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David Buckrell
Association :Wellington
Club :Salamanca
Player Code :WNSMD1B
Before Date :
Singles : S4  2450
Doubles : D5  2340
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S4 2534
21 Mar 20196Interclub S4  2534Michael Wilson S3  2720Lost6-,6-3
16 Mar 20197Interclub S4  2584Anthony Cater S5  2399Lost*6-1,4-6,6-2
02 Mar 20195Interclub S4  2579Brendon Wynford S6  1930Won6-1,6-2
23 Feb 20194Interclub S4  2569Paddy Pierce S5  2290Won6-0,6-2
16 Feb 20193Interclub S4  2619Tim Lyons S4  2699Lost*6.4 6.4
09 Feb 20192Interclub S4  2609Simon Ross S5  2175Won64 62
02 Feb 20191Interclub S4  2599Andrew Munkacsi S5  2100Won6-1,6-4
01 Dec 20187Interclub S4  2599Daniel Rowe S3  2999Lost6-2 6-2
24 Nov 20186Interclub S4  2649Richard Wallace S4  2410Lost*7 6 (7 4) 7 5
24 Nov 20186Interclub S4  2599Daniel Alves S3  2765Won*6-3,6-1
17 Nov 20185Interclub S4  2599Jake Naylor S2  3045Lost6/3 6/3
03 Nov 20183Interclub S4  2599John Vogel S3  2740Lost7/5 7/5
17 Mar 20187Interclub S4  2649Jason Kane S4  2699Lost*6/2 6/3
10 Mar 20186Interclub S4  2649Samuel Newman S3  2745Lost6-0,6-3
03 Mar 20185Interclub S4  2599Caleb Young S4  2565Won*6-1,7-6
24 Feb 20184Interclub S4  2649Lance Keall S4  2455Lost*7-6,6-3
17 Feb 20183Interclub S4  2699Matty Warmington S4  2699Lost*7-6,4-6,6-3
10 Feb 20182Interclub S4  2675Tim Lyons S4  2640Won*6-1,6-4
03 Feb 20181Interclub S4  2625Luke Piercey S4  2610Won*4-6,7-5,7-5
02 Dec 20177Interclub S4  2575Lance Keall S4  2485Won*6-1 6-7 2-6
25 Nov 20176Interclub S4  2625Connor Backhouse S5  2165Lost*7-6,4-6,6-3
18 Nov 20175Interclub S4  2615Mark Parsonage S5  2150Won6-0 6-1
11 Nov 20174Interclub S4  2610Tom Morley S6  2099Won6-2,7-5
04 Nov 20173Interclub S4  2660Tom Bolton S4  2699Lost*7-6,6-3
28 Oct 20172Interclub S4  2635Tim Lyons S4  2590Won4-0 (ret.)
18 Mar 20177Interclub S4  2585Lance Keall S4  2470Won*6-2,6-0
16 Mar 20176Interclub S4  2560Jason Pierre S4  2400Won6-3,6-3
04 Mar 20175Interclub S4  2610Tom Bolton S4  2510Lost*6-4 7-5
02 Mar 20173Interclub S4  2610Trent Massam S2  3020Lost6/1 6/0
28 Jan 20171Interclub S4  2610Isaac Becroft S2  3025Lost6-1,6-3
26 Nov 20167Interclub S4  2560Tim Lyons S4  2650Won*4-6,6-1,7-6
19 Nov 20166Interclub S4  2510Matty Warmington S4  2665Won*6-7,6-3,6-1
05 Nov 20164Interclub S4  2485David Rutherford S4  2400Won4-6,6-1,7-5
29 Oct 20163Interclub S4  2485Jakim Malan S3  2700Lost57 64 63
16 Oct 20162Interclub S4  2485Jin Dassanayake S3  2710Lost3-6,6-4,6-4
19 Mar 20167Interclub S4  2435Kurt Amey S4  2540Won*7-5, 6-3
12 Mar 20166Interclub S4  2425Denzil Boyles S5  2160Won6-2, 6-2
05 Mar 20165Interclub S4  2475Sebastian On S4  2485Lost*61,64
27 Feb 20164Interclub S4  2465Tim Lyons S5  2260Won7-6(7-2),6-2
20 Feb 20163Interclub S4  2515Josh Hampton S4  2400Lost*6-4, 6-1
13 Feb 20162Interclub S4  2465William Hewett S4  2480Won*3-6 6-3 6-3
30 Jan 20161Interclub S4  2415Jason Pierre S4  2400Won*4-6,6-2,6-1
28 Nov 20157Interclub S4  2415Simon O'Leary S3  2700Lost6-3 6-0
21 Nov 20156Interclub S4  2415Felix Humphries S3  2860Lost6-3 6-2
14 Nov 20155Interclub S4  2415Alexander Calder S3  2930Lost6/0 2/6 6/2
31 Oct 20153Interclub S4  2415Ryo Minakata S3  2785Lost6-0 6-2
17 Oct 20152Interclub S4  2415Marc Paulik S2  3425Lost62 61
11 Oct 20151Interclub S4  2415Connor Heap S2  3370Lost6-0 6-1
26 Mar 20156Interclub Shane Glover WonDefault
21 Mar 20157Interclub S4  2465Michael Wilson S6  2000Lost*6-4, 6-3
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