake Naylor S2  3095Won*3-6 3-6
09 Nov 20183Interclub S2  3499Rory Cunliffe S3  2725Won6-0/6-2
03 Nov 20182Interclub S2  3499Rudi Statkus S2  3190Won3-6/6-1/6-1
27 Oct 20182Interclub S2  3499Anton Shepp S2  3415Won*6-2 6-3
26 Oct 20181Interclub S2  3499Rob Reynolds S2  3494Won*6-4/6-2
13 Oct 20181Interclub S2  3499Andrew Harrison S4  2475Won6-1 6-1
29 Sep 20183Interclub S2  3499Aaron Hicks S2  3140Won*6-2/ 6-2
01 Sep 20181Interclub S2  3499John Lawrence S3  2899Won6-2/ 6-0
23 Jun 2018FinalTournament S2  3499Jaden Grinter S2  3444Won*6-4 6-4
09 Jun 2018SFTournament S2  3499Robbie Barnsley S3  2795Won6-3 6-3
21 Mar 2018SFTournament S2  3499Rudolfs Aksenoks S2  3075Won6-4 6-3
20 Mar 2018RR3Tournament S2  3499Chris Zhang S2  3499Won*6-0 6-2
20 Mar 2018RR2Tournament S2  3499Caelan Potts S2  3025Won6-4 1-6 6-4
19 Mar 2018RR1Tournament S2  3499James Watt S2  3155Won*6-2 6-4
17 Mar 20186Interclub S2  3499Ajeet Rai S2  3499Won*7-6 7-5
06 Mar 20183Team Event S2  3499Jake Naylor S3  2954Won4-2 4-2
03 Mar 20185Interclub S2  3499Francisco Mendieta S2  3075Won*6-1 6-4
01 Mar 20181Team Event S2  3499Jayden Harrison S3  2810Won6-2 6-4
28 Feb 2018FinalTournament S2  3484Josh Smith S2  3165Won*4-1 5-3
28 Feb 2018SFTournament S2  3474Jake Naylor S3  2999Won4-0 4-2
28 Feb 2018QFTournament S2  3464Robbie Barnsley S3  2720Won4-0 5-3
28 Feb 2018R16Tournament S2  3459Samuel Kingi S7  1730Won4-0 4-0
27 Feb 20182Team Event S2  3449Tom Bolton S3  2820Won4-2 4-0
24 Feb 20184Interclub S2  3499Ajeet Rai S2  3499Lost*6-2 6-2
17 Feb 20183Interclub S2  3499Reece Falck S2  3110Won*6-4 6-4
13 Feb 20181Team Event S2  3455George Stoupe S2  3449Won*5-4 0-4 10-5
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