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Debbie Ade-Simpson
Association :Nelson Bays
Club :Nelson
Player Code :NBNLDAS
Before Date :
Singles : S8-1260-0w
Doubles : D6-1990-2w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

05 Dec 20178Interclub S8-1260-0wTania Erskine S7-1510-0wLost6-1 6-2
28 Nov 20177Interclub S8-1260-0wHeidi Mayer S8-1454-3wLost6-1 6-2
17 Oct 20171Interclub S8-1310-1wCharlotte Carpenter S8-1385-2wLost*4-6, 6-3, 6-5
31 Jan 201711Interclub S8-1260-0wKate Edens S8-1225-0wWon*6-3 6-3
29 Nov 20168Interclub S8-1260-0wTania Erskine S8-1435-3wLost6-3 7-5
11 Oct 20161Interclub S8-1250-0wKarina Inglis S9-1115-4wWon6/2, 6/1
14 Mar 20163Interclub S8-1300-1wCharlotte Carpenter S9-0955-1wLost*6-4, 1-6, 10-8
01 Dec 20158Interclub S8-1300-1wMonique Hore S6-1975-2wLost6/0, 6/0
03 Nov 20154Interclub S8-1250-0wJenny Stewart S8-1200-0wWon*3-6 6-1 6-5
17 May 20151Tournament S8-1240-0wVirginia Watson S9-1135-0wWon6/5, 6/0
03 Mar 20153Interclub S8-1230-0wSally Robinson S9-0900-0wWon6/2 6/5
27 Jan 20159Interclub S8-1280-1wNicole Mairs S9-0900-0wLost*6-3 6-2
02 Dec 20148Interclub S8-1270-1wSally Robinson S9-0900-0wWon6/2 6/0
18 Nov 20146Interclub S8-1220-0wMaureen Miles S8-1345-0wWon*6-4 6-3
11 Nov 20145Interclub S8-1210-0wJennie Ricciardi S9-1125-3wWon6/4 6/3
21 Oct 20142Interclub S8-1200-0wJewel Mellor S9-0990-1wWon6-4 6-0
14 Oct 20141Interclub S9-1165-4wAnnette Bormolini S8-1275-0wWon**6-2 6-3
07 Apr 201418Interclub S9  0885Helen Russell S9  0835Lost6-1,6-1
31 Mar 201417Interclub S8  0905Marion Hughes S9  0885Lost6-5 6-3
24 Mar 201416Interclub S9  0885Karina Inglis S9  0690Won6-4 6-5
17 Mar 201415Interclub S9  0880Jeannette Bent S11 0270Won6-0 6-1
03 Mar 201413Interclub Kay Chapman LostDefault
24 Feb 201412Interclub S9  0875Janice Bridge S10 0460Won6-1 6-3
27 Jan 20149Interclub S9  0890Tania Smith S8  1015Lost6-4 6-0
09 Dec 20138Interclub S8  0910Marion Hughes S9  0825Lost5-6 6-4 10-5
02 Dec 20137Interclub S9  0890Karina Inglis S9  0750Won0-6 1-6
10 Nov 20131Team Event S9  0815Tiffany Cross S7  1205Won6-0 4-6 7-6
25 Nov 20136Interclub S9  0805Tricia Moore S10 0560Won6-1 4-1
18 Nov 20135Interclub S9  0800Yvonne Harvey S10 0485Won6-4 6-4
04 Nov 20133Interclub S9  0795Susan Pine S10 0450Won6-4 6-2
15 Oct 20131Interclub S9  0810Lauryne Ashby S8  1005Lost6/1;6/1
14 Oct 20131Interclub S9  0850Elizabeth Courtenay S9  0650Lost6-3, 3-6,9-11
24 Mar 20131Team Event S9  0805Dale Hyland S8  0955Won7/6,6/0
18 Nov 20121Tournament S9  0745Dale Hyland S8  0995Won6/3,6/4
06 Mar 201212Interclub S9  0765Lauryne Ashby S9  0685Lost4,3
14 Feb 20129Interclub S9  0780Rhonwyn Knecht S9  0895Lost2,1
15 Nov 20114Interclub S9  0750Lesley Dean S9  0720Won0,3
13 Nov 20111Tournament S9  0705Hilary Wilkey S9  0870Won7-5,6-0
25 Oct 20111Interclub S9  0720Jamie Erskine S9  0900Lost1/6,6/3,6/5
01 Mar 201114Interclub S9  0720Robyn Sheves S6  1650Lost2,2
23 Nov 20106Interclub S9  0740Lesley Dean S9  0715Lost2,2
19 Oct 20101Interclub S9  0760Lesley Dean S9  0730Lost6/1,1/6,6/5
16 Mar 201014Interclub S9  0800Sarah McKeague S10 0505Lost5,2
09 Mar 201016Interclub S9  0800Lynn Broughton S7  1330Lost0,1
01 Dec 20097Interclub S9  0795Gemma Chapman S12 0150Won0,1
10 Nov 20094Interclub S9  0815Alice Anderson S9  0830Lost0,0
03 Nov 20093Interclub S9  0810Sarah McKeague S10 0500Won3,1
20 Oct 20091Interclub S9  0820Louise Allan S8  1050Lost0,0
20 Mar 200915Interclub S9  0800Hillary Pitcher S9  0815Won3,0
10 Mar 200913Interclub S9  0780Aimee McHardy S9  0745Won5,2
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