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Bailey Sutton
Association :North Harbour
Club :Mairangi Bay
Player Code :NHMBB7S
Before Date :
Singles : S5  2350
Doubles : D3  2725
Grading conversion completed. Please advise any issues to
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S5 2374
22 Mar 20197Interclub S5  2324Liam Cunliffe S4  2649Won*6-4 4-6 10-5
01 Mar 20194Interclub S5  2324Blake Gallagher S4  2525Lost6-0,6-3
26 Feb 201910Interclub S5  2374David Herbert S5  2399Lost*6-1 6-1
08 Feb 20191Interclub S5  2324Michal Pozaroszczy S4  2515Won*4-63-6
27 Nov 20186Interclub S5  2324Alexander Borodin S4  2495Lost6-2 6-2
30 Oct 20184Interclub S5  2299Martins Jansons S5  2235Won4-6, 3-6
02 Oct 20182Interclub S5  2349Conor Collier S5  2180Lost*6-4 6-4
27 Sep 20181Interclub S5  2399Benjamin Hall S5  2100Lost*6-1 3-6 7-6
27 Mar 201811Interclub S5  2349Aden Borlase-Mills S4  2425Won*7-5 6-1
16 Mar 20186Interclub S5  2349Adrian Lagman S2  3015Lost6-1 6-2
13 Mar 201810Interclub S5  2349Nicholas Johanson S4  2470Lost6-3,6-2
09 Mar 20185Interclub S5  2349Lucien Lemay S3  2925Lost6/1 6/0
02 Mar 20181Tournament S5  2349Jackson Loomb S4  2560Lost6-4, 6-1
27 Feb 20189Interclub S5  2349Teo Susnjak S3  2785Lost6-0 6-0
23 Feb 20183Interclub S5  2349Liam Cunliffe S4  2615Lost6-3,6-0
12 Dec 20177Interclub S5  2349Nicholas Wiles S2  3025Lost6-1 6-1
25 Nov 20177Interclub S5  2349Philip Hempstead S4  2410Lost6-0 6-0
14 Nov 20175Interclub S5  2349Goran Gerdin S3  2955Lost6-0 6-0
31 Oct 20174Interclub S5  2349Tama Willis S4  2450Lost6-1 6-3
17 Oct 20173Interclub S5  2399Grover Brick S5  2205Lost*6-3, 6-0
03 Oct 20172Interclub S5  2399Nicolai Justice S5  2115Won3-6 6-4 6-4
19 Sep 20171Interclub S5  2399Luc Anderson S3  2765Lost6-3, 6-1
22 Apr 2017C-FinalTournament S5  2399Cameron Lyons S6  1885Won6-0 6-1
22 Apr 2017C-SFTournament S5  2399George McAleer S5  2110Won6-3 6-0
21 Apr 2017C-QFTournament S5  2399Thomas Hunter S5  2399Won*6-2 6-4
21 Apr 2017R16Tournament S5  2399Thomas Hartono S3  2715Lost6-4 6-1
03 Apr 2017QFTournament S5  2399Liam Stoica S2  3005Lost
03 Apr 2017R16Tournament S5  2359Flynn Crackett S4  2400Won*
03 Apr 2017R32Tournament S5  2354Troy Bannan S7  1510Won
12 Mar 20175Interclub S5  2349Kris Doria S8  1245Won6-2,6-1
30 Mar 2017RR2Tournament S5  2399Hugo Tomlinson S5  2290Lost*4-1 4-0
30 Mar 2017RR1Tournament S5  2399Jackson Loomb S4  2435Lost2-4 4-1 5-10
28 Mar 2017RR2Tournament S5  2399Jordan Taylor S7  1595Won6-2 7-6(2)
28 Mar 2017RR3Tournament S5  2350Nick Schneideman S4  2470Won*2-6 1-6
28 Mar 201711Interclub S5  2300Reid Stephen S5  2220Won*6-1 , 6-0
27 Mar 2017RR1Tournament S5  2300Sean Kelly S4  2400Lost4-6 6-1 6-2
24 Mar 20177Interclub S5  2250Patrick Yarker S5  2280Won*7-6 7-6
17 Mar 20176Interclub S5  2250Brendon Furness S3  2715Lost6-2, 6-4
10 Mar 20175Interclub S5  2245Harrison Smith S9  0910Won6-1 6-0
03 Mar 20174Interclub S5  2245Elliot Jennings  S5  2310Lost6-4 6-1
28 Feb 20179Interclub S5  2295Ryan Everiss S5  2135Lost*3/6 7/5 10/8
25 Feb 201710Interclub S5  2295Nicholas Wiles S2  3010Lost6-1 6-3
24 Feb 20173Interclub S5  2295Matthew Shearer S3  2790Lost6-3 4-6 6-4
17 Feb 20172Interclub S5  2295Antony Old S4  2699Lost60 64
14 Feb 20178Interclub S5  2290Anthony Ruddenklau S8  1355Won6-0 6-0
10 Feb 20171Interclub S5  2290Samuel Triboulet  S3  2700Lost6-2,6-3
29 Jan 2017SFTournament S5  2290Daniel Brown S2  3354Lost6-2 6-1
28 Jan 2017QFTournament S5  2240James Hoskins S5  2110Won*6-2 6-0
08 Jan 2017RR4Tournament S5  2230Lachie Kenneally S6  1800Won3-6 2-6
07 Jan 2017RR1Tournament S5  2230William Brownlie S3  2785Lost6-0 6-1
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