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Max Johansson-Pugh
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBMJP
Before Date :
Singles : S6  1940
Doubles : D7  1675
Grading conversion completed. Please advise any issues to
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S6 1940
23 Mar 201911Interclub S6  1930Hamish Young S7  1750Won6-2 6-2
09 Mar 201910Interclub S6  1920David Jackson S7  1500Won6/1 4/6 6/1
23 Feb 20199Interclub S6  1870Simon Dinnis S5  2100Won*6/2,6/7,7/5
09 Feb 20198Interclub S6  1820Stephen Knight S6  1810Won*6/2 6/2
02 Feb 20199Interclub S6  1820Joel Cattell S5  2350Lost6-2 7-5
08 Dec 20187Interclub S6  1810William Turner S7  1595Won6-0 6-1
10 Nov 20185Interclub S6  1800Matthew Larsen S7  1500Won6-1 6-1
27 Oct 20184Interclub S7  1795Matthew Johns S7  1570Won*6/3 6/4
06 Oct 20183Interclub S7  1745Alexander Marsili S7  1759Won*6-2 6-1
22 Sep 20182Interclub S7  1695Carlin Anderson S7  1625Won*6/1 6/3
15 Sep 20182Interclub S7  1695Philip Hempstead S4  2620Lost6-1 6-0
08 Sep 20181Interclub S7  1670Kimi Taufo'ou S7  1605Won6.0 6.1
02 Jun 2018QFTournament S7  1670Andrew Lobb S5  2320Lost6-3 7-5
02 Jun 2018R16Tournament S7  1620Arjun Shah S6  1975Won*6-4 6-7 [10-8]
28 Feb 20158Interclub S7  1615Joshua Parker S9  0975Won6-4 6-3
14 Feb 20157Interclub S7  1605Ethan Lawson S8  1210Won6-0 6-2
29 Nov 20146Interclub S7  1555Nick Stanfield S7  1500Won*6-3 6-3
15 Nov 20145Interclub S7  1605Callum Magee S7  1505Lost*6-3 6-3
01 Nov 20144Interclub S7  1600Marc Fariu S9  1095Won6-2 6-2
13 Sep 20141Interclub S7  1590William Mounga S8  1450Won6-3 6-4
30 Mar 20148Interclub S7  1275Adrian Lagman S8  1140Won6-4 6-3
23 Mar 20147Interclub S7  1295Rory Hammond S7  1275Lost6-4 3-6 (5)
22 Mar 201410Interclub S7  1265Keshav Vedire S7  1430Won3-6,6-2,2-6
10 Mar 2014R32Tournament S7  1285Vlad Zorzoliu S7  1310Lost9-3
02 Mar 20144Interclub S7  1265Tate Fullerton S7  1205Won2-6 2-6
01 Mar 20149Interclub S7  1250Justin Ruygrok S8  1075Won6-3 6-3
23 Feb 20143Interclub S7  1230Matthew Wallace S7  1320Won4-6 6-4 (7)
16 Feb 20142Interclub S7  1270Luke Hotchin S8  1065Lost6-4 4-6 6-3
15 Feb 20148Interclub S7  1255Logan Hart S8  1080Won6-4 6-4
01 Feb 20147Interclub S7  1240Andrew Phipps S8  1105Won6-0 6-2
26 Jan 2014SFTournament S7  1250Charlie Tomlinson S7  1485Lost6-1 6-0
25 Jan 2014QFTournament S8  1190Reade Vegar S7  1405Won6-0 6-3
25 Jan 2014R16Tournament S8  1185Carl Villoso S9  0865Won6-1 6-3
11 Dec 2013C-SFTournament S7  1225Jacque Anderson S8  1025Lost6-3 6-1
10 Dec 2013C-R32Tournament S8  1195Tate Fullerton S7  1230Won6-2 6-2
10 Dec 2013R64Tournament S7  1215Martin Lyon S7  1275Lost7-6 6-4
07 Dec 20136Interclub S7  1235Shimon O'Neill S7  1265Lost6-1 6-4
24 Nov 20135Interclub S7  1230Joshua Parker S9  0605Won4/9
23 Nov 20135Interclub S7  1245Roman Gromov S7  1375Lost4-6 6-1 2-6
17 Nov 20134Interclub S7  1240Sam Bird S9  0835Won9-1
10 Nov 20133Interclub S7  1270Tate Fullerton S8  1135Lost9-1
09 Nov 20134Interclub S7  1240Vane Trajkov S7  1385Won3-6 6-3 6-2
03 Nov 20132Interclub S7  1235Jasper Ng S9  0620Won9-3
28 Oct 2013C-FinalTournament S7  1255Liam Suttie S7  1325Lost5-7 6-0 11-9
27 Oct 2013C-SFTournament S7  1235Matthew Wallace S8  1195Won6-1 6-2
26 Oct 2013C-R16Tournament S8  1190Bryan Lang S7  1330Won7-5 1-2 Ret.
26 Oct 2013R16Tournament S8  1200Ethan McCafferty S7  1475Lost6-4 6-4
20 Oct 20131Interclub S8  1190Aulky Wang S8  0920Won9-1
19 Oct 20133Interclub S7  1230Achilles Fong S8  0985Lost6-3 6-0
08 Oct 2013C-R16Tournament S7  1230Sam Heslin S6  1580Lost6-4 6-0
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