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Lorenzo Dorian
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBLD
Before Date :
Singles : S7-1585-0w
Doubles : D9-1120-1w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

02 Jun 2018R16Tournament S7-1585-0wBlake Taylor S6-2055-3wLost2-6 6-3 [10-3]
13 Dec 20147Interclub S7-1585-0wWarren Law S6-1865-0wLost6/1,6/2
26 Apr 20131Team Event S7  1305Connor van Dalsum S7  1220Lost6-3 6-1
19 Mar 20133Team Event S7  1325Fraser Taylor S7  1395Lost46 61 61
18 Mar 20131Team Event S7  1320Andre Schicker-Francis S10 0570Won61 64
11 Mar 20132Tournament S7  1320Connor Williamson S6  1755Lost9-6
11 Mar 20131Tournament S7  1315Connor Oey S10 0530Won9-0
09 Mar 201310Interclub S7  1315Joseph Arandelovic S5  1825Lost6-2 6-0
09 Feb 20138Interclub S7  1295Jason Tan S7  1330Won6-2 1-6 6-2
23 Feb 20139Interclub S7  1245Dillon Lazarus S6  1600Won6/2, 7/5
16 Feb 20134Interclub Charles Pan LostDefault
02 Feb 20135Interclub S7  1245Geoff Burne S6  1745Lost6-3 7-6
08 Dec 20122Interclub S7  1245Tim Vaughan S5  1985Lost6/1 6/2
24 Nov 20121Interclub S8  1200Itiao Aniterea S7  1355Won4-6,4-6
10 Nov 20125Interclub S7  1220Danyon Kemp S7  1255Lost6-3 6-0
27 Oct 20124Interclub S8  1160Nickolas Zega S7  1450Won6-4/6-7/2-6
06 Oct 20123Interclub S8  1085Peter Murray S6  1625Won7-5 7-6
04 Oct 2012SFTournament S8  1095Joshua Pereira S7  1370Lost6-3 7-5
04 Oct 2012QFTournament S8  1085Ivica Batnozic S9  0840Won6-1 6-3
03 Oct 2012RR5Tournament S8  1080Alex Anslow S11 0240Won6-0 6-0
02 Oct 2012RR4Tournament S8  1075Alain Lagman S9  0610Won6-1 6-1
01 Oct 2012RR2Tournament S8  1045Patrick Yarker S8  1030Won6-2 6-2
01 Oct 2012RR1Tournament S8  1040Conor Whyte S10 0420Won6-1 6-0
22 Sep 20122Interclub S8  0995Nicholas Baker S8  1100Won6-2 6-1
15 Sep 20121Interclub S8  0995Aaron Hansen S5  2040Lost6-0, 6-4
08 Sep 20121Interclub S8  0935Nathaniel Humphrey S8  1175Won2-6 6-2 6-2
01 Sep 2012R16Tournament S8  0935Aidan McDougall S4  2205Lost6-0 6-0
12 Jul 2012C-3/4Tournament S8  0925Hayden Rayen S9  0725Won6-0 6-0
12 Jul 2012C-SFTournament S8  0940Taylor Herangi S8  1080Lost6-2 6-4
11 Jul 2012C-QFTournament S9  0880Luke Taplin S8  1125Won6-1 6-1
11 Jul 2012C-R16Tournament S9  0850Daniel Jarvis S9  0870Won6-1 6-2
10 Jul 2012C-R32Tournament S9  0845Johnathon Stevens S11 0295Won6-1 6-2
09 Jul 2012R32Tournament S9  0845Tim Heslin S8  1160Lost6-4 6-4
03 Jul 2012P-R16Tournament S9  0855Tim Heslin S8  1130Lost6-3 6-1
03 Jul 2012R32Tournament S9  0855Liam Stoica S7  1370Lost6-1 6-1
02 Jul 2012CP-QFTournament James Watt LostDefault
01 Jul 2012FinalTournament S9  0825Max Johansson-Pugh S9  0845Won6-3 6-3
01 Jul 2012SFTournament S9  0795Paddy Pierce S9  0760Won6-0 6-1
30 Jun 2012QFTournament S9  0775Nick Lahood S9  0665Won6-0 6-0
04 Jun 2012FinalTournament S9  0795Danny Song S9  0795Lost6-4 6-7 [10-6]
04 Jun 2012SFTournament S9  0765Clayton Barry S9  0705Won6-1 6-0
04 Jun 2012QFTournament S9  0755Tate Fullerton S10 0490Won6-1 6-0
03 Jun 2012R16Tournament S9  0725Kenny Tang S9  0690Won6-1 6-0
16 Apr 2012R32Tournament S9  0725Charlie Tomlinson S8  1080Lost6-3 Ret.
12 Apr 2012C-QFTournament S9  0740Patrick Yarker S9  0895Lost4-1 4-2
12 Apr 2012C-R16Tournament S9  0710Andrew Twentyman S9  0625Won6-0 6-1
11 Apr 2012R16Tournament S9  0710Aleksa Sibinovski S8  1100Lost6-1 6-0
10 Apr 2012R32Tournament S9  0680Glenn McClelland S9  0755Won6-3 6-4
01 Apr 20127Interclub S9  0675Samuel Stotter S11 0220Won9-1
18 Mar 20126Interclub S9  0675Matthew Stretton S8  1005Lost9-7
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