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Andrew Twentyman
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBA2T
Before Date :
Singles : S6-1800-0w
Doubles : D8-1200-0w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

01 Jul 2017Adjustment S6-1800-0wReason: Inactivity
12 Mar 20164Interclub S6-1800-0wAdrian Rosioru S6-1850-1wWon*6-4 6-3
13 Feb 20162Interclub S6-1800-0wNick Pool S6-2010-4wLost*4-6 1-6
05 Dec 20151Interclub S6-1800-0wSean Kelly S6-1975-3wLost*6-1 6-2
07 Nov 20155Interclub S6-1800-0wSean Kelly S6-1875-1wLost*6-1 7-6 (7-3)
17 Oct 20154Interclub S7-1715-4wPercy Andrews S7-1735-3wWon*6-1 6-3
19 Sep 20152Interclub S7-1665-3wTsubasa Kubota S6-1810-0wWon*6-1 6-2
14 Mar 20159Interclub S7-1660-3wJoshua Parker S9-0975-1wWon6-1 6-2
14 Feb 20157Interclub S7-1610-2wTroy Chandler S7-1640-1wWon*6/3 6/2
31 Jan 20157Interclub S7-1610-2wSimon Muirhead S5-2140-0wLost6-3 7-6
06 Dec 20146Interclub S7-1610-2wJason Cargo S5-2105-0wLost6-1 6-2
15 Nov 20145Interclub S7-1510-0wJaiden Walmsley S6-1865-1wWon**3-6 6-2 6-4
01 Nov 20144Interclub S7-1500-0wEric Tang S8-1205-0wWon6-2 6-7 6-4
13 Sep 20141Interclub S8-1480-4wAnthony Bowyer S6-1835-0wWon**6/2 6/4
12 Apr 201413Interclub S8  1105Herani Williams S6  1535Won7-5 7-6
29 Mar 201412Interclub S8  1045Louis Friel S7  1295Won6-2 6-3
01 Mar 201410Interclub S8  0970Rory Muller S7  1395Won6-2 6-2
07 Dec 20137Interclub S8  0970John Stringer S6  1655Lost6/1 6/2
23 Nov 20136Interclub S8  0970Clayton Sceats S7  1475Lost6,4 6,2
09 Nov 20135Interclub S9  0895Dean Hooker S7  1225Won6-4,5-7,6-2
19 Oct 20133Interclub S8  0945Harrison Young S9  0610Lost7-5 2-6 7-6
05 Oct 20132Interclub S8  0945Dennis Smith S7  1485Lost6-2,6-1
21 Sep 20131Interclub S8  0965AB Malik S9  0895Lost7-6 6-4
24 Mar 20137Interclub S8  0965Tom Feeney S7  1500Lost7/9
16 Mar 201311Interclub S9  0890Russell Lester S7  1245Won7-6 6-3
11 Mar 20133Tournament S9  0890Sam Heslin S6  1695Lost6-0, 6-3
11 Mar 20132Tournament Rawhiti Williams WonDefault
11 Mar 20131Tournament S9  0860Grover Brick S9  0900Won9-3
10 Mar 20135Interclub S9  0855Jonathan Ramsay S10 0525Won9-7
03 Mar 20134Interclub S9  0855Chris Zhang S7  1370Lost9-3
02 Mar 201310Interclub S9  0780Mac Chen S7  1340Won6-7 6-3 7-5
24 Feb 20133Interclub S9  0750Joshua Parker S9  0665Won9-3
17 Feb 20132Interclub S9  0720Christian Hoffman S9  0795Won9-5
10 Feb 20131Interclub S9  0740Jaiden Walmsley S9  0805Lost9-6
21 Dec 2012RR7Tournament S9  0735Sione Tohi S11 0290Won6-1 6-1
20 Dec 2012RR6Tournament S9  0735Jack Guilford S6  1630Lost6-1 6-0
20 Dec 2012RR5Tournament S9  0735Luke Hamilton S6  1625Lost6-3 6-0
19 Dec 2012RR3Tournament S9  0765Lucas Chatham S10 0570Lost6-3 6-2
18 Dec 2012RR2Tournament S9  0765Christopher Green S7  1315Lost7-5 6-0
18 Dec 2012RR1Tournament S9  0780Robbie McPhail S8  0965Lost6-3 6-1
08 Dec 20127Interclub S9  0830Gaurav Mann S10 0425Lost9-8
02 Dec 20126Interclub S9  0800Tyler Lewis S9  0885Won9-5
25 Nov 20125Interclub S9  0815Hubert Chiang S8  1005Lost9-3
24 Nov 20126Interclub S9  0785Jack Lewis S9  0710Won7-5 6-4
18 Nov 20124Interclub S9  0785Matthew Stretton S8  1190Lost9-0
10 Nov 20125Interclub S9  0785Moses Wikitera S7  1410Lost6/1 6/1
04 Nov 20122Interclub S9  0785Liam Stoica S7  1435Lost9-2
28 Oct 20121Interclub S9  0725Ivica Batnozic S8  0925Won9-6
27 Oct 20124Interclub S9  0725Mark Purdie S6  1615Lost6/2 5/7 6/1
13 Oct 20123Interclub S9  0665Jeff Mann S8  0935Won5-7 6-1 6-2
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