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Peri Woods
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBP2W
Before Date :
Singles : S7  1650
Doubles : D5  2100
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09 Mar 20203Interclub S7  1645Henry Waller S10 0750Won9-4
24 Feb 20201Interclub S7  1640Zane Jones S8  1300Won9-7
17 Feb 202011Interclub S7  1660Michael Walters S7  1660Lost9-7
23 Dec 201910Interclub S7  1640Nigel Lewin S8  1455Won9-5
16 Dec 20199Interclub S7  1635Paul Mathieson S9  1010Won9-1
02 Dec 20197Interclub S7  1635Daniel Hammond S3  2880Lost9-1
25 Nov 20194Interclub S7  1675Kevin Roberts S8  1285Lost9-5
25 Nov 20196Interclub S7  1665Stuart Peters S8  1385Won9-5
18 Nov 20195Interclub S7  1665Terry Mitchell S3  2700Lost9-1
04 Nov 20193Interclub S7  1705Greg Miller S8  1390Lost9-8 (5)
28 Oct 20192Interclub S7  1705Jake Stenberg S4  2530Lost9-2
21 Oct 20191Interclub S7  1700Antony Dubost S9  0965Won9-5
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S7 1700
01 Jul 2019Adjustment S7 1700Reason: Downgrade
23 Mar 201911Interclub S6  1850Ethan Hope S7  1560Lost*6-0 1-6 7-6(7)
18 Mar 201916Interclub S6  1845Nigel Stowe S8  1280Won9-5
11 Mar 201915Interclub S6  1840Jack Austin S9  0950Won9-7
04 Mar 201914Interclub S6  1835Kyle Apaapa S8  1210Won9-5
02 Mar 201911Interclub S6  1835Paul Clamor S5  2105Lost6-2 3-6 6-1
25 Feb 201913Interclub S6  1885Zane Jones S8  1250Lost*9-7
18 Feb 201912Interclub S6  1880Nigel Lewin S8  1200Won9-4
21 Jan 20198Interclub S6  1870Rob Dill-Russell S7  1610Won9-2
26 Jan 2019R16Tournament S6  1865Bruce Telford S8  1200Won6-0 6-3
28 Dec 2018SFTournament S6  1860Grant Ngatai S9  0950Won6-1 6-1
27 Dec 2018FinalTournament S6  1860Richard Kapa S5  2140Lost6-1 6-1
27 Dec 2018QFTournament S6  1855Darrell Going S8  1310Won6-4 6-4
17 Dec 201811Interclub S6  1850Kerry Friend S10 0750Won9-4
14 Dec 20189Interclub S6  1845Nigel Stowe S8  1320Won9-2
10 Dec 201810Interclub S6  1840Ritchie Smith S9  1005Won9-3
19 Nov 20187Interclub S6  1830Lance Hick S7  1749Won9-6
12 Nov 20186Interclub S6  1820Steve Brockbank S7  1755Won9-7
10 Nov 20185Interclub S6  1820Grant Fleetwood S6  1990Lost6-2, 6-2
05 Nov 20185Interclub S6  1870Todd Morgan S8  1499Lost*9-7
29 Oct 20184Interclub S6  1920Steven King S8  1300Lost*9-4
15 Oct 20182Interclub S6  1915Kyle Apaapa S8  1200Won9-3
08 Oct 20181Interclub S6  1910Glen Cowie S8  1200Won9-1
17 Mar 201811Interclub S6  1910Matt Randal S5  2100Lost6-4, 6-2
17 Feb 20189Interclub S6  1960Aum Sukasem S9  0900Lost*1/6 7/6 6/3
18 Nov 20176Interclub S6  1960Philip Buys S5  2220Lost6/2 6/0
04 Nov 20175Interclub S6  1960Nick Burnie S4  2420Lost7/5 6/1
14 Oct 20174Interclub S6  1910Benjamin Hall S5  2175Won*6-4 1-6 7-6
30 Sep 20173Interclub S6  1860Grant Penrose S6  1950Won*2/6, 3/6
28 Sep 20172Interclub S6  1910Shyamkrishna Mani S6  1905Lost*6/3 6/1
03 Jun 2017R16Tournament S6  1910Dean Moore S3  2910Lost6-2 6-0
03 Jun 2017R32Tournament S6  1860Elias Fritzen S6  1810Won*6-1 7-6(5)
23 Apr 2017RR3Tournament S6  1860Kaipara Solomon S4  2550Lost7-5 6-0
22 Apr 2017RR2Tournament S6  1860Glenn Wilson S2  3240Lost6-1 6-2
22 Apr 2017RR1Tournament S6  1850Shane Devlin S7  1615Won6-2 6-2
25 Mar 20175Interclub S6  1850Sam Michie S5  2285Lost6-1 6-4
11 Mar 20174Interclub S6  1900Peter Elfa S7  1505Lost*6-2,3-6,6-2
25 Feb 20173Interclub S6  1895Bradley Sauvarin S9  1130Won6-2 6-2
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